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Final Rise of Shadows Card Reveal Stream: 1 Legendary, 9 Epics, 13 Rares and 27 Commons

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Here comes a reveal overload as the official Hearthstone stream has shown us an additional 52 cards from the Rise of Shadows! We have Scargil the Murlock who makes all his kin cost 1 as the lone legendary, a weapon, neutral minion, a Warlock Imp  and sic more for epics and a whole lot of rares and commons to boot. Check them all out below. (As always, all images courtesy of Hearthpwn.)

Here's the full reveal stream if you missed it and all the cards revealed are below it.

28 cards in total and plenty potential, let's take a look:

DZ4rpU2.png     0gcer2r.png

BocL5Nm.png      YS0L2Ee.png

aKsnfd1.png      YkKTODK.png

GAWxlNW.png      6FlKjTj.png

mcAGige.png      KyKzTCA.png

lCvLJeF.png      MGlqvYd.png

8ewBmRE.png     BBAgLjN.png

vr9RnPg.png      2hw5m18.png

  7NNOqjR.png      uJiqQ0o.png

y1NqdvH.png     53IyhIk.png

xlGgSXN.png    Hqt6u3b.png

ghubEt4.png    qtCosqU.png

szzavAW.png      xspjvYx.png

DDHsmH8.png      uMg43Q4.png

We then have 22 additional cards released post-stream in much nicer quality and format, so let's take a look at those, featuring another 6 epics, 5 rares and 11 common cards!

b5f0324997c9e3813a2359e37f2073c1ff0799c9     606b18bb5fca33354438c69dc5f82e7a9eee027c

e6b121f42785f3886c22bafd89f6bb2df0564d19    d8103cf6be612cfede342fc3dabde0ba3e889eae

 10ec42b094b8d1559d702d2df0ba6e241dc05572    4fe81ff4a3de0cdf08e595175c0c01949b4610f5

 ba98f477704c6fbf8b1d18ddb609c0ee12d51510     a09677357e05bdae78142b6da72f6ecdefadbbbf 

 76dde567f60b0a414c8dfd4f53b724a9978f203b     3b05fe4d527c1ed20d03ffbbdd6b95b82bd3e23f

 ce62c11d0752df81bfa8732e7f961f6cf710d22a        162a14a41451eec42862cebe4bd91b2796e02743

882cfa0fc5929ac79b7a886331adea954a84e755   13c4f2443e5d63c516bae1ef548eae186f9221fa 


4e0b85ff7b4a931ad17f788dd7e64e43e3488a95       0d3fbac6be1812bb96d3814f66b61d0f7c8d03b6


73b11aa0523bbda7f4c99292631b05a2960ae648  a5599bc4a78b946dd6fc27c790be49258deda18e

ff0627ac9ebc2a8575f48b6cb51c5a92788e3365   1360c6fe00b5946a391c0b69a11ed945a95781ce

 c66ac0e2ae225ba22babd429ecdd2bf0875bc197     63c22284c05711940abf5d1bfc58b4b6f37fb865

eacd3cb7117694d560198835d151fcea1eda7e29      6190f26e31ea28b0d62cf4941ac46a7f06b55cc3

Phew, that was a lot to process. So, what do we think, which are making it into decks and which are pure Arena fodder?

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Waggle Pick looks like a strong combo enabler, and convincing infiltrator is something priest (particularly resurrection priest) will love.

Underbelly Ooze is a sleeper (Get in here!)

Most of the rest seems pretty meh though.

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Whirlwind Tempest means that a middle mana drop can't stay on board after turn 10, or it can be gg. It reminds me of old midrange combo druid.

To kill an opponent at full health you need a minion with at least 8 atk to stick on board, but if you have other minions this number can be low enough. In wild, it surely will exist some kind of deck using this. Eh, even even shaman can do this as a finisher. In standard, if the meta is right, maybe some kind of midrange shaman can be built. I don't remember if there are enough high attack minion to use for the combo, but it's true in this kind of deck that often you don't need to kill from full health. Sometimes even an 5 ATK minion will be enough, sometimes a 6 ATK.

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7 hours ago, Synesthesy said:

Whirlwind Tempest means that a middle mana drop can't stay on board after turn 10, or it can be gg. It reminds me of old midrange combo druid.

