WotLK Classic Enhancement Shaman Gear and Best in Slot

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On this page, you will find the best PvE gear and best in slot items for your Enhancement Shaman in WotLK Classic.


Enhancement Shaman Wrath Classic Phase 2 Best in Slot List

While a clear best in slot list is always available in Wrath Classic, the items contained might be extremely hard or expensive to get. Thus, we will try to give at least one alternative for most slots in the list, so that you can pick where and how to farm them.

The list will focus on gathering the best stats for Enhancement Shaman, as described in our guide below.


Other Enhancement Shaman Best in Slot Lists

If you are starting out as a freshly-leveled Enhancement Shaman, our pre-raid best in slot list is meant to give you an idea of non-raid items you can chase as a solo / pug player in preparation for raids:

As Naxxramas is incredibly easy and rewarding, you should try and get into a group for it as soon as you get to maximum level, there is no need to wait for pre-raid gear.


Wrath Classic Phase 2 Enhancement Shaman Tier Set

Enhancement Shaman Tier 8, the Worldbreaker Battlegear, is obtained from the following bosses:

  • Helm — Thorim in 25-man Ulduar or Mimiron in 10-man Ulduar;
  • Chest — Hodir in 25-man Ulduar or Yogg-Saron in 10-man Ulduar;
  • Legs — Freya in 25-man Ulduar or Hodir in 10-man Ulduar;
  • Shoulders — Yogg-Saron in 25-man Ulduar or Thorim in 10-man Ulduar;
  • Gloves — Mimiron in 25-man Ulduar or Freya in 10-man Ulduar.

You can also buy the Helm and Chest 25-man pieces for 58 Emblems of Conquest each from the new vendors in Dalaran.

Its set bonuses are:

  • 2 pieces — increases the damage done by Lava Lash IconLava Lash and Stormstrike IconStormstrike by 20%. This is a small damage increase;
  • 4 pieces — increases the frequency of Maelstrom Weapon IconMaelstrom Weapon being triggered by your melee weapon attacks by 20%. This allows you to use your spells more often and can be a good damage increase if you do not overcap on stacks.

You will want to get the 2-piece and, especially, the 4-piece bonus as soon as possible, and you will not replace your set with Hard-Mode pieces, even when you can get a lot of them.

Also, we list two weapons below: Golden Saronite Dragon Icon Golden Saronite Dragon is your best single target option, while Constellus Icon Constellus is your best area damage option. If you can, get both and swap them mid-combat depending on the type of damage you want to focus on at a given moment.


Phase 2 Best in Slot Table

Slot Item Source
  • Boundless Gaze Icon Boundless Gaze
  • Conqueror's Worldbreaker Faceguard Icon Conqueror's Worldbreaker Faceguard
  • Algalon the Observer — 25-man Ulduar
  • Thorim — 25-man Ulduar
  • Pendulum of Infinity Icon Pendulum of Infinity
  • Hard Mode General Vezax — 25-man Ulduar
  • Conqueror's Worldbreaker Shoulderguards Icon Conqueror's Worldbreaker Shoulderguards
  • Yogg-Saron — 25-man Ulduar
  • Drape of Icy Intent Icon Drape of Icy Intent
  • Hard Mode Hodir — 25-man Ulduar
  • Conqueror's Worldbreaker Chestguard Icon Conqueror's Worldbreaker Chestguard
  • Hodir — 25-man Ulduar
  • Bindings of Winter Gale Icon Bindings of Winter Gale
  • Hard Mode Hodir — 25-man Ulduar
  • Conqueror's Worldbreaker Grips Icon Conqueror's Worldbreaker Grips
  • Gloves of the Steady Hand Icon Gloves of the Steady Hand
  • Mimiron — 25-man Ulduar
  • Hard Mode XT-002 Deconstructor — 25-man Ulduar
  • Belt of Dragons Icon Belt of Dragons
  • Conqueror's Worldbreaker War-Kilt Icon Conqueror's Worldbreaker War-Kilt
  • Freya — 25-man Ulduar
  • Tempered Mercury Greaves Icon Tempered Mercury Greaves
  • Hard Mode Mimiron — 10-man Ulduar
  • Loop of the Agile Icon Loop of the Agile
  • Nebula Band Icon Nebula Band
  • Brann's Signet Ring Icon Brann's Signet Ring
  • Hard Mode Assembly of Iron — 10-man Ulduar
  • Algalon the Observer — 10-man Ulduar
  • Algalon the Observer — 25-man Ulduar
  • Comet's Trail Icon Comet's Trail
  • Dark Matter Icon Dark Matter
  • Algalon the Observer — 25-man Ulduar
  • Algalon the Observer — 10-man Ulduar
  • (MH ST) Golden Saronite Dragon Icon Golden Saronite Dragon
  • (MH AoE) Constellus Icon Constellus
  • (OH) Caress of Insanity Icon Caress of Insanity
  • (OH) Vulmir, the Northern Tempest Icon Vulmir, the Northern Tempest
  • Flame Leviathan — 25-man Ulduar
  • Algalon the Observer — 25-man Ulduar
  • Hard Mode Yogg-Saron — 10-man Ulduar
  • Thorim — 25-man Ulduar
  • Furious Gladiator's Totem of Indomitability Icon Furious Gladiator's Totem of Indomitability
  • Totem of Dueling Icon Totem of Dueling
  • PvP Vendor
  • 25 Emblem of Valor Icon Emblem of Valor

Further Enhancements

If you have further questions about gemming and enchanting these items, our Enhancement Shaman Enchants and Gems page below provides more information.



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