Freezing Arrow Frostmaiden Amazon Build BiS Gear and Runes for Diablo 2 Resurrected

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Below, we detail which items and stats you should prioritise for your Frost Maiden Amazon and Mercenary in Diablo 2.


Damage Build

This build maximises your damage output, and is closer to a glass cannon than the alternatives.


M'avina's Budget Build

This build takes advantage of the full M'avina's Battle Hymn Set, which is quite strong given how affordable it is.


Budget Build Items

This is a cheap gear set to get you started.



An Offensive (Might Might) Act 2 Nightmare Mercenary is best to increase your physical Damage. An Offensive (Blessed Aim Blessed Aim) Act 2 Hell Mercenary could also work for increased chance to hit your physical shots.


Optimal Mercenary Gear

This is one of the best Mercenary gear setups for your character.


Budget Mercenary Gear

This is a cheap gear set to get your Mercenary some damage and survivability on a budget.



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