Ehm, why? I mean Shamans could combine this with the spell Windfury and a big minion that was already on the board...but it seems like a stretch. Easier to achieve something with this than with Mimiron's Head though.

Other than that, what I can get from this reveals:

- Priest seems to have some sort of silence-theme going on

- Mage gets more Spell-Power stuff

- Shaman gets a Murloc-Theme (sadly...I hate to play Murloc-Decks)

- Warlock gets benefits from filling the board with small demons


Aaaand there are some cards that really stick out to me:

- "Sunreaver Warmage" seems insane to me. Its comperable with Crowd Roaster but easier to trigger (a lot of decks play 5+ - cost-spells) and Crowd Roaster was (or is) awesome. Huge Tempo Swing, easy to activate, relativly cheap, neutral...good card!

- "Sweeping Strikes". At first this looked to me like a typical warrior-card: only playable in combination with other cards. But I think this might be pretty good. Combine it with Zilliax or Darius Crowley or any other Rush-Minion and you can get some serious trades...and a lot of life, when it comes to good ol' Zilliax.

- "Portal Overfiend" seems like a neutral version of Fal'dorei Strider...not too exciting bit seems quite playable.

Edited by Taan

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13 hours ago, Dejo93 said:

There are some duplicates here

Underbelly Angler and Blessing of the Ancients


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4 hours ago, Taan said:

Ehm, why? I mean Shamans could combine this with the spell Windfury and a big minion that was already on the board...but it seems like a stretch. Easier to achieve something with this than with Mimiron's Head though. 

Because you can play a normal midrange deck, and then out of nowhere kill your opponent playing something between 15/21 damage from hand with 2 cards. It is similar to how savage roar and bloodlust works: both needs something on board, only that this wants a single minion with high attack, while savage roar wanted a wide board. This can close many control match-up in your favour.
And playing high attack minions is something a midrange deck wants to do, so there isn't a problem in adding a different win condition based on this minion and the spell windfury.

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Yeah, I know what your getting at but I liked to point out more explicitly that you need a minion with Windfury to turn "Whirlwind Tempest" into an OTK combo. This is - at least in my eyes - more difficult to get than a bunch of random minions with Bloodlust or Savage Roar. So besides the combination with Windfury (which actually might work but is only available to shamans), I can't really see this getting attention in any other class.

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5 hours ago, Taan said:

Yeah, I know what your getting at but I liked to point out more explicitly that you need a minion with Windfury to turn "Whirlwind Tempest" into an OTK combo. This is - at least in my eyes - more difficult to get than a bunch of random minions with Bloodlust or Savage Roar. So besides the combination with Windfury (which actually might work but is only available to shamans), I can't really see this getting attention in any other class. 

Yep, I was talking about the combo with Windfury only.

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    • By Zadina
      In the next major update, new cards will be added to Classic card packs while two old favourites are going away.
      With many cards being added to the Hall of Fame during the years, there were gaps in the Basic and Classic sets. Blizzard has announced today their replacements and went on a lengthy explanation on class identity.
      Eight replacements were needed for the Classic set: 5 Neutral cards and for Warlock, Druid and Paladin.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      We’re always assessing the prominence and impact of cards from every set, including Basic and Classic, and will continue to make changes when we believe it makes for a healthier meta-game and a better experience for players. This may come in the form of additions to the Hall of Fame or with the introduction of new cards that we feel bring some fresh new options to players, while still being healthy for the game.
      When moving Classic cards to the Hall of Fame, we always look to introduce new cards to this set in order to keep a healthy amount of easily-obtainable cards available to players in Standard format games.
      Here are the cards:

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      Since these are Basic and Classic cards (and so not subject to set rotation), we want to be careful with their power level so that Hearthstone can continue to feel fresh with each new year. At the same time, we’d like to provide effects that are natural for their class and can be useful in the right circumstances. With this update, Team 5 has decided to add two more cards to the Hall of Fame and introduce their replacements. If you've been paying attention to recent interviews and news, you won't be surprised to learn that Mind Blast and Vanish are going away.

