Relic Gear Set Information in Lost Ark

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This guide acts as an introductory into how Lost Ark gear sets work, and provides information on the end game gear sets for newer players, including which classes use which sets.



Gear set bonuses are something that you're shown very early in the end-game of Lost Ark, but it's never really something you have to make a choice about until much later, starting around item level 1370. In Tier 1 and Tier 2, the gear sets that come from Abyssal Dungeons don't give you and option to pick between them, and if they do, it's the choice between set A and set B, both being similar choices. Even then, sometimes the better choice is just taking the one with Movement Speed perks to get you through the Main Story faster.

Upon reaching Tier 3 and obtaining item level 1370, your character will be able to equip Legendary gear from Argos, giving your character a major boost to either Critical Hit Rate or Critical Hit Damage, as well as an extra modifier for when someone in your party has a full set of the opposite gear set. At this point of the game, it doesn't much matter which set you grab since all content and honing requirements prior to 1415 have been nerfed.

At 1415, your character will gain access to your first set of Legion Commander gear by doing the Normal Mode of Valtan, later finishing the set with Normal Mode Vykas. These sets are called Demon Beast Icon Demon Beast Strength and Greed Icon Covetous Whisper, and while still Legendary gear type, they are an increase in damage compared to the Argos gear sets. Most players will opt to skip these, though, as they're mainly fill-in sets for progressing Hard Mode Valtan at minimum item level. Feel free to do the same, as most players will go from 1415 to 1445 relatively quickly, skipping any need to collect this gear.

At 1445 you will reach true end game gear. These sets are used from now on, regardless of how far you progress, and any upgrades to them upgrade the effect bonus rather than replacing it, unlike before. These gear sets are much more powerful than the ones used before it, sometimes completely altering the playstyle of the class using it. We'll outline exactly what each gear set does and which classes use which set in the table below.


Relic Gear Set Information

Gear Set Set Bonus Classes That Use It
Dominion Icon Dominion Fang
  • 2 Set: The damage of your Awakening decreases by 50%, but you get one additional use limit on using your Awakening skill, while also decreasing the cooldown by 20%. After using your Awakening skill, gain Inner Awakening for two minutes, reducing the cooldown on all skills (Excluding Awakening and Dodge) by 18% and increasing skill damage by 10%.
  • 4 Set: Gain another usage (2) on your Awakening skill limit. Enhances Inner Awakening, cooldown of all skills (Excluding Awakening and Dodge) decreased by another 18%, gain an additional 25% damage to all skills.
  • 6 Set: Gain another usage (3) on your Awakening skill limit. Enhances Inner Awakening, cooldown of movement skills reduced by 30%, increases damage to enemies by 15%.
Betrayal Icon Betrayal Instinct
  • 2 Set: Creates a Powerful Ether while using the Ether Enhancement Icon Ether Predator Engraving that only you can use within three meters of the player. Has a 60 second cooldown.
  • 4 Set: Creates a second Powerful Ether. Damage dealt to foes increases proportionally to the number of Ethers of the same type collected.
  • 6 Set: Creates a third Powerful Ether. Activates Transcendence upon collecting three Powerful Ethers. This increases Attack Speed by 40% and decreases the cooldown of all skills (Excluding Awakening and Movement skills) by 50%. Removes all debuffs periodically, and restores all MP and Specialty gauges by 100%.
Yearning Icon Swamp of Yearning
  • 2 Set: On successful hit, gain Wartorn Blessing, which increases Movement Speed and Specialty Meter gain by 15% for 16 seconds.
  • 4 Set: While Wartorn Blessing is in effect, grants all nearby party members a buff that increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 8%. This buff refreshes every 1 second.
  • 6 Set: While Wartorn Blessing is in effect, grants all nearby party members a buff that increases damage to enemies by 8%.
Destruction Icon Destructive Grasp
  • 2 Set: Applies Seed of Life to all party members for 12 seconds who have protection effects applied to them from party effects. This includes shields, regens, and damage reduction effects. Seed of Life boosts Endurance by 25 points, and can stack up to 20 times.
  • 4 Set: When Seed of Life reaches 20 stacks, buff is replaced by Life Activation for 10 seconds. This increases Endurance by 500 and recovers health every second it's applied, with the healing effect doubling if the players current health is below 30%.
  • 6 Set: Life Activation grants Second Wind for three seconds every time health is recovered. This increases damage by 2.4%, stacking up to 10 times.
Charm Icon Charming Instinct
  • 2 Set: On hit, gain a chance to trigger an electric attack that applies flame vulnerability.
  • 4 Set: On hit, gain a chance to trigger a flame attack that applies electric vulnerability.
  • 6 Set: When electric and flame damage are inflicted, gain stacks of Exoelemental Energy. At 30 stacks, gain Amplify. This increases electric and flame damage by 100%.
Only used for AoE damage. Effectively only useful for Chaos Dungeons. Low level Summoner is also capable of using this set.
Entropy Icon Earth's Entropy
  • 2 Set: Critical Hit Damage increased by 17%. Back and front attacks increase this to 55%.
  • 4 Set: Critical Hit Rate increased by 17%.
  • 6 Set: Increases damage to enemies by 7%. Back and front attacks increase this to 21%.
Nightmare Icon Nightmare Flower
  • 2 Set: Reduces MP cost by 50%. Increases the damage of all skills that consume MP by 12%.
  • 4 Set: Upon using Awakening skill, gain Magick Addiction. When MP drops below 30%, Magick Addiction is replaced by Boundless MP. Upon reaching 100% MP, Boundless MP is replaced by Magick Addiction. Only one effect can be active at a time. Magick Addiction increases damage by 15% when using a skill that consumes MP and decreases max MP by 7%. Boundless MP recovers 3% of max MP every second, reduces cooldown of skills by 20%, and increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 12%.
  • 6 Set: Increases damage by 15% under Magick Addiction. Increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 3% and reduces cooldowns by 15% under Boundless MP.
Shrieking Hallucination
  • 2 Set: On hit, gain Hallucination for 6 seconds. Increases damage by 13%. Upon ending, Hallucination can not be triggered again for 3 seconds.
  • 4 Set: Increases Critical Hit Rate by 15%. On hit, increases Hallucination's duration by 1 second, with a 0.4 second cooldown.
  • 6 Set: If Hallucination lasts 9 or more seconds, gain Reality for 120 seconds. On hit, Reality's duration resets. Reality grants the player an additional 5% Critical Hit Rate and increases damage by 12%.
Poem of Salvation
  • 2 Set: On hit, gain the effect of Boost, which can be stacked up to 20 times. Stacks can be gained once per second. Gain two stacks upon landing a Critical Hit. If you take damage while at less than 30% health, Boost stacks disappear, but movement and stand up skill cooldowns are reset, and all incoming damage is reduced by 30% for 8 seconds.
  • 4 Set: Boost stacks now last an additional 0.7 seconds. At max Boost stacks, gain 10% Attack Speed.
  • 6 Set: Boost stacks now last an additional 0.7 seconds. At max Boost stacks, gain 5% damage.


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