Lunar Voice Reaper Guide for Lost Ark

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The highly mobile Reaper sports a dagger as it's weapon, alongside of the ability to vanish on command and even summon clones of itself to defeat enemies. Reaper can cycle through three modes of combat: Normal, Persona, and Chaos.


Lunar Voice Reaper: Skill Builds and Rotation

If you're looking for further information on the Lunar Voice Engraving build for Reaper, the following links will provide that for you.


Lunar Voice Reaper Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High burst damage ceiling
  • +Plenty of mobility options
  • +Fast skill animations and low cooldowns
X Weaknesses
  • -Heavily punishing for inexperienced or poor play
  • -Low effective HP
  • -Can be expensive to build as a Spec class

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build

Opting for four Shadow skills, replacing Nightmare Icon Nightmare for Call of the Knife Icon Call of the Knife for better AOE. For Dance of Fury Icon Dance of Fury and Glowing Brand Icon Glowing Brand, their third tripod option changes for better crowd control and damage.


Raid Skill Build

Prioritize leveling all Swoop skills to maximize damage potential and Dagger skills for your counter and the Swoop Activation Icon Swoop Activation tripod on Shadow Vortex Icon Shadow Vortex. Distortion Icon Distortion can be leveled to use the second tripod Tailwind Icon Tailwind if you want the extra movement speed. For your eigth skill, you have options between Shadow Trap Icon Shadow Trap, Black Mist Icon Black Mist, Spirit Catch Icon Spirit Catch and Spinning Dagger Icon Spinning Dagger. Shadow Trap Icon Shadow Trap is taken as a second counter and also reduces your cooldown of all Shadow skills through the tripod Activate Shadow Icon Activate Shadow


Lunar Voice's Playstyle

Lunar Voice Icon Lunar Voice revolves around a build-spend damage loop, entering Persona Mode and cashing in on the enhanced Swoop skill damage. With a high Specialization requirement, you'll be in need of Wealth Icon Wealth runes to minimize the amount of filler skills before another Swoop finisher. Having some leeway as to what eigth skill to bring, your choice depends on how much Specialization you have and this also affects what rarity skill Wealth Icon Wealth rune you want to put on each skill. Using your awakening skill Lunar Eclipse: Cadenza Icon Lunar Eclipse: Cadenza increases your gauge by one full bar. This is very useful when starting an encounter to immediately transition into Persona Mode./p>

There's several loose rotations that vary upon your skill selection and amount of Specialization. In general the most popular options are taking Shadow Trap Icon Shadow Trap or Black Mist Icon Black Mist. Taking Shadow Trap Icon Shadow Trap does mean you have to deal with another backstep skill which you have to be conscious of just like when entering Persona Mode. This can be a nuisance for inexperienced or inattentive players, however, it can be taken advantage of as a movement tool. The punishment with this build comes with missing skills that are crucial to building meter. Assuming you have at least 1600 Specialization, your damage cycle can look like this:

Lunar Voice Shadow Trap Rotation

Assuming you don't have that much Specialization, you'll be forced to put in more filler Dagger or Shadow skills to enter Persona Mode. This comes at a DPS loss and the cost of having a wonky skill rotation in later cycles. Using Black Mist Icon Black Mist over Shadow Trap Icon Shadow Trap makes things more flexible, albeit the skill itself is a Holding skill which takes some time to get comfy with. You'll still need high Specialization and multiple Wealth Icon Wealth runes to keep things consistent. Otherwise, you'll be using filler skills all the same as the other builds. It cycles differs a bit, an example is as follows:

Lunar Voice Black Mist Rotation


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