The Sixth Circle Normal Raid Guide

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Welcome to our guide to The Sixth Circle, the second encounter in the second raid tier of Pandaemonium, Abyssos. This guide aims to prepare players for the raid so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



Hegemone, a Hemitheos, is the second raid boss fought in Abyssos.


Unlocking The Sixth Circle

To unlock The Sixth Circle, players must complete the quest "A Keyword's Gaol." This is the second quest in the quest chain starting from "An Unwelcome Visitor," which can be received from Claudien in Labyrinthos (X:8.6 Y:27.5) after completing the Pandaemonium: Asphodelos questline. There is a minimum item level restriction of 585 to enter through the duty finder in a matched party.

If you're looking for the savage version of this encounter, please follow the link below:



Lahabrea insists that the only way to save the star from the horrors lurking within Pandæmonium is summary destruction. However, Themis and Erichthonios succeed in convincing the chief keyward to allow you a chance to prove the worth of another way. You are tasked with interring Hegemone, the keyward of Abyssos and a master of creation magicks in her own right. Succeed in this, and you may continue your journey into the facility's deeper circles. Fail, and Pandæmonium─along with its warders and creations─shall be reduced to nothing.


Raid Guide


Phase One

The entire fight has you do battle with Hegemone in the same arena. Mechanics will increase in complexity as the fight goes on. The arena is split into sixteen squares which serve as a guide to where mechanics will hit.



  • Aetheric Polyominoid will summon spikes at intercardinals which shoot AoEs towards certain squares. Do not stand on those squares.
  • Choros Ixou will light up Hegemone's hands towards the east and west or towards the north and south. This will shoot out a conal AoE in that direction.
  • Hemitheos's Dark IV deals moderate raidwide magic damage.
  • Transmission infects players with the Glossomorph debuff. When this debuff expires, your character will shoot a conal AoE towards the direction it is currently facing. Face outside to avoid cleaving the party.
  • Synergy is an AoE tank buster on both tanks.
  • Strophe Ixou are conal AoEs from the front and back of the boss that rotate in the direction indicated.
  • Dark Ashes are AoE markers on all players.
  • Aetherial Exchange and Polyominoid Sigma will create Aetheric Polyominoid spikes that swap positions with the one they are tethered to. Stay on a square that will be safe after they swap.


  • The first phase introduces us to the mechanics that will be layered later in the fight.
  • Stay on the safe squares for Aetheric Polyominoid.
  • Choros Ixou is done twice in a row, so move to dodge both iterations.
  • Face towards the outside or where no players are standing to avoid hitting others with the Glossomorph debuff.
  • The next Aetheric Polyominoid is accompanied with a Choros Ixou. Stand on a safe square that is not in the conal AoEs.
  • Rotate along with the Strophe Ixou to dodge it.
  • The next Transmission will inflict all players at the same time, with different debuff timers. Check your debuff timer and face out at 1 second left.
  • For Aetherial Exchange and Polyominoid Sigma, think of the arena as divided into four quadrants of four tiles that have safe spots and unsafe spots. When the spikes swap, the safe spots will swap as well.
  • Eventually, there will be Polyominoid casts accompanied with other mechanics, such as Tranmission and Strophe Ixou. Make sure to dodge the spike's AoEs while doing your mechanic, or do it before performi the other mechanics.


Coffers that appear after defeating Hegemone will yield tokens that can be traded in for gear.



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