Introduction to Deep Dungeons in FFXIV

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Welcome to our guide to Deep Dungeons, a unique instance which changes every time you enter while also utilizing a unique leveling system. This guide aims to explain the mechanics of Deep Dungeon instances as well as provide general tips for attempting to clear the content.


What is a Deep Dungeon?

Palace of the Dead, Heaven on High and Eureka Orthos are ever-changing dungeons whose layouts are different each time the player enters them. All players will begin at a lowest level possible for their chosen dungeon, and only by fighting the enemies within will they be able to gain the strength and experience needed to explore.


What are the differences between Deep Dungeons?

The basis for the three dungeons is very similar: a set of 10 randomised floors that must be completed within the given time limit of an hour, with the final floor containing a boss fight. However, there are some key differences between them.

Below are the key differences between the three:

  • Palace of the Dead has 200 floors, while Heaven on High and Eureka Orthos only have 100.
  • Runs can begin from two different floorsets, which are different depending on the dungeon:
    • Palace of the Dead starts at either floor 1 or floor 51.
    • Heaven on High and Eureka Orthos start at either floor 1 or floor 21.
  • The level ranges are different depending on the dungeon:
    • Palace of the Dead starts at level 1 and caps at level 60.
    • Heaven on High starts at level 61 and caps at level 70.
    • Eureka Orthos starts at level 81 and caps at level 90
  • If starting on the later floors, as mentioned above, your character will start out at the level cap of the chosen dungeon instead.

Alongside the Endwalker patch came a stat squish across the entire game. This affected earlier Deep Dungeons in two major ways:

  • Floors 1-50 in Heaven on High are much easier now, while 51-100 remain the same difficulty as before.
  • Floors 91-140 in Palace of the Dead are slightly harder now, while 1-90 and 141-200 remain the same as before.

How do I unlock Deep Dungeons?

Palace of the Dead can be unlocked by completing the quest The House That Death Built. After completing the first 50 floors, Heaven on High can be unlock by completing Knocking on Heaven's Door, and Eureka Orthos can be unlocked by completing Delve into Myth, assuming sufficient Main Scenario progress has been made.


Which Deep Dungeon should I start with?

Completing with the first 50 floors of Palace of the Dead is required in order to access Heaven on High and Eureka Orthos. Beyond this, you can start with any Deep Dungeon, as all three have entirely separate storylines and progression. We would recommend starting with Heaven on High or Eureka Orthos as they both have fewer floors, meaning that progression takes less time. It will also be a faster climb to the more challening floors, where you will learn how to manage Pomanders efficiently and how to pick your fights. Much of the knowledge gained in the two later Deep Dungeons can be transferred back to Palace of the Dead without issue.



Players will be restricted to the use of an Aetherpool Arm IconAetherpool Arm and Aetherpool Armor IconAetherpool Armour while inside Deep Dungeons. In addition to gaining levels, players must enhance these items as they progress through the dungeon by opening Silver Coffers, up to the cap of +99 for each item.

  • Normal gear has no effect on your character's attributes inside of Deep Dungeons.
  • Consumables such as food, health potions and tinctures still work as normal.
  • Each Deep Dungeon has its own Aetherpool Gear to enhance, and the values are not shared between them.
  • Upon clearing a set of 10 floors, the value of your Aetherpool gear will be saved.

A special navigation map will be displayed, which can be used to progress through the rooms on a given floor. When any party member enters a room on the floor, the map will automatically update. The icons for the Cairn of Return and the Cairn of Passage will appear in their location on the map.

  • Players can display or hide the map by pressing the M key. This is the same key for the Hold button to lock the map in position.
  • The default navigational map will not be displayed in any Deep Dungeon.

Floor Effects

Upon entering a new floor, there is a chance for up to three enchantments to activate. These can be either positive or negative and will last for the entire duration of the floor unless dispelled with a Pomander of Serenity. Stronger negative effects can be particularly dangerous on later floorsets.


Negative Floor Effects

Negative Effects Icons Description
Auto Heal Disabled Auto Heal Disabled Enchantment Icon Disables passive HP regeneration for all players, both in and out of combat. As of Patch 6.3, this now affects enemies as well.
Blind Blind Enchantment Icon Reduces the accuracy of all players.
Damage Down Damage Down Enchantment Icon Reduces the damage dealt by all players.
Gloom Gloom Enchantment Icon Fills the floor with Gloom, increasing the damage output and movement speed of all enemies while reducing their damage taken.
HP Penalty HP Penalty Enchantment Icon Reduces the maximum HP of all players.
No Abilities No Abilities Enchantment Icon Prevents the use of any abilities by players.
No Item Penalty No Items Penalty Enchantment Icon Prevents the use of all items from player inventories, including all Pomanders aside from the Pomander of Serenity.
No Sprint No Sprint Enchantment Icon Disables Sprint for all players.
Knockback Penalty (PoTD/EO Only) No Knockback Enchantment Icon Prevents all knockback and draw-in effects for both allies and enemies. This prevents the Pomander of Rage and Pomander of Dread from one-shotting enemies.
No Magicite (HoH Only) No Magicite Enchantment Icon Disables the use of Magicites.
No Demiclones (EO Only) No Demiclones Enchantment Icon Disables the use of Demiclones

Positive Floor Effects

There are also a few positive effects that can be activated alongside negative ones, and also count towards the cap of three.

