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Ny'alotha Leather Raid Sets Preview

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It looks like a cloth caster set. And as much as I like wearing a dress as a druid, this just doesn't work for me with its theme.

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14 minutes ago, ffdream6915 said:

So my thief will be wearing a dress ? I guess I'll keep my transmog

It seems they went with a robe this time around for Leather wearers.

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I like most of it, for a clothie, but the helm just looks awful... what's with the tentacle? below the neck... mythic looks worse with the extra teeth. It's like they asked a 10yo what they want or think of when you look at an old god...


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I get it that it's suppose to based on an Old God theme but this doesn't scream Demon Hunter for me or any other class.  Even if you just took pieces and try to splice it with different xmog items it just looks awful.  Unfortunately imo most of the Raid sets for Leather from this Expansion have been rather horrid the only exception were some of the Warfront and PvP based gear from last season.

If they were to redesign this I would strip the tentacles, eye and teeth from the set.  Picked different color combinations, have a pants option, along with making the appearance more resemble an Assassin or Ninja but with runic features but redefining the pieces to actually appear to be as leather.  Hood can resemble more like the half hood from the Antorus Raid for DH where you only see the mouth and nose of the character not the eyes or brow.  Remove the fin features from the gloves and shoulders and either replace with a magic ghostly chain (similar from the cutscenes from EP raid) or show ghost like tentacles wrapping down the arms and hands that appear occasionally every few seconds.  But that's just wishful thinking on my part.

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