Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Phase 3 Overview

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The following guide covers everything new about Phase 3 in WOTLK Classic.


When Will Phase 3 of WOTLK Go Live?

Phase 3 will be going live on the week of June 20th, 2023, with its new raids unlocking on June 22nd.


New Content in Phase 3 of WOTLK

  • Tier 9 Raid: Trial of the Crusader.
  • Arena Season 7.
  • Epic gems, such as the Runed Cardinal Ruby Icon Runed Cardinal Ruby.
  • Additional daily quests and a plethora of new rewards now available at the Argent Tournament grounds, located in Northern Icecrown.
  • New 5-man Dungeon, Trial of the Champion.
  • New Dungeon rewards in the Titan Runestone: Beta difficulty heroic dungeons.
  • New Sidereal Essence Icon Sidereal Essence Vendor allow you access to drops from 10-player Hardmode Ulduar

Trial of the Crusader

The biggest addition in Phase 3 of WOTLK will be the tier 9 raid, Trial of the Crusader. This short five-boss raid will test your raids ability to quickly adapt to new mechanics, as there is a limit of 50 attempts per week on Heroic difficulty. This raid is available on both Normal and Heroic difficulty, though only one of the two may be completed each week.


Trial of the Champion

Not to be confused with Trial of the Crusader, Trial of the Champion is a new 5-man dungeon that will award some strong entry level Epic items to fill any missing holes in your gear or help catch an alt up to where it needs to be to experience end game content. This dungeon is located on the North side of the Argent Colosseum, in Northern Icecrown.


Sidereal Essence

Sidereal Essence Icon Sidereal Essence is a new currency that will be awarded to you upon completing a Heroic Titan Runestone: Beta dungeon. You will receive one Sidereal Essence Icon Sidereal Essence upon finishing the dungeon. These can be exchanged for any piece of 10-man Ulduar Hardmode loot. This vendor can be found in your factions respective badge vendor area.


New Best in Slot Gear

With a new tier comes new gear for players to acquire. Below are links to our updated BiS lists for the new content.






Ranged DPS


Melee DPS


Class Role Rankings

If you are interested in what classes are strong for tier 9 raids, check out our PvE tier lists linked below.


Arena Season 7

Phase 3 will also see the launch of the new arena season. If you are interested in what is strong for season 3, check out our PvP rankings linked below.



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