Positive Effects Icons Description
Haste Haste Enchantment Icon Decreases weaponskill recast time, spell recast time, and auto-attack delay for all players.
HP/MP Boost HP/MP Boost Enchantment Icon Increases the maximum HP and MP of all players.
Sprint (HoH/EO only) Sprint Enchantment Icon Enables Sprint Icon Sprint for all players.


As players progress, they will come across traps that will be set off when a player walks within range. These traps are invisible unless a player uses a Pomander of Sight to reveal their locations. If a Pomander of Safety is used, traps are removed from the current floor entirely.

Traps will never appear in the room players spawn in at the start of a floor, and enemies are commonly drawn into corridors between rooms in order to avoid running into a trap while attempting to dodge certain attacks while fighting them. Finally, it is usually safest to move close to walls when travelling through rooms in order to reduce the chance of encoutering a trap.

Traps Icons Description
Impeding Trap Impeding Trap Icon Applies silence and pacification to all players and mobs in a small area. Silence prevents spells, and pacification prevents weapon skills. Silence can be cleansed with Echo Drops, and both can be cleansed by Esuna Icon Esuna from Healers or The Warden's Paean Icon The Warden's Paean from a Bard.
Landmine Trap Landmine Trap Icon Inflicts 80% current health damage to all players and mobs in a small area. These cannot directly kill players or mobs.
Luring Trap Luring Trap Icon Summons three random monsters that can spawn on the floor. All three monsters will aggro onto the player who triggered the trap and attack them after a short delay unless attacked first.
Enfeebling Trap Enfeebling Trap Icon Inflicts a debuff to the player for one minute, increasing damage taken and decreasing damage dealt by 20%.
Toad Trap (PoTD Only) Toad Trap Icon Turns the player into a Toad for 20 seconds. Toads have reduced maximum HP and cannot use skills or items.
Otter Trap (HoH Only) Otter Trap Icon Turns the player into an Otter for 30 seconds. Otters have reduced maximum HP and cannot use skills or items.
Owlet Trap (EO Only) Otter Trap Icon Turns the player into an Owlet for 30 seconds. Owlets have reduced maximum HP and cannot use skills or items.

Aggro types in Deep Dungeons

  • Proximity
    • When you move close enough to an enemy of this type, it will automatically target you no matter where it’s facing. Note that Mimics have a much larger aggro range than most other proximity mobs, and should be treated with care.
  • Sight
    • This means that the mob has to see you in order to target you. Sight-based mobs see in a cone in front of them. If in doubt, you can target a mob to reveal their hitbox and show which way they are facing.
  • Sound
    • This means that the mob will target you if you make too much noise by running near it. You can avoid detection by toggling walk, but these mobs will target you regardless if you come into direct contact with their hitbox.

Treasure Coffers

As the player progresses, they will encounter Coffers in the various rooms of each floor. There are three different types of coffer, those being Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The possible rewards found inside each one are listed below.

Coffer Type Icons Rewards
Bronze Coffer Bronze Chest Image These contain items such as Potions or Phoenix Downs. They can also rarely contain Potshers or Fragments, which can be exchanged for rewards such as mounts or special items such as Sustaining Potions. Opening these in a party of 2 or more players will only award the item to one random player . On floors 1-30 of all Deep Dungeons, these can also be Mimics.
Silver Coffer Silver Chest Image Opening these will often increase the strength of your Aetherpool Arm or Aetherpool Armour, but on later floors this can sometimes fail if your current vlaue is too high. In Heaven on High, they can rarely contain a Magicite, while in Eureka Orthos, they can rarely contain a Demiclone Generator. On floors 31-40 of Palace of the Dead, or 31-60 of Heaven on High and Eureka Orthos, these can also be Mimics. Finally, Silver Coffers have a rare chance to explode upon being opened, dealing 70% maximum HP to all players and mobs around them similar to a Landmine Trap. Unlike a Landmine Trap, this can kill players and mobs.
Gold Coffer Gold Chest Image These contain Pomanders. Only three of each type of pomander can be carried at a time, so if no more can be carried then the Coffer will not open and a message will be displayed. On floors 41+ of Palace of the Dead, or 61+ of Heaven on High and Eureka Orthos, these can also be Mimics.