      Here is Blizzard's reasoning on why these cards are rotating out of Standard:
      Blizzard Entertainment
      While we like Rogues’ knack for getting out of sticky situations with targeted removal, Vanish allows them to effectively clear an entire board. This negates one of their intended weaknesses, reduces our ability to design towards their strengths, and makes it much harder for players to strategize against a Rogue.
      Mind Blast gives Priests the ability to inflict a large amount of direct Face damage. We want to limit the amount of damage that Priests are able to deal from their hand, which will allow us to make cards that better emphasize their strengths in controlling the game. And here are their two replacements:

      Blizzard Entertainment
      For Priests, we’ve added Radiance since we wanted to have a low-cost spell that could be used for tricky spell synergies that also provided a powerful baseline heal for the class.  Plaguebringer provides Rogues with another way to destroy minions and further establishes this class as the masters of Poison. All the new cards will be available through crafting and/or Classic card packs.
      The blog post also contains a lengthy introduction on class identity and a breakdown of each class's strengths, limitations and weaknesses. It's a very interesting read:
      Blizzard Entertainment
      Establishing Class Identity
      When defining a class’s identity, we’re primarily concerned with staying true to the following three guidelines: adhere to a class’s “fantasy”, define the things the class should excel at, and establish where the class should struggle.
      When looking at the fantasy of each class we want to capture the emotion of the class through gameplay. That could mean charging headfirst into battle as a Warrior, wielding devastating magical spells as a Mage, or plotting the perfect combination of moves as a Rogue. Once we know what makes a class tick, we can make better decisions about what cards fit and empower that fantasy.
      Establishing stronger class identities serves several purposes.  Giving classes better defined characteristics allows us to have more freedom when creating new mechanics. We can push further into the extremes knowing that each class has downsides to balance out new power. It also enables more counter-play when there is a clearer understanding of a class’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, the knowledge that a Druid is weak against big minions lets you start planning your strategy from the start of the match, with little to no knowledge of your opponent’s specific deck.
      Class Breakdown
      Here’s a brief look into how we currently picture each of the classes:
      Strengths: These are the things that a class focuses on and excels at. Limitations: These are aspects that might show up a few times in a class, but they are very limited in power level and the number of cards. Weaknesses: These are aspects that a class either doesn’t have or struggles to achieve effectively. Druid: Attuned with nature, Druids rely on the magic of the wild, massive beasts, and swarms of woodland creatures. Their toolbox allows them the versatility to pivot from defense to aggression. However, they have limited ways to directly clear out enemy minions.
      Strengths: Mana generation, giant minions, minion swarms, card draw, Beasts Weaknesses: Destroying big minions, board clear Hunter: Hunters use their wit, ferocity, and an army of beasts fighting alongside them to destroy their competition. Although they lack in defense, their aggression allows them to push through before they need it. A well-timed Secret or Deathrattle can help them gain clutch advantages against their opponent.
      Strengths: Beasts, face damage, Secrets, Deathrattle Limitations: Card draw and generation, board clear, Taunt Weaknesses: Healing Mage: Mages have mastered the arcane arts and use their wide range of spells to take on even the most aggressive of opponents. Their defensive cadre is limited—while a good Mage usually has a useful tool to deal with any situation, a great Mage conjures the right tool when they need it.
      Strengths: Spells (big and small), damage spells, Secrets, board clear Limitations: Minion swarms Weaknesses: Healing, Taunt, minion buffs Paladin: Paladins are great champions who support their minions with buffs, healing, and divine shields; however, they are not afraid to get their hands dirty when the time comes. They are methodical, controlling the battlefield through debuffs and focused attacks instead of destructive spells. Strength and persistence are the keys to a Paladin’s victory.
      Strengths: Minion swarms, minion buffs and debuffs, healing, Divine Shield, Secrets Limitations: Cost reduction Weaknesses: Direct damage spells, destroying big minions Priest: Priests balance holy light and shadow magic to defeat their opponents. They control a battle’s outcome using powerful spells with situational applications. While not the most aggressive, they are able to generate, copy, and use combinations of cards to create a powerful army.
