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8.3 PTR Class Changes: Additional Disc Priest Tweaks

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There's more class changes coming to the PTR and Visions of N'zoth, as Discipline Priests' Schism will only increase damage done from Priest effects only. For other class changes, featuring more Priest tweaks, as well as Druid, Mage, Monk, Paladin and Warlock entries, check out our initial coverage of patch 8.3.

Blizzard LogoDisc Priest (source)

I’ve added the following new fix to the notes in the OP:


  • Discipline
    • Schism Schism now increases damage done from Priest spells and abilities only.
      • Developers’ notes: This is intended to be consistent with other class cooldowns.

Other Patch 8.3 Content:

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Schism was commonly used to increase the damage from DPS trinkets such as the Abyssal Lure, the Cyclotronic punch card and such. This will make them less competitive with healer-focused trinkets.

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      Here is the proof of how incredibly buggy PvP scaling in WoW can be. We have a Level 20 twink with a 10,000% damage boost annihilating 120s.
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