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World First Prophet Skitra Normal Solo in Ny'alotha by Rextroy

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Rextroy is back after a bit of a soloing absence, and he's gotten some gear ready in 8.3 - so naturally it was time to head into the current raid and solo a boss! Prophet Skitra is the second or third boss of the raid, depending on whether you pick her or Maut after Wrathion, and in this World First video we get a little extra explanation on how he did it by Rextroy (head to 5:36 in the video for that part).

You can also check out our in-depth interview with the man himself, as he goes over some of his more controversial tactics and discusses the difference between an exploit and creative use of game mechanics, as he had a bit of experience with the subject after being banned and unbanned for a solo kill he did (the 0.5 second Vectis kill).

There are some pretty cool discoveries he had to make about the boss mechanics to pull it off so it's definitely worth a watch:



It took a while to figure out how her abilities and line of sight worked. First I thought that you had to position just right to be able to avoid her spells. But after attempting over and over I noticed that it seemed way easier to avoid her casts if I weren't targeting her. It appears that her Shadow Shock is coded (or maybe a lot of NPCs are coded?) in the way that if you aren't actively attacking her. The ability will respect line of sight. However if you are attacking her with auto hit, line of sighting her spells won't work. Thanks to this, you can avoid both her Shred Psyche and Shadow Shock. Making her do no damage to you. That inturn will also make Berserk a non issue.

During phase 2, you have to be careful since you won't be able to know the correct mirror. Good thing Dark Ritual only goes up to 40, if it kept stacking it would have proved to be quite a survival challenge. The whole encounter took about 1 hour to finish. Let us see what other bosses might prove soloable!

Other Rextroy solos:

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The boss is a male as far as I remember (as the voice over is also male) lol. But this is awesome, that Vectis kill is still hilarious as it always was xD.

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us to is*

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38 minutes ago, Serrated said:

The boss is a male as far as I remember (as the voice over us also male) lol. But this is awesome, that Vectis kill is still hilarious as it always was xD.

This is correct, adventure journal refers to "his" deceptions

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11 minutes ago, dartbodman said:

This is correct, adventure journal refers to "his" deceptions

I think i got it stuck in my head as female cos of Shek'zeer, didn't really think twice about it.

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