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Two New Cards Revealed: Earthquake and Impbalming

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Blizzard have shared two new cards for Shaman and Warrior via Instagram.


The drip-feed of Saviors of Uldum cards continues with two new cards for Shaman and Warlock, revealed through Instagram: Earthquake and Impbalming.


(In case you're wondering, Worthless Imps are the 1/1 tokens generated when you cast Sense Demons without enough Demons in your deck.)

The FIRE FEST-E.V.I.L. is also kicking off today - it's already live on the Americas server, and should hit Europe around the same time that this post is published. Remember, we have to defeat 25 MILLION Tavern Brawl bosses between us if we want to see a new Legendary card revealed. Better get brawling!

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Putting more 'crappy' cards in the deck isn't much a downside considering Warlock is the easiest class to go in fatigue with. Drawing a 1/1 is better than taking damage each turn, also considering cards like EVIL Genius Sacrificial Pact Magic Carpet those 1/1 aren't bad at all. Warlock has no problem in draw so even with dead cards in the deck you won't be in much trouble with topdecks like a Hunter will be. And considering Blastcrystal Potion seen a lot of play this will do the same since enemy lose a big threat for just 4 mana instead of wasting 6 on Siphon Soul or wasting a Twisting Nether to remove only 1 minion.

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8 hours ago, Smorod said:

Is there a counter anywhere so that we can see how far we are from the next card reveal?

As far as I'm aware, the full reveals schedule with streamer cards etc hasn't been released yet. Until then I think we have to settle for this gradual drip-feed!

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