Eureka Orthos Floors 41-50 Guide

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This page provides information about floors 41 through 50 of Eureka Orthos including enemy information and boss advice.


Eureka Orthos Guide for Floors 41-50

On floors 41-50, the Accursed Horde will take the form of a Silver-tinged Sack Icon Silver-tinged Sack, and Mimics can spawn from Silver Coffers. You can expect 3-9 kills to be required to proceed between floors, 5-6 Treasure Coffers per floor, 5-7 rooms per floor and 2-3 enemies per room outside of Treasure Rooms, which will have significantly more Coffers and enemies.


Floors 41-49

EO Floorset 5 Banner

On the second floorset of the challenge floors, many enemies have abilites that must be dealt with by breaking Line of Sight between the enemy and the player. Take care to engage these enemies near usable geometry. From this point onwards, no enemies will be excluded from the table below, as all of them are threatening.

Enemy Aggro Abilities Floors Notes
Orthos Abaia Sight Oculus: Telegraphed circle AoE. 41-42 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Huwasi Sight
  • Boulder Toss: Telegraphed circle AoE.
  • Landslip: Telegraphed cone-shaped AoE.
41-43 Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Acheron Sight
  • Dominion Slash: Telegraphed cone-shaped AoE.
  • Quake: Lethal raidwide. Must be Interrupted or LoS'd.
41-44 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Bergthurs Proximity
  • Freezeover: Telegraphed circle AoE.
  • Elbow Drop: Untelegraphed cone-shaped AoE. Used if anyone is behind it.
41-44 No Immunities.
Orthos Spriggan Sight Haste: Grants Haste to self for 1m30s. Acts as a soft enrage. 42-45 No Immunities.
Orthos Hedetet Sight
  • Sticky Web: Instant, inflicts Slow for 30s. This can stack up to 16 times.
  • Hailfire: Telegraphed line AoE.
43-46 No Immunities.
Orthos Kelpie Sight
  • Gallop: Charges at marked player after the cast. Can be LoS'd.
  • Bloody Puddle: Untelegraphed point-blank AoE, used after a successful Gallop.
44-46 Patrol. No Immunities.
Orthos Goobbue Sight
  • Inhale: Untelegraphed cone-shaped draw-in. Cannot be negated.
  • Sickly Sneeze: Untelegraphed cone-shaped AoE, used immediately after Inhale.
45-47 Immune to Bind, Heavy and Stun.
Orthos Hoarhound Sight
  • Abyssal Cry: Raidwide that inflicts Stun for 5s. Must be LoS'd.
  • Ecliptic Bite: Used on Stunned players. Lethal.
46-49 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Kukulkan Sight
  • Aetherial Blast: Telegraphed line AoE.
  • Bombination: Late-telegraph room-wide AoE. Inflicts vulnerability up for 30s if hit. Only used outside of combat.
46-49 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Mudman Proximity Stump: Instant, inflicts Heavy for 8s. 46-49 Immune to Sleep.
Orthos Apa Proximity Water III: Telegraphed point-blank AoE. 47-49 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Gelato Sight
  • Amorphic Flail: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
  • Explosion: Lethal enrage raidwide. Used at 30% HP, can be LoS'd.
47-49 Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Mimics Proximity
  • Infatuation: Inflicts Pox for 10 minutes. Can be interrupted.
  • Deathtrap: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
41-49 Silver Coffers. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Slow.

Floor 50 Boss - Servomechanical Chimera 14X

The fifth boss of Eureka Orthos, and the second of the challenge floorsets. Similar to the standard Chimeras seen throughout the game, but commonly uses both Ram/Out and Dragon/In in combination with each other instead of as separate casts. As always with Chimeras, reading the names of casts is required to resolve mechanics.

Boss Rotation Quick-Guide:
  1. Song of Ice/Thunder or Thunder/Ice
  2. Leftbreathed or Rightbreathed
  3. Cold Thunder or Thunderous Cold
  4. Leftbreathed or Rightbreathed
  5. Cacophony
  6. Leftbreathed or Rightbreathed
  7. Cold Thunder or Thunderous Cold
  8. Leftbreathed or Rightbreathed
  9. Song of Ice/Thunder or Thunder/Ice
  10. Repeat from Cacophony

The arena is a circle, with the boss starting slightly north of the centre. In all cases in this fight, references to Ice or Cold refer to The Ram's Voice, a point-blank AoE, and references to Thunder refer to The Dragons's Voice, a donut-shaped AoE.

The first cast of the fight will either be Song of Ice and Thunder, or Song of Thunder and Ice. Ice and Thunder will cast Ram's Voice first, followed closely by Dragon's Voice. As such, move away from the boss to dodge the first AoE, then move into the hitbox to dodge the second. Likewise with Thunder and Ice, start inside the hitbox to dodge the first AoE, then move out to dodge the second.

After this, the boss will either cast Leftbreathed Thunder or Rightbreathed Cold. The element used does not matter, only the direction indicated in the name of the cast. As such, simply stand on the right side of the boss to dodge Leftbreathed, or the left side of the boss to dodge Rightbreathed.

Next, the boss will cast either Cold Thunder or Thunderous Cold, tethering one player. This attack will deal proximity damage to the tethered player when it resolves, so that player should move away from the boss until the tether changes from pink arrows into a purple line. After the dash, the boss will wait a moment and then cast Ram's Voice followed by Dragon's Voice if Cold Thunder was cast, or Dragon's Voice followed by Ram's Voice if Thunderous Cold was cast. Resolve this in the same way as the earlier Song mechanic.

After another Leftbreathed or Rightbreathed, the boss will cast Cacophony, spawning two lightning orbs that tether to two random players. If the player is solo, only one orb will spawn. These orbs will move towards the tethered players for a short amount of time, before stopping in place and exploding in a small AoE around themselves once before vanishing. To resolve this in a group, it is safest to drop melee uptime and move around the outside of the arena in order to give the rest of the party the most space possible. As a solo player, you can maintain full melee uptime on the boss by moving slightly slower than your maximum movement speed, but if you prefer to be safe or are playing a ranged job then don't worry.

After this point, the boss will begin to loop mechanics, casting Leftbreathed or Rightbreathed before following up with Cold Thunder or Thunderous Cold, another Leftbreathed or Rightbreathed, and finally a Song mechanic. This sequence will then repeat from Cacophony onwards.

On a DPS, you can expect a kill-time of about four and a half minutes, or faster with the aid of a Pomander of Strength or Demiclone Generator. On a tank or healer, you can expect a kill-time of about seven minutes under the same conditions.



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