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Seance Reveal: Rastakhan's Rumble

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This new Priest spell works exactly like Convert, but you can target your own minions as well!

The card was revealed by Taiwanese site 4Gamers:


Convert never really saw much play, but Zola the Gorgon did - and Seance combines the effects of both cards, minus the body. Copying your own minions is always more efficient, so you could use this on stuff like Radiant Elemental and Prophet Velen to enable some combos. Seance also synergises with Princess Talanji. Other than that, it's not an impressive card design-wise and we'll have to see if it can find a place in an actual deck.

Week 2 of the reveals is about to start. It's going to be much shorter compared to the first week, with the final reveal stream taking place on the 28th of November. Don't forget to check out the reveal schedule, as well as our Rastakhan's Rumble expansion hub!

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It’s one of those that where you have to ask is it better than just putting another minion in your deck. I can see it getting used to get another copy of Lyra/Radiant/Velen/etc (unlike zola which doesn’t see play in those decks, it doesn’t mess up your res pool). At the same time, except for radiant, it is slower than just resurrecting them with the 4mana spell.

Other than that, I can’t see it being played unless a Talanji deck is strong. Not convinced it will be, but certainly one I’ll try out anyway if I get the legendary.

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