      Strengths: Healing, narrow but powerful spells, copying, single-minion buffs, Deathrattle Limitations: Card draw Weaknesses: Face damage spells, multi-minion buffs Rogue: Rogues hide in the shadows, planning for the perfect time to strike. They may be sneaky and nimble, but they lack strong defenses and regeneration, forcing them to act quickly to incapacitate an opponent. Their innate ability to generate, draw, and burgle cards allows them to build up and execute on many synergies.
      Strengths: Combo cards, destroying individual minions, card draw, weapons, Deathrattle Weaknesses: Taunt, healing, board clear, multi-minion buffs Shaman: Shamans wield the power of the elements along with their trusty totems. While they may not be able to generate resources as quickly as a Mage, they are able to overload their Mana Crystals with lightning, allowing them to ramp up for a burst of power faster than other classes. Shamans are thus rewarded for planning a few turns ahead by tuning their mana curve. Shamans also have strong tools to adapt to many situations. Although they are not as versatile as a Druid’s Choose One cards, they are able to extend their capabilities in ways other classes might not be able to.
      Strengths: Minion swarms, damage spells, Totems, Elementals, Murlocs Weaknesses: Card draw, card generation Warlock: Sometimes sacrifices need to be made for power, and when you get demons involved this is often the case. The Warlock is comfortable with this bond and can manage all their resources (including their Health) in order to defeat their opponent. Their inherent ability to draw cards—with a sacrifice—allows them to keep the power flowing.
      Strengths: Powerful sacrifice effects, card draw, minion swarms, disruption, Demons Weaknesses: Face damage spells, big healing Warrior: Warriors thirst for the battlefield. Primarily a martial class, they incorporate Armor, weapons, and minions to destroy their opponents. The minions who fight alongside each Warrior tend to be bigger and stronger, and they employ Rush and Taunt to control the flow of battle.
      Strengths: Armor, weapons, Taunt, destroying minions Limitations: Card draw and generation Weaknesses: Face damage spells, multi-minion buffs, minion swarms Neutral: Neutral cards allow classes to extend their strengths to reach a specific goal with their deck or to make up for some of their weaknesses. For example, a Paladin can add Neutral Murlocs to help them round out their deck, or a Hunter may use a Neutral card that gives them a small amount of healing so they can stay in the fight longer. These cards are generally lower in power level so a class can never completely overcome their weaknesses.
    • By Zadina
      We've seen a rotating set pool in Arena this year and now it's time to play with the idea on a Tavern Brawl setting. This week, you are required to build a deck using only certain expansions.
      Specifically, in this constructed Tavern Brawl you need to build a deck using cards only from the following sets: Whispers of the Old Gods, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and Rastakhan's Rumble.
      With Gadgetzan in the mix, it's no surprise that Jade decks are already omnipresent in this Tavern Brawl; the ability to summon even larger men is just too good. C'Thun decks are also quite popular.
      If you miss cards from these expansions, you can use the auto-fill feature or just queue a deck of any size, with the game automatically filling the rest of your deck.
      As always, you will get a Classic pack after your first win.
    • By Zadina
      If you want to try Wild, there's a one-time bundle available that allows you to get 56 packs from Wild expansions.
      Toki's Wild Bundle contains 56 packs - 8 from each of the following Wild expansions: Goblins vs Gnomes, The Grand Tournament, Whispers of the Old Gods, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, Journey to Un'Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne and Kobolds & Catacombs.
      The Bundle costs 35 dollars/euros, with Blizzard claiming it's a "75%+ bonus value". You may purchase the bundle once per account only from the Blizzard Shop (not ingame). It can also be gifted.
      It will be available until July 1st.
    • By Zadina
      Mike Donais appeared at his daughter's stream yesterday and he answered a few questions about new cards, balance and the upcoming expansion.
      In case anyone is wondering, Mike's daugher is Melody Serafina, she is 22 years old and she is a Twitch streamer. Yesterday (which was Father's Day), she played the Dalaran Heist adventure with her father.
      u/imicekczech watched the stream and he was kind enough to provide bullet points with everything that Mike said. Below, I've categorised said bulletpoints under topics discussed:
      Balance & Cards
