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Hearthstone Mid Budget Raptor Deathrattle Tempo Rogue LoE

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Under "3.3. Card Swaps":

If you are not encountering a lot of decks where Fan of Knives 
is useful, try exchanging one for more solid curve cards 
like a second Sludge Belcher.

There are already two Sludge Belchers in the deck list and there is no talk about them in any other part of the guide.


Did you mean to say something else?

Maybe another card in exchange for one Fan of Knives?

I'd appreciate other swap suggestions!



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I did not have the Piloted Sky Golem so I replaced it with Wobbling Runts and because I didn't have a second Defender of Argus I added Baron Rivendare. I feel Rivendare makes the deck shine even more.

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I don't have dr.boom who or what can I replace him with


Arch-Thief Rafaam.  It is a 9-mana card instead of 7, but gives you a 7/8 and three card options to play on turn 10; one gives a minion +10/+10, another does 10 randomly distributed damage, the last fills the board with 3/3 minions.  It isn't as impactful immediately as a turn 7 Dr. Overpowered, but it will win hands for you against decks that would normally take this rogue deck down otherwise.

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I played this deck with some budget swaps and it carried me to Rank 5 on Wild so thanks for that.

Getting to the business, I see no mention of Assassinate in the swap section, I'm running it in place of Big Game Hunter and i can say that while it's a tempo loss in a tempo deck it gets so much value that I think it's worth the slot.

Personally I'd keep playing Assassinate even if I got the BGH since my main target is usually Tirion Fordring, but I'm not advocating for an outright swap, just a mention as a viable alternative for 5-Mana removal.

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Can't voice an opinion on Shadow Strike but I'm not too fond of Sap here since this deck isn't that fast and usually when you can't or don't want to trade into stuff it means you don't want to deal with it so I'd rather have it dead than delaying for a turn but this is an opinion as I haven't tested Sap either, I can say however that if you get a strong field early you'd rather Sap a Sludge Belcher rather than Assassinate.

If someone wants go go even more budget than this version (like me) I suggest Stormwind Champion in place of Sky Golem since it gets a lot of value with all the token generation that this deck gets, it does require a board to be effective but if you haven't a board with this deck you are losing badly.


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