Mimics will be identical to Treasure Coffers until a player attempts to open them, at which point they will attack. The main threat from a mimic is an interruptable cast that inflicts the Accursed Pox debuff, preventing natural health regeneration similar to the floor enchantment with the same effect, while also dealing damage over time. The debuff lasts for 10 minutes, persists between deaths, and is uncleansable except by using a Pomander of Purity..


Potsherds/Fragments and Sustaining Potions

A necessity for solo runs and helpful regardless, Sustaining Potions will regenerate your HP for 30 seconds after use. As they have a 15s recast timer, you can keep one running permenantly in cases where one is necessary. They are bought with Gelmorran Potsherds for Palace of the Dead, Empyrean Potsherds for Heaven on High (here named Empyrean Potions), and Orthos Aetherpool Fragments in Eureka Orthos (here named Orthos Potions), where one item can be exchanged for 20 potions at a time.

Potsherds and Fragments can be obtained from Bronze Coffers in their respective Deep Dungeons. Additionally, they have a much greater chance of appearing at floors 101+ in Palace of the Dead, and floors 31+ in Heaven on High and Eureka Orthos. Finally, clearing certain bosses will reward the player with a guarenteed Potsherd or Fragment, these bosses being the floor 50 and 100 bosses in Palace of the Dead, and the floor 30 bosses in Heaven on High and Eureka Orthos.



Pomanders Icons Effects
Pomander of Safety Safety Pomander Icon Removes all traps on the current floor.
Pomander of Sight Sight Pomander Icon Fully reveals the map of the current floor, as well as the location of all traps.
Pomander of Strength Strength Pomander Icon Increases the damage and healing of the user by 30% for eight minutes.
Pomander of Steel Steel Pomander Icon Decreases the damage taken by the user by 40% for eight minutes.
Pomander of Affluence Affluence Pomander Icon Increase the amount of Treasure Coffers on the next floor.
Pomander of Flight Flight Pomander Icon Halves the number of enemies spawned (and required to open the Cairn of Passage) on the next floor.
Pomander of Alteration Alteration Pomander Icon Changes all enemies in a random room to either Mimics or Mandragoras on the next floor. Mandragoras die in one hit, and both have high drop rates for Treasure Coffers.
Pomander of Purity Purity Pomander Icon Removes the Pox debuff inflicted by Mimics.
Pomander of Fortune Fortune Pomander Icon Increases the chance that enemies on the current floor drop Treasure Coffers when killed.
Pomander of Witching Witching Pomander Icon Turns all enemies within a medium radius into imps, chickens, or toads. They are unable to use actions and deal 60% damage for imps, 30% for chickens, and around 1% for toads. This lasts for 30 seconds and does not trigger aggro. Witched enemies keep the aggro type they had before being transformed.
Pomander of Serenity Serenity Pomander Icon Removes all floor effects from the current floor (including beneficial ones.)
Pomander of Intuition Intuition Pomander Icon Reveals the location of the Accursed Hoard on the next floor where one is present (including the current floor).
Pomander of Raising Raising Pomander Icon Resurrects a party member that has been KO'd. After a player is raised, the effect will then disappear. When solo, this does not count as a KO against the file during a solo run and does not prevent acquisition of titles for solo clears. Will only drop from floor 51+ in PotD, and can no longer drop from floor 181+ in PotD, or 81+ in HoH and EO.

There are a few pomanders that are exclusive to certain Deep Dungeons, listed below.

