Guide to Island Sanctuaries Gathering in FFXIV

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This page houses gathering information for your island sanctuary including information like what rank unlocks each tool and the materials that the tools can then gather.


Gathering On Your Island Sanctuary

Your island hosts a whole range of items both from mining, botany and spearfishing. None of these require the actual Disciple of Land class, but instead use any class and crafted tools to provide upgrades and obtain more materials.

Every time you hit a node you gain 10 experience and one item, with an upgraded tool you can one additional second item but no increased yield.

Using the gathering log in game you can find a handy list of farming locations for each item making it easy to specialise.


What Tools Unlock What Materials

Each Tool has a rank requirement to unlock inside of the crafting log and allows you to gain more items.

Rank Item Unlocks
1 Stone Hatchet Palm Leaf, Vine, Islewort, Pumpkin/Cabbage Seeds, Sand, Branch, Sap, Stone, Clam, Laver, Coral, Apple, Log, Palm Log
3 Stone Hammer Limestone, Copper, Rock Salt
5 Shovel Clay, Tinsand, Popoto/Parsnip Seeds
6 Copper Scythe Sugarcane, Cotton, Hemp
7 Bronze Gig Islefish, Squid, Jellyfish
8 Bronze Beakaxe Iron Ore, Leucogranite, Quartz

Gathering Node Locations

Each item that you can gather is also spread around the map in a range of areas. Every item also has areas more densly filled with a specific item making it possible to farm large amounts of what you want.

Just like open world gathering you can respawn nodes but unlike the open world you need to gather 10 nodes for the first node to spawn making loops much longer.

FFXIV Island Gathering Map

This a map posted to reddit by user LucarioMagic That shows the approximate locations of each item.


Where Is The Best Area To Farm For The Sustainable Sourcing Achievement?

There is an achievement to gather 30k items inside of the island sanctuary. You need only 10k items to reach rank 10 but with rank 10 you gain flight and access to a few secret areas.

True Summit is the peak of the mountain at 25,16. It houses exactly enough quartz and other minerals to consistently farm in the same spot making it much faster to get the achievement. This may also be useful for sanctuary xp if new ranks are added.



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