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Ny'alotha Race Day 10: Analysis, Interviews, Nerdscreams and More

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We have a bit of a late edition of the daily summary today, as I basically collapsed a few hours after Complexity Limit's World First and just woke up, so apologies there. Obviously Day 10 was the biggest so far in the race, with Limit finally getting to the end of Ny'alotha and grabbing that well deserved World First, after 8 years of EU domination, following in Blood Legion's footsteps. We'll be taking a look at how they got here, some post-race interviews, the full kill pull, a whole lot of nerdscreams and much more.

Before we start on all of that though, a fun little fact: N'Zoth actually died on a higher percentage than the 2.18% pull an hour or so earlier, as that one saw the spell queuing system make Limit fail, as the boss wouldn't die before finishing some casts (which has happened before, specifically on Jaina). And another fun fact: Limit didn't actually get the achievement for the kill! It simply didn't pop up and still hasn't, which is why sites like Raider.io didn't register the kill at all until they manually edited it in quite a bit later, and they still don't have the full roster and stats for the kill.

One last thing before we start, here's the official congratulations tweet from Blizzard as well:

How Limit Finally Got Here

We've talked a little about the 21st man and the outside-of-raid raid leading that Max did and its impact on the race, but there were a few other big changes to Limit this time around. First off, their partnership with Complexity definitely impacted their performance at least a little, knowing they were fully supported and getting some really great facilities to play in (like that awesome classroom they kept using for strategizing). But perhaps the bigger impact was their partnership with Deadly Boss Mods, as they worked together on their own timers and got support from the maker of the mod to get things exactly as they liked them. One of the big advantages for Method in previous races was Nnoggie, who made their WeakAuras and handled all their timings etc, so this DBM partnership might just have brought Limit on par with them in this department.

Would Limit have gotten the World First without these things? Almost certainly. They have been playing truly amazingly throughout this raid, didn't let the large series of bugs they encountered get them down, and kept a cheerful atmosphere the whole time (I'm sure constantly being in the lead helped with that).

The Full Kill

We'll definitely be seeing a multi-PoV video of the World First soon, but for now, let's take a look at the entire 13 minute pull from start to finish:

Post-race Short Interviews

First off we have a short one with max and Lightee immediately after the kill:

Then there's a bunch of interviews with the raiders from later on in the show, with a LOT of info on the entire race:


Max's Words of Wisdom

As you'd expect, Complexity Limit GM and raid leader Max got most of the streaming attention, even around 10 times as much as the official stream event itself, getting over 100,000 views when the boss died. He talked about a lot of things on his twitter afterwards, and you should definitely check all of it out, but here are some highlights:

The Nerdscreams

And let's end on an incredibly positive and joyous note! We've already heard the main nerdscreams from the video which featured Boomkin and and failed Mythic Gul'dan soloer Sanghelios, but let's take a look at some other perspectives as well (and thanks to Wowhead's Neryssa for clipping some of these). Obviously, EXTREME loud noise warning:



The World First has been taken and for some people that's the only thing that matters, but we do still have 10 guilds racing for a spot at the very top, with Method being the top candidate for the 2nd place, with Pieces possibly being a challenge, but since they don't stream we don't really know how far along they are. Method are raiding right now and have a 32% best try, so it's going to take them quite a while to get the kill, almost certainly longer than the 16 hour US head-start, so luckily we won't have to hear about a "legit" World First and similar stuff. Alpha are now in their second reset and will be pushing hard as well, and the rest of the gang progressing on the Old God are: Aversion (EU), YiTianHong (Asia), FatSharkYes (EU), Skyline (Asia), Exorsus (EU), Chao Jie (Asia), Big Dumb Guild (US).

You can join Limit in their post-show today with plenty more interviews and celebration on the Complexity stream, or follow Method's N'Zoth tries on their stream as well, and we'll definitely be continuing our coverage of the race until a few more guilds down the tentacled one.


World First race related articles

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1 hour ago, Prophet001 said:

These guys are beast mode for sure.

Maevey making people think resto shaman is OP.


Well, it is! In the hands of the right players ? (PS: read my guide on it!)

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21 hours ago, Prophet001 said:

These guys are beast mode for sure.

Maevey making people think resto shaman is OP.


More like people thinking rsham is viable. I think they took down Nzoth despite having the shaman not because. Which gives them even more cred in my opinion.

Edit: i mean the class obviously not the player.

Edited by duerikkekuldindust

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