List of Awesome Loot Items from Kobolds and Catacombs

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Awesome Loot cards are given to the player by the Deathrattle of Treasure Chests, which are 0/8 minions generated by Marin the Fox. There are four Awesome Loot cards, and these cards are all capable of swinging a game in your favour.


Golden Kobold

Golden Kobold is a reference to Golden Monkey which is created by Elise Starseeker. Elise decks use the Monkey to turn their unwanted cards into Legendary cards, and this is usually used as a win condition. Golden Kobold will not serve this purpose, however, as there will often be fewer dead cards to replace.


Tolin's Goblet

Tolin's Goblet is an incredible card draw, and is cheap enough to play alongside some of the cards that you draw from it, so as to make sure that space remains in your hand. Although at the mercy of randomness, the Goblet is still a strong card.


Wondrous Wand

Wondrous Wand is a very powerful Awesome Loot card. The ability to draw and then play three of the cards from your deck for 0 Mana will regain a lot of the tempo lost in gaining the Loot.


Zarog's Crown

Although a single random Legendary card is usually not quite as good as most people imagine, the option to Discover one means that you will almost always get a very powerful card. Zarog's Crown will often win a game single-handedly.



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