Throw Barbarian Build BiS Gear and Runes for Diablo 2 Resurrected

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Below, we detail which items and stats you should prioritise for your Throw Barbarian and Mercenary in Diablo 2.


Damage Build

This is the standard high damage build for the Throw Barbarian.


Uber Build

This is a build meant for taking on Uber Tristram.


Budget Build Items

This is a variety of cheap gear sets to get you started.



The optimal Mercenary in my opinion for this Barbarian is an Act 1 Cold Mercenary but only if you can afford Faith. Otherwise, you can either choose a Defensive (Holy Freeze Holy Freeze) or Offensive (Might Might) Act 2 Nightmare Mercenary here depending on if you want even more slow and safety or more Damage.


Mercenary Gear

The optimal Mercenary in for the Throw Barbarian is an Act 1 Cold Mercenary, but only if you can afford Faith. Otherwise, using an Act 2 Mercenary (Blessed Aim Blessed Aim, Might Might, or Holy Freeze Holy Freeze) is preferable.


Optimal Act 2 Mercenary Gear

This is one of the best Mercenary gear setups across many characters, including the Throw Barb.


Budget Act 2Mercenary Gear

This is a cheap gear set to get your Mercenary some easy Damage and Survivability.



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