Esoteric Flurry Striker Build Guide for Lost Ark

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Dancing around the battlefield, the Striker uses martial arts to slay his foes in nimble flashy ways, while summoning the power of the tiger.


Introduction to Esoteric Flurry Striker

The Esoteric Flurry Icon Esoteric Flurry Striker strikes fast and often. Running an agile build, attacks are plentiful and packed with good mobility, the Striker sweeps the battlefield with flashy martial arts.


Esoteric Flurry Striker Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Fast and agile
  • +Very quick Counter
  • +Constant stream of DPS
X Weaknesses
  • -Backattack reliant
  • -Resource mechanic can feel clunky
  • -Tight burst window

Esoteric Flurry Striker Skill Build

The following image shows the skill build of choice and the desired stats. There are three variants below depending on your available skill points.


Esoteric Flurry Striker Skill Rotation

Striker does not have a very fixed rotation, the initial start up should ideally always be Lightning Whisper Icon Lightning Whisper since it provides speed and 18% additional critical strike chance.

Your hard hitting abilities can be, but are not limited to:

Your remaining skills are used to rebuild the gauge during your downtime while you are waiting for Lightning Whisper Icon Lightning Whisper to be back up.


Esoteric Flurry Striker Important Tripods

The main focus of Strikers is to build their elemental orbs in order to use Esoteric abilities for high burst. The key for the burst rotation is Lightning Whisper Icon Lightning Whisper and resource builders are Moon Flash Kick Icon Moon Flash Kick and Sky Shattering Blow Icon Sky Shattering Blow.

  • Lightning's Blessing Icon Lightning's Blessing — Increases attackspeed of yourself and your party by 8%.
  • Fatal Lightning Icon Fatal Lightning — Increases the critical strike chance by 18% for yourself and party members, should always be the start of your damage rotation.
  • Blessing of the Wind Icon Blessing of the Wind — Provides a speedboost, ideally used before your rotation to increase your execution speed and give you more room during your burst window.
  • Full Moon Kick Icon Full Moon Kick — Alters the skill to become a single hit burst skill, good damage, great resource builder.

Esoteric Flurry Striker Stat Priority

  1. Swiftness — Provides cooldown reduction and speed allowing for a steady flow of skills to be used.
  2. Critical — Improves your critical strike chance, 400-500 is a good value as most of your crit is derived from sets and Engravings.
  3. Specialization — Improves damage of esoteric abilities and also provides better orb gain, even as little as 200 is good enough to streamline the gameplay.

Striker Pet Stats

Since your highest priority stat is Swiftness, your pet should be used to boost it further. The defensive option of choice is HP increase.


Esoteric Flurry Striker Gear Sets

Striker wants additional critical strike rate. As such, the Preordained Dilligence is an ideal pick to improve your crit rate.


Striker Gear Tripod Priority

Improving the Tripods on your main skills will greatly enhance your DPS. It is a mix between resource gain, cooldown reduction, speed and damage.


Esoteric Flurry Striker Engravings

The core of this build is the Esoteric Flurry Icon Esoteric Flurry which changes every Esoteric ability to only consume one orb and provide a damage boost to those abilities. You can either keep it at level 1 or decide to max it out.