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[Help] Paladin Arena Run

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My Arena runs have always been decided by card value according to the site's card rankings. I have not seen anything higher than a 9-win count, with most of my runs ending at 3 wins. In normal play, I hover around a 50% win-rate, but wouldn't be surprised if stats showed me being slightly under. Any help would be appreciated. The meaning of this post is to understand card choice and determine synergy of my deck as I am creating it. I will choose the first 5 cards.

Given the options of Paladin, Priest or Druid, I've decided to go Paladin. I've never made sense of Arena with the other two hero powers.

#1: Avenging Wrath, Lay on Hands or Forbidden Healing

Avenging Wrath. I can see the Lay on Hands being useful if I were to become low on cards in game, but I hope not to put myself in that position.

#2: Frigid Snobold, Ironforge Rifleman or Worgen Infiltrator

Worgen Infiltrator. The unlikelihood of first round removal, I believe, makes this the clear choice.

#3: Worgen Infiltrator, Ice Rager or Grotesque Dragonhawk

Worgen Infiltrator. Even more of a chance at a first round move!

#4: Burly Rockjaw Trogg, Pit Fighter or Dragonhawk Rider

Pit Fighter. 3 cards that I've been very fortunate with in the past, though Icy Veins rates Pit Fighter higher.

#5: Murloc Tidehunter, Blessing of Might or Piloted Shredder

Piloted Shredder. Good damage and a good Deathrattle.


#6: Mogu'shan, Dancing Swords or Lance Carrier

I feel Dancing Swords is the likely choice. Is the Deathrattle the drawback for having better attack & health for a 3-cost card?

Also, during my choice #3, was I right in assuming that another Worgen Infiltrator is the way to go? Or is there a downside to picking the same card so early in making my deck?

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1st card: The power difference between Lay on Hands and Avenging Wrath as the first card of the deck is really small, so it doesn't really matter which you chose. I would personally choose Lay on Hands though, as I don't like the random effect of Avenging Wrath.
2nd card: Yes, Worgen Infiltrator is the best card of the three, as it allows you for tempo trade against opponent's 3/2, or you can keep on the board until you need it.
3rd card: The other two cards are pretty much trash, so you want Worgen Infiltrator again. Not because he is that good, but because the other two are bad.
4th card: Yes, Pit Fighter is a correct choice as it has premium stats and is a 5-drop (there aren't many good 5-drops).
5th card: Piloted Shredder is one of the best common cards in arena, and probably the best 4-drop.
6th card: The one stat isn't worth the drawback. Lance Carrier is better, especially when you already have high quality minions. 

Yes, there is downside to some card when you pick them multiple times, such as Dark Iron SkulkerForbidden Healing or Flamestrike. However, "regular" minions aren't affected by being picked multiple times. The main problem is the curve, which in first ~10 cards isn't really important.

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