Introduction to Heaven on High in FFXIV

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This page aims to prepare you for the Deep Dungeon Heaven on High and provide you with generalized information alongside access to specific guides for completing the content in both group and solo instances.


Introduction to Heaven on High

Heaven on High is the second Deep Dungeon players will encounter, with 100 floors and a level cap of 70. All players will begin at level 61 when starting on Floor 1, and level 70 when starting on Floor 21. You must complete the quest Knocking on Heaven's Door in order to enter the duty, as well as have completed the first 50 floors of Palace of the Dead.

For a detailed floor-by-floor guide of Heaven on High, check out the link below!

Heaven on High Floor Guide COMING SOON!

Rewards for Clearing Heaven on High

Clearing a floorset inside Heaven on High rewards players with gil, experience, and Allagan Tomestones of Poetics at all levels. Players at the current level cap are also awarded both the capped and uncapped tomestones currently available.

Upon reaching floor 100, a shrine can be found. Interacting with this will give all players an Empyrean Reliquary Icon Empyrean Reliquary, which can be exchanged for accessories or housing items at the Confederate Custodian in Onokoro.

Various Titles are available from clearing Heaven on High.

  • Hiruko Hunter: Clear floor 30 of Heaven on High.
  • Heavenly Gate Crasher: Clear floor 100 of Heaven on High.
  • True Hero: While wearing the four Empyrean Accessories, speak with the Cast-Off Confederate. This also awards the Juedi Horn Icon Juedi Horn.
  • Lone Hero: Clear floor 100 of Heaven on High solo, having started from floor 1 and not recorded a single KO.


  • Q: What food should I use?
    • A: Use the highest item level food available, as it gives the most Vitality. As of patch 6.58, this food is HQ i640 Baked Eggplant Icon Baked Eggplant or equivalent.
  • Q: What healing potions should I use?
    • A: If your HP is above 14400, a Hyper-potion Icon Hyper-potion is recommended as it will restore the most amount of HP. If you have less than that, you will gain the same HP back from a Super-Potion Icon Super-Potion, and can therefore use either one.
  • Q: Should I use damage potions?
    • A: Damage-increasing Tinctures can be used for a dps boost as necessary. The cheapest HQ Tinctures you can currently buy will be the ones for the current raid tier most of the time, as they have the highest supply. As of patch 6.58, these are Grade 8 Tinctures.
  • Q: Is there anything else I need to know about consumables?
    • A: Empyrean Potion Icon Empyrean Potions have their own 15s recast timer. However, all other potions mentioned above share the same recast timer. As damage Tinctures have a 4m30s recast, this means you will be unable to use a healing potion until that timer is done, so be aware of this if you plan to use one.

Empyrean Potions and how to farm them quickly

Empyrean Potion Icon Empyrean Potions are an item that can only be used inside Heaven on High. They give the user a health regeneration effect for 30 seconds, and have a 15 second cooldown, allowing them to be permenantly in effect if necessary. These potions are extremely helpful in party runs, but are required for survival in solo runs, especially on jobs with few or no other ways of healing.

20 Empyrean Potions can be bought with 1 Empyrean Potsherd Icon Empyrean Potsherd from the Confederate Custodian in Onokoro. Potsherds can rarely be found inside Bronze Chest Icon Bronze Coffers in Heaven on High. You also get a guaranteed one after the floor 30 boss.

In order to farm Potsherds efficiently, you should enter the dungeon on floor 21 with either a matched party or a fixed party of four players. From here, defeat the floor 30 boss as quickly as possible in order to obtain the guaranteed drop, though be sure to open any Bronze Coffers you find along the way. Upon clearing the floorset, delete the save file and re-enter, repeating as needed.

If you wish to attempt a solo clear of Heaven on High in order to obtain the Heaven Is a Lonely Place II Icon Heaven Is a Lonely Place II achievement and the Lone Hero title, you should ideally have at least 400 Empyrean Potion Icon Empyrean Potions before beginning. While you may find yourself needing more potions than this across the entire run, with some jobs requiring over 500, you will be picking up more Potsherds along the way that can be exchanged for pots between floorsets.


How to quickly farm Aetherpool

Players will be restricted to the use of an Aetherpool Arm Icon Empyrean Aetherpool Arm and Aetherpool Armor Icon Empyrean Aetherpool Armour while inside Heaven on High. In addition to gaining levels, players must enhance these items as they progress through the dungeon by opening Silver Chest Icon Silver Coffers, up to the cap of +99 for each item.

In order to farm Aetherpool efficiently, you should enter the dungeon on floor 21 with either a matched party or a fixed party of four players, and open as many Silver Chest Icon Silver Coffers as possible. Upon clearing the floorset, delete the save file and re-enter, repeating as needed.

