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Disguised Toast's Card Reveal: Gloop Sprayer

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Prepare yourselves for the oncoming onslaught of dirty jokes about Gloop Sprayer, a 8 Mana minion for Druid.


You can't make this stuff up! Disguised Toast's card reveal is a Druid card called Gloop Sprayer:




I'm going to resist making raunchy jokes about this card, because they're easy and I'm sure you'll hear a million of them on Twitter shortly. Hilarious name and artwork aside, is Gloop Sprayer playable? Even if he is only able to hit one minion and not two, he will summon an additional 4/4 body when compared to Faceless Manipulator. It goes without saying that Gloop Sprayer can set up some busted combos if he ever gets to copy two minions, but just how often will that actually happen? Big Druid decks might be able to get full value from this card, but to me it seems like more of a combo piece for Twig of the World Tree decks. Perhaps it can set up some kind of OTK with Charged DevilsaurWitching Hour, and Carnivorous Cube?

Do you think Gloop Sprayer will see play when The Boomsday Project is released? Let us know what you think about this card in the comments, and be sure to check out our Witchwood Hub for more spoilers from the upcoming expansion.

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so potential combo !

you have a twig with 1 or 2 charges left. you play malygos and its get killed of course, next turn play new druid legendary(=4 mana malygos) into cube and naturalize equals 2 malygos ! you break the twig and play THIS and you have 4 malygoses with 2 precious mana crystals to take advantage of +20 spell damage (maybe two 0 cost 1 damage (or 21 :D) can do the job) :)

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