Mount Ordeals Trial Guide

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Welcome to our guide to Mount Ordeals, the fifth trial of Endwalker. This guide aims to prepare players for the encounter so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



Though seemingly impossible, Vrtra senses the presence of Azdaja in the Source, prompting you to travel North to bitterly cold Garlemald. In the mountains do you do battle with Cagnazzo, but though you prevail, your victory proves hollow. The archfiend of fire, Rubicante, seizes on your absence from Radz-at-Han and moves to destroy the voidgate in Alzadaal's Legacy. When confronted at the base of Khadga, he issues you a challenge─and thus do you make for the summit to extinguish the flame of the voidsent's ambition.


Unlock Requirements

Mount Ordeals can be unlocked at level 90 during the main scenario quest "Desires Untold." It is the trial players will encounter in the Endwalker Patch 6.3 main scenario.


Rubicante, the Autarch of Flame Trial Guide


Phase One: Rubicante

The first phase has you do battle with Rubicante.



  • Inferno: Moderate raidwide magic damage.
  • Ordeal of Purgation: Rubicante summons three rings around the arena that contains fuses. He will shoot a flame down a fuse, which will spark a rune at the edge of the arena doing a conal AoE towards the centre of the arena from that rune. At the same time, players are all rooted in place. Later in the fight, rings will rotate, changing the fuse that goes to the edge. Players must figure out the correct fuse to find the safe spot for the conal AoE.
  • Shattering Heat: A magical tank buster on the player with highest enmity.
  • Arch Inferno: Circle AoEs will rotate around the arena. Rubicante will also summon a fiery tornado in the middle of the arena that knocks players back if they are standing in it.
  • Conflagration: A line AoE in Rubicante's hitbox.
  • Radial Flagration: Conal AoEs from Rubicante.


  • The main mechanic in the fight is Ordeal of Purgation. There will be one fuse from the centre that will go to the edge. The path it takes is determined by the fuses in the rings going to the edge. As it may rotate, players need to determine the correct path the fuse will take to the edge. After they find out which rune will be sparked, the party needs to stand beside it to dodge the conal AoE before they are rooted.
  • Mitigate and heal the raidwide and tank buster, Inferno and Shattering Heat.
  • Rotate along the edges of the arena once Arch Inferno is cast, and dodge the various AoEs that appear during it.

Phase Two: Adds

At the beginning of this phase, Rubicante will become invulnerable and untargetable. He jumps to the North side of the arena and summons adds.



  • Greater Flamesent: This will cast Ghastly Torch repeatedly, which inflicts a stacking Burning DoT on all players.
  • Flamesent: There are three Flamesent, each of which casts different abilities.
    • Ghastly Wind is a conal AoE.
    • Ghastly Flame is AoEs on the ground that appear randomly.
    • Shattering Heat is the same tankbuster seen in phase one.


  • Gather all the adds up and AoE them down while healing through the damage from Ghastly Torch and avoiding the AoEs.
  • Once all the adds are dead, the arena will be engulfed in flames, inflicting a burn DoT on all players. Rubicante will become targetable once again.
  • He will begin casting his ultimate, Blazing Rapture, which deals heavy magical raidwide damage.

Phase Three: Rubicante

Rubicante will cast off his mantle and unleash his true power. This begins the final phase of the fight after a cutscene.



  • Inferno when his true power is unleashed is a marked AoE on all players that inflicts a bleed.
  • Flamerake: A spinning arrow appears under Rubicante. Once this stops spinning, it will indicate the direction of a line AoE across his hitbox. The AoE expands, hitting the outside of the AoE afterwards, so move into the AoE.
  • Soulscald: Line AoEs on all players that deals magic damage. This will summon clones at the edge of the arena where the line AoEs went, which will repeat the line AoEs towards the middle of the arena afterwards.
  • Dualfire: Large conal AoE tank busters on both tanks that deals magic damage.
  • Sweeping Immolation: Rubicante will face one side of the arena and cleave it. All players will receive a marked AoE that deals magic damage.


  • Drag the boss back to the middle and spread out for the new Inferno.
  • The arrows during Flamerake indicates the direction the line AoE is. After it goes off, walk into the AoE to dodge the subsequent AoEs.
  • Spread out for Soulscald to avoid clipping other players. Afterwards, head to a safe spot as the AoEs will come back across the arena.
  • The tanks need to spread out for Dualfire and mitigate.
  • Get behind Rubicante when Sweeping Immolation is cast and spread out to avoid clipping other players with the AoE.
  • At this point, Rubicante will put his mantle back on and do another series of Ordeal of Purgation.
  • He will then repeat mechanics previously seen before until defeated.


  • 10 Jan. 2023: Guide added.
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