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This thread is for comments about our Awesome Loot guide.

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We will have to wait which cards are in the new expansion but I still think it will be hard to seriously play Marin. You would have to create a deck that can make sure you can destroy the treasure chest before you opponent can mess around with it.

You lose a lot of tempo by playing a 6/6 minion for 8 mana as well as putting your self into the situation where you have to kill an additional minion with a lot of health. But the potential reward is, as said, "Awesome" :D

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The wand is incredibly strong in control deck and everything value based. The tempo gained playing 3 high cost card for 3 mana is enough to win a game. However, playing 3 cards for 3 mana is really strong in every deck.

The crown is awesome too. Playing 2 deathwings or 2 Lich Kings can steal games. Yes, sometimes you'll be offered patches, zerus and lorewalker, but then at least you'll be sure to end on trollden (if you recorded it).

The goblet is good in faster deck. You have to have a small hand to gain an AWESOME advantage, so a midrange deck is better then a high control one. I have to say that everytime I played the goblet in priest, I losed hard. The tempo loss is big here.

The golden kobold is really random. I think it's the lest powerfull, as nowadays legendaries are not that strong anymore, we have lots of filler. Yeah, I'm talking of wild, mostly, but even in standard it can fulfill your hand of unplayable things.

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I really doubt it will see any serious play at all. The only failproof way of ensuring your loot is to combo Marin with Crazed Alchemist on turn 10+. Which implies the game lasts that long, you drew both, you weren't forced to use the Alchemists to survive and you better be ahead on the board because you can't play the loot immediately.


I am anticipating a couple of Trolden-tastic Priest comebacks with Potion of MadnessInner Fire and Divine Spirit; but that's it.

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