You can exchange 10 aetherpool from both your Arm and Armour for an Empyrean Aetherpool Grip Icon Empyrean Aetherpool Grip at the Confederate Custodian. You can then exchange 10 Grips (total 100/100 Aetherpool) for an i365 Empyrean weapon, allowing you to glamour the appearance of your Empyrean Atherpool Arm to regular weapons outside of Heaven on High.


Rare NPCs in Heaven on High

Throughout the Deep Dungeon, there is a small chance that unique NPCs will spawn. These Auspices take the form of specific creatures that can rarely be found wandering a floor of the dungeon, and will provide players with a buff when approached.

Auspice Image Buff Effect
Komainu Komainu Image Grants a Komainu's Favor Icon Damage Up effect to all party members in range for 5 minutes.
Inugami Inugami Image Grants a Inugami's Favor Icon Vulnerability Down effect to all party members in range for 5 minutes.
Senri Senri Image Grants a Senri's Favor Icon Regeneration effect to all party members in range for 5 minutes.

Soloing Heaven on High

While clearing Heaven on High with a full party of four players is usually faster, safer and easier than entering alone, clearing the dungeon by yourself from beginning to end is not only possible, but rewards players with the rare title, Lone Hero, upon clearing floor 100 with no deaths on a run that started from floor 1.

Clearing Heaven on High solo relies entirely on a player's individual skill, and can therefore be a welcome change of pace for those who are used to the standard eight player content of Savage and Ultimate raids. However, it is easy for some players to become frustrated or burnt out when attempting to clear, and being able to take a break for as long as needed before returning to the same save file and picking up where you left of is important to keep in mind if you find yourself struggling.


Choosing a Job to attempt a Solo Clear with

As of 6.58, every job has cleared Heaven on High solo. However, some jobs are much easier or harder to achieve this feat with. For example, Tanks and Healers will find it harder to stay on pace when progressing through later floorsets, as their damage output is lower than that of DPS jobs which will result in more time taken per floor.

The jobs listed below are the main standouts at both ends of the difficulty scale for soloing Heaven on High.

  • Machinist
    • Machinist excels in kiting and burst damage, as well as highly useful crowd control in the form of Head Graze Icon Head Graze, Leg Graze Icon Leg Graze and Foot Graze Icon Foot Graze. Peloton Icon Peloton is also an extremely valuable skill for navigation through the floors, as the extra movement speed allows you to traverse floors faster. It also has an extra mitigation tool compared to the other physical ranged dps in Dismantle Icon Dismantle, making it even safer.
  • Summoner
    • Summoner, like Machinist, excels in kiting and burst damage. Unlike Machinist and most other jobs, it has no gauge it needs to build or resources it needs to manage beyond Fester Icon Fester charges, and can simply chain pull enemies rather than wait for cooldowns to come back before initiating. It also has a strong survivabiltiy tool with Radiant Aegis Icon Radiant Aegis.
  • Warrior
    • Warrior excels in survivability, having access to abilities such as Raw Intuition Icon Raw Intuition. It has good burst with Inner Release Icon Inner Release and Fell Cleave Icon Fell Cleave, and with Holmgang Icon Holmgang having such a short cooldown in relation to other tank invulnerability skills, it can be used to save runs or more frequently enable strategies such as intentionally stepping on Landmines after having rounded up multiple enemies in order to quickly clear a floor.
  • Red Mage
    • Red Mage is a very balanced job to take into Heaven on High, with good burst and access to healing in the form of Vercure Icon Vercure as well as the ability to Sleep Icon Sleep mobs in an emergency.
  • Gunbreaker
    • Gunbreaker is another balanced job to take into Heaven on High, with extremely strong healing provided by Aurora Icon Aurora and Brutal Shell Icon Brutal Shell, while also dealing deceptively high damage once it hits level 70 with access to Continuation Icon Continuation.
  • Astrologian
    • Astrologian has the lowest personal dps of all jobs in the game, due to being designed around gaining a significant amount of its power from feeding teammates raid buffs such as its cards and Divination Icon Divination in eight-player raids. As such, it is by far the hardest job to clear Heaven on High with, and needs to make full use of both pomanders and strategies like intentionally stepping on Landmines in order to clear floors fast enough to have a chance of completing each floorset.
  • Bard and Dancer
    • Despite having access to all the same role actions as Machinist, as well as Bard having The Warden's Paean Icon The Warden's Paean, both of these jobs can struggle with Heaven on High due to their lower personal dps, as like Astrologian they are designed around contributing significantly to the rest of the party.


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