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Saviors of Uldum is Live Worldwide

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The second expansion of the Year of the Dragon is finally out! We also learned the name of the new single-player campaign set to release in September.

The second expansion of the Year of the Dragon is now out worldwide! We've also learned the name of the accompanying single-player content, set to release in September: Tombs of Terror.

Saviors of Uldum follows on from April's expansion, Rise of Shadows, as a continuation of its story. When we last saw the League of E.V.I.L. in the Dalaran Heist, they had hijacked the floating city of Dalaran and jetted off with it to who-knows-where. It turns out that they were on their way to Uldum, where some of Hearthstone's greatest heroes are waiting for them: the League of Explorers.

The return of the League of Explorers

Reno, Finley, Elise and Brann have returned as Legendary "Highlander"-style cards, just like the original Reno Jackson. They're joined by Zephrys the Great, a neutral Highlander minion.



New keyword: Reborn

The crypt-dwelling mummies and miscreants of Uldum are a persistent bunch, and will come back for another round after you defeat them. Minions with Reborn will return to the battlefield with 1 Health remaining the first time they're destroyed.



Returning mechanic: Quests

Saviors of Uldum sees the return of Legendary Quest spells, a type of card first introduced in Journey to Un'goro. These cards will always start in your opening hand, and offer powerful rewards to players who can complete their challenge. This time, they'll upgrade your Hero Power immediately upon completion.

Untapped Potential


New card style: Plagues

The League of E.V.I.L. are continuing to sow chaos with a new style of card. Plague cards affect both sides of the board, and should be a surefire way to cause some carnage.



Log in during the first few weeks of the expansion and you'll get a free Legendary Quest card to add to your collection. You'll also get to begin a Legendary Quest of your own, rewarding you with three packs from the new expansion.

The arena season has also switched over and is now in full swing. The sets you can currently draft are:

  • Basic
  • Classic
  • Saviors of Uldum
  • Rastakhan's Rumble
  • Journey to Un'Goro
  • Kobolds and Catacombs
  • League of Explorers

We haven't heard any reports of server outages yet (the launch of Rise of Shadows was marred by lag and a few major bugs), so go forth and explore!

We'll be posting a huge variety of decks for the new expansion tonight and across the next few weeks, so stay tuned to the homepage if you're wondering what to do with that free Quest. Otherwise, have fun - be sure to show us your amazing pack hauls and meta-breaking decks!

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Khartut Defender is the new Zilliax slap him in every deck and nothing can go wrong

in mage Conjurer's Calling on him can summon himself again and even on the copy with 1 health you can get him again full since the pool of 6mana is quite small

in priest you can complete the quest easily and Psychopomp after his death can start a chain of taunts with big hp since hero power give 6 hp do damaged minions like a reborned Khartut Defender. In priest reborn cards are very good since they are sticky and hero power bring them to be huge even starting from a 2/1 Bone Wraith it becomes a 5/7 so enemy is forced to remove everything with a reborn tag

Aggro decks literally die to the power of this card Zoolocks just cry as your health keep raise and they waste many cards just heal your face after they damaged you in early turns and their Leeroy Jenkins in hand become a dead card instead of their finisher.

If you need a taunt or heal Khartut Defender is what you need in your deck if you need additional taunts Bone Wraith is here to ensure you reach turn 6 to play Khartut Defender.

I feel the return of Spellbreaker meta imminent as soon the reborn taunts will start spread

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6 hours ago, Hanz39 said:

Khartut Defender is the new Zilliax 

I agree it is very strong, but it is missing 2 attributes of Zilliax: Rush and Magnetic. You can use Zilliax to kill a minion on the board, or even to attack the opponent if you magnetize an existing Mech. And you can use Zilliax to gain health immediately. So it is usable as an offensive option, while Khartut Defender isn't. Khartut Defender also gives you no guarantee in terms of gaining health, as it could be silenced, or your opponent count kill you with spells or hero power, before its deathrattle triggers.

So Khartut Defender is a very strong card for control decks, but it won't see play in aggro decks, while Zilliax did.

6 hours ago, Hanz39 said:

I feel the return of Spellbreaker meta imminent as soon the reborn taunts will start spread

I fully agree, I made a similar claim while we were reviewing the cards as there were revealed before the release (like Colossus of the Moon). But I think it already started actually, with the advent of Mech Hunter and Mech Paladin in the previous meta, I think I have seen more silencer minions than usual.

Priest is probably going to enjoy this extension as the value of Mass Dispel will be at its highest. How this spell gets you to draw a card in addition to its potentially devastating effect is beyond me, but that's a different topic. And of course Plague of Death will be highly efficient too.

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