      New classic cards are going to be announced in few weeks. Big Priest is "still" being watched closely but nothing new. In the future we will see more cards that work like Reno Jackson and even maybe for other classes (not just Mage, Warlock, Priest). Mike was responsible for the Rockbiter Weapon nerf. We will see more buffs in the future, but they want to try something different than buffs and nerfs in the future too.  (We don't know what or when.) In the upcoming sets we will see a card that could make your Pogo-Hopper a 45/45 easily. We might see one hero card this year, just maybe. Sometimes they release a 4 mana 7/7 just for the memes. They already did a few cards like Shadowform and we might see some more of them in the next expansion. (Dinomancy, Lord Jaraxxus, Hero Cards, etc.) It´s quite possible that we will see Classic Cards buffs in the future. (It isn't that high on their list.) Next expansion
      RoS was about the bad guys, new expansions should be about other things? Mike thinks that the trailer and the theme for the next expansion is awesome and probably everyone will love it. Mike's favourite expansions are League of Explorers and Journey to Un'Goro. So, judging from what he said in the previous point and the other point about Reno cards making a return, a new LoE expansion looks quite possible (check out this clip as well) The story of Rafaam will continue with new expansions this year but it's not only about him. Dalaran Heist & Adventures
      Haro Setting-Sun is going to be nerfed next week.  It would be cool to allow golden cards in the adventure and Mike agreed. With the next expansion, we will see also a new adventure but its playstyle might be different. We will probably see the most popular Dalaran Heist playable characters as class skins. (At least one would be great, Mike said.) They have 2 lines fixed between bosses from Dalaran Heist (power level-wise) and if any is above or below the lines, they are establishing them accordingly. They tried to do an "infinity" mode for adventures, but it ended up being boring. (12+ bosses will probably never happen.) Future plans and ideas
      We will see more in-game shop skins for real money in the future. They are working on cosmetics. We will see a better deck copying feature and maybe even better deck sharing with your in-game friends. Mike said that special legendary card back with its expansion logo for every expansion would be a nice idea. Splitting expansions into 2 smaller expansions has been discussed, it would be good as things would change quickly. Random hero option is a good idea as random card back option already exists and it wouldn't be hard to implement that into the game. A lot of HS devs are playing MtG and they are maybe getting some ideas from it. Artwork & Animations
      Angry Chicken and Chicken arts aren't going to be updated ever because it would be distracting for the players. There are plans about changing animations for some classic cards in the future. From past statements, likely candidates could be Tirion Fordring and Edwin VanCleef. Giant Wasp doesn't look like really stealth minion with her pink "tentacles", that's because they had her art first and then they decided to give her a poisonous and stealth because she was the only meaningful card in the set that could have poisonous.
    • By Zadina
      Watch the Masters Tour stop at Las Vegas this weekend and earn free Rise of Shadows and Classic packs via Twitch Drops.
      The tournament will take place between June 14 - 16.
      Here's how Twitch Drops work and what you need to do to earn free packs:
      Blizzard Entertainment
      What It Is
      If you watch 3 hours of Masters Tour Las Vegas (consecutive or non-consecutive) on any of our official channels during the designated timeframes listed below, you will be granted a Rise of Shadows card pack. Keep watching for a total of 6 hours and you’ll be granted another Rise of Shadows pack! On top of that, 1,500 lucky eligible viewers will be randomly rewarded with Classic card packs every hour.
      These rewards can be earned during the following times:
      June 14: 9am–8pm PT June 15: 9am–8pm PT June 16: 9am–8pm PT Eligible channels:
      PlayHearthstone PlayHearthstoneFR PlayHearthstoneRU HearthstoneZHTW PlayHearthstoneKR PlayHearthstoneJP How it Works
      Before you can receive rewards, you’ll need to link your Twitch.tv and Blizzard Battle.net accounts. Here’s how:
      Log in or create an account on Twitch.tv. Navigate to the Settings menu by clicking your account name in the top-right corner of the home screen. Navigate to the Connections tab of the Settings menu. Find the Battle.net section, then follow the instructions after selecting a region and clicking Connect. When connecting accounts, be sure that you’re currently logged into the Blizzard account on which you’d like to receive your rewards. (source)
      Blizzard has also posted a viewer's guide for the Masters Tour Las Vegas, which you can find here.
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