Pomanders Icons Palace of the Dead Only
Pomander of Rage Rage Pomander Icon Transforms the user into a Manticore for 60 seconds and replaces their action bar with Ripper Claw. Using Ripper Claw kills the target enemy in one hit. This does negligible damage to boss monsters, or if Knockback Penalty is in effect on the current floor.
Pomander of Lust Lust Pomander Icon Transforms the user into a Succubus for 60 seconds, replacing their action bar with Void Fire II. This will deal damage to the targeted enemy and all enemies around them after a short cast, as well as inflict a vulnerability stack that increases damage taken by 10% per stack up to a maximum of five stacks.
Pomander of Resolution Resolution Pomander Icon Transforms the user into Kuribu for 60 seconds, replacing their action bar with Heavenly Judge, a skill that deals damage in an targeted AoE and stuns enemies after a short cast. Deals immense bonus damage to ashkin (undead enemies). Only found past floor 60.
Pomanders Icons Heaven on High Only
Pomander of Frailty Frailty Pomander Icon Inflicts a weakening debuff on all mobs on the floor for three minutes, increasing the damage they take and decreasing the damage they deal by 30% each.
Pomander of Concealment Concealment Pomander Icon Shrouds the party, turning them invisible for 60 seconds. This effect is canceled upon taking any direct damage, using any ability except sprint, or using any item.
Pomander of Petrification Petrification Pomander Icon Petrifies all enemies on the current floor for 30 seconds. Petrified enemies die instantly to any ability that deals damage on impact. Some abilities, such as Combust, do not do instant damage and therefore will not work.
Magicite Elder Magicite Icon Silver Coffers will sometimes drop Magicite, of which up to three can be held at a time. Magicites come in four different types: Vortex, Crag, Inferno, and Elder(rare). When used, they grant the entire party invulnerability for ten seconds (Vortex, Crag, Inferno) or fifteen seconds (Elder) and kill all mobs on the floor. The Elder Magicite has the unique trait that it can also one shot any boss monster it’s used on, whereas the standard Magicites deal 20% max HP instead.
Pomanders Icons Eureka Orthos Only
Pomander of Lethargy Lethargy Pomander Icon Inflicts a slowing debuff on all mobs on the floor for ten minutes, significantly increasing their weaponskill recast time, spell recast time, and auto-attack delay.
Pomander of Storms Storms Pomander Icon Reduces the HP of all enemies on the floor to 1. Any enemy not in combat will naturally regenerate HP, unless the current floor is under the effect of the Auto-Heal enchantment that prevents this.
Pomander of Dread Dread Pomander Icon Transforms the user into a Dreadnaught for 60 seconds and replaces their action bar with Rotosmash and Wrecking Ball. Using Rotosmash kills the target enemy in one hit. This does negligible damage to boss monsters, or if Knockback Penalty is in effect on the current floor. Using Wrecking Ball will deal damage to the targeted enemy and all enemies around them after a short cast, as well as inflict a vulnerability stack that increases damage taken by 10% per stack up to a maximum of five stacks.
Demiclone Generators Onion Demiclone Icon Silver Coffers will sometimes drop Demiclone Generators, of which three at a time can be held. Generators come in three different types: Doga, Unei, and Onion Knight(rare). When used, they summon a companion for the party until they leave the current floor. Only one may be summoned at a time.
  • Doga (green): Caster DPS that will sometimes cast Break, an AoE that petrifies enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Unei (red): Healer that will often cast Cure to heal players, and sometimes cast Stoneskin to give a 20% max HP shield.
  • Onion Knight (orange): High-damage all-rounder that can also cast Cure to heal players.

Save Files and Failing the Duty

Upon defeating the boss of the final floor of a set, progress will be automatically saved, at which point players will be given the choice to either leave the Deep Dungeon for the time being or continue to the next floorset immediately.

  • Save data will not be updated in the event that all players log out or lose connection before defeating the boss.

In the event that all players in the instance are KO'd, the duty will be considered failed. This will add 1 to the Party KO count when looking at a file from the entrance NPC. Any file with a KO count above 0 will not be able to enter higher floor sets.If the last player in a party dies while the pomander of resurrection is active, enemies will de-aggro and the player will be revived without a duty fail and without increasing the KO count.

  • In the event of a disconnect during a solo run, this will count as a full party KO.

The Accursed Hoard

Whether by accident or through using a Pomander of Intuition, players may come across pieces of the Accursed Hoard within Deep Dungeons. Pieces of the Accursed Hoard spawn randomly in the same way as Traps, with a limit of one per floor, and can be unearthed by standing on their location for a few seconds. Upon exiting a set of floors successfully, any pieces of the Accursed Hoard found will be converted into sacks that can be exchanged for a chance at rare loot. The sacks and their drop tables vary based on the floor set and which Deep Dungeon they were found in.

Palace of the Dead
Bronze-trimmed Sack Icon Bronze-trimmed Sack Floors 1-50
Iron-trimmed Sack Icon Iron-trimmed Sack Floors 51-100
Silver-trimmed Sack Icon Silver-trimmed Sack Floors 101-150
Gold-trimmed Sack Icon Gold-trimmed Sack Floors 151-200 - Night Pegasus Whistle Icon Night Pegasus Whistle
Heaven on High
Silver-haloed Sack Icon Silver-haloed Sack Floors 1-30
Gold-haloed Sack Icon Gold-haloed Sack Floors 31-70
Platinum-haloed Sack Icon Platinum-haloed Sack Floors 71-100 - Dodo Horn Icon Dodo Horn
Eureka Orthos
Bronze-tinged Sack Icon Bronze-tinged Sack Floors 1-30
Silver-tinged Sack Icon Silver-tinged Sack Floors 31-70
Gold-tinged Sack Icon Gold-tinged Sack Floors 71-100 - Orthos Craklaw Horn Icon Orthos Craklaw Horn


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