Eureka Orthos Floors 51-60 Guide

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This page provides information about floors 51 through 60 of Eureka Orthos including enemy information and boss advice.


Eureka Orthos Guide for Floors 51-60

On floors 51-60, the Accursed Horde will take the form of a Silver-tinged Sack Icon Silver-tinged Sack, and Mimics can spawn from Silver Coffers. You can expect 4-10 kills to be required to proceed between floors, 4-6 Treasure Coffers per floor, 5-7 rooms per floor and 2-3 enemies per room outside of Treasure Rooms, which will have significantly more Coffers and enemies.


Floors 51-59

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On the third floorset of the challenge floors, certain enemy abilites will show up for the first time, such as a buff that kills any player who attacks the enemy while the buff is up, or abilities that are only used after an enemy dies. Make sure to remain aware, and exercise caution if engaging multiple enemies.

Enemy Aggro Abilities Floors Notes
Orthos Oceanus Sight
  • Scale Ripple: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
  • Douse: Telegraphed circle AoE.
51-53 No Immunities.
Orthos Rockfin Sight
  • Aqua Spear: Telegraphed gap-closer. Lethal, must be LoS'd.
51-54 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Ymir Sight Gelid Charge: Grants buff to self for 6s. Will instantly kill players that use physical attacks during this time, including auto-attacks. 51-54 No Immunities.
Orthos Ice Sprite Sight Hypothermal Combustion: Untelegraphed point-blank AoE. Used on death. 51-59 Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Banshee Proximity Whisper of our Discontent: Telegraphed cone-shaped AoE. 52-55 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Leech Sight Acid Mist: Instant point-blank AoE, inflicts Vulnerability Up for 20s. Used every 12 seconds. 53-56 No Immunities.
Orthos Yabby Sight
  • Scuttling Skewer: Instant. Inflicts Heavy for 4s. This Heavy can be blocked by taking 0 damage through the use of shields.
  • Tail Screw: Telegraphed circle AoE. Used immediately after Scuttling Skewer. Reduces HP to 1% of maximum if hit.
54-56 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep, Slow and Stun.
Orthos Craklaw Sight Flush: Telegraphed point-blank AoE. 55-57 No Immunities.
Orthos Big Claw Sight
  • Bubble Shower: Telegraphed cone-shaped AoE.
  • Crab Dribble: Late-telegraph cone-shaped AoE. Used after Bubble Shower if anyone is behind it.
55-58 No Immunities.
Orthos Bombfish Sight 1000 Spines: Telegraphed point-blank AoE. 56-58 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Monk Proximity
  • Sucker: Large untelegraphed draw-in.
  • Water III: Telegraphed point-blank AoE. Used immediately after Sucker.
56-59 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Piranu Sight None. 57-59 No Immunities.
Orthos Stingray Sight
  • Body Slam: Instant point-blank AoE. Inflicts knockback on players hit.
  • Expulsion: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
  • Electric Whorl: Telegraphed donut-shaped AoE. Cannot be LoS'd.
57-59 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Zataran Sound Sewer Water: Untelegraphed 180-degree frontal AoE. Immediately followed up with the same AoE, but facing backwards instead. 57-59 Immune to Bind.
Mimics Proximity
  • Infatuation: Inflicts Pox for 10 minutes. Can be interrupted.
  • Deathtrap: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
51-59 Silver Coffers. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Slow.

Floor 60 Boss - Servomechanical Minotaur 16

The sixth boss of Eureka Orthos, and the third of the challenge floorsets. Similar to the standard Minotaurs seen throughout the game, though has some mechanics that are exclusive to only itself and the Stygimoloch Lord from Delubrum Reginae Savage.

Boss Rotation Quick-Guide:
  1. Octuple Swipe
  2. Bullish Swing or Disorienting Groan
  3. Bullish Swipe
  4. Thundercall
  5. Repeat from start (during Thundercall)

The arena is a circle, with an outer ring that inflicts a 15s DoT if entered. The first mechanic of the fight is Octuple Swing, a long cast during which eight cone-shaped AoEs will be telegraphed in the order they will be executed in. The first four will always be the same: Front, Back, Right and Left relative to where the boss is facing. The second set of four can either be the same sequence in the same order, or the same sequence in reverse order.

There are multiple ways to resolve each pattern safely. For the pattern that repeats in reverse, stand to the left of the boss until the first AoE goes out, then go into where it was. Once both left-facing AoEs have resolved, move back into that position and the mechanic is done for you. For the pattern that repeats identically, you can either start in the fourth (left) or the third (right) AoE, and then move into the second (back) or first (front) AoE after it goes off. Move back into your original position once it is cleaved, and repeat the movement for the second cycle to complete the mechanic. You have enough time to move from the first AoE into the fourth after it goes off, while avoiding the repeated first AoE, but in the interest of consistency and safety, it is better to give yourself as much leeway as possible.

Immediately after the last cleave goes out, the boss will begin to cast either Bullish Swing or Disorienting Groan. In the case of Swing, move out to the edge of the arena and move back towards the boss once the castbar ends. In the case of Groan, move inside the hitbox of the boss and prepare for a knockback. Both versions of the mechanic are followed up with Bullish Swipe, an late-telegraph cone-shaped AoE targeting a random player. Simply move to the sides or rear of the boss to avoid this.

The final mechanic of the boss is Thundercall, which summons small lightning orbs around the arena. These will linger until the next cast of Octuple Swipe, and will explode in small point-blank AoEs at the same time as the first cleave from that mechanic resolves. These orbs can make your initial positioning for Octuple Swipe ignificantly harder, but by manipulating the placement of the Swipe cleaves by facing the boss in a specific direction before the cast begins, you can create a large safe spot in your desired location.

After this point, the boss will begin to loop mechanics from the start of the fight, though all future Octuple Swipes will have the added difficulty of needing to position the boss to not be caught out by Thundercall.

On a DPS, you can expect a killtime of about eight minutes, or faster with the aid of a Pomander of Strength or Demiclone Generator. On a tank or healer, you can expect a killtime of about 12 minutes under the same conditions.



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