Shock Training Scrapper Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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Punching their way through enemies, Scrapper uses the Heavy Gauntlet weapon to pulverize their opponents. Scrapper utilizes a dual-energy system as their Identity, split between Stamina and Shock resources. Scrapper comes in two different playstyles, Taijutsu and Shock Training.


Shock: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes

Scrapper's skills are split between Stamina (your yellow skills) and Shock (your green skills) and directly correlate to the type of resource they expend when used. For Shock Training Icon Shock Training, this build uses mostly Shock skills, since this Engraving not only significantly boosts the damage your Shock skills do, but also allows you to passively generate Shock Meter. The build will take a few short cooldown Stamina skills to upkeep buffs and ensure we're able to balance our Identity gauge.


Shock Skills

These skills (excluding Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep) are all relatively slow, but pack a powerful punch. Be mindful of the time it takes to execute them, and the minor movement they force, since a few of them will actually move you away from the target.

  • Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep: This is non-negotiable. Arguably the best counter in the game, contending with Reaper. For the Shock build we've taken Madman Icon Madman to add a bit of damage, but if you'd like, feel free to swap it for Circumstantial Judgment Icon Circumstantial Judgment to extra mobility. Swift Preparation Icon Swift Preparation offers a moderately high chance of proccing a reset when combined with Reinforced Hit Icon Reinforced Hit, since it hits the target twice.
  • Death Rattle Icon Death Rattle: Scrapper's main Shock Meter dump, as well as it's highest damaging action. Try not to use this under 75% Shock Meter to ensure you get the full damage out of it, and follow up with a Stamina skill, since this will completely deplete you of all Shock Gauge. The skill also pushes you back slightly, so keep that in mind.
  • Supernova Icon Supernova: Extremely similar to Death Rattle Icon Death Rattle, but only uses half of your Shock Meter to execute. This is basically your filler burst for when Death Rattle is on cooldown.
  • Chain Destruction Fist Icon Chain Destruction Fist: Renders you immobile for quite a bit of time, but also grants you super armor through Tenacity Icon Tenacity. It's not suggested, but if you don't need the Tenacity tripod, you can opt for Flame Explosion Icon Flame Explosion instead for more damage.
  • Potent Rising Fist Icon Potent Rising Fist: While it doesn't deal a ton of damage, this skill is great when used as an engagement tool. Can be traded out for Critical Blow Icon Critical Blow, but keep in mind that this should only be done if your group is lacking stagger damage, since Target Focus Icon Target Focus provides a 20% buff for the whole party's stagger damage.

Stamina Skills

These skills are here for a few reasons, and are arguably just as important as your Shock skills in execution. These three skills provide full uptime on your synergy buff, as well as provide the majority of your mobility to get around in a fight.

  • Charging Blow Icon Charging Blow: This skill probably has the most skill expression in the entire build. Charging Blow can be used to stick to the boss, maintain Adrenaline stacks (you don't need a target to do this), or even greed some of your longer cooldown / higher damage skills and used to get out of mechanics at the last second.
  • Fierce Tiger Strike Icon Fierce Tiger Strike / Crushing Smite Icon Crushing Smite: The main purpose of these skills is application of our synergy buff, a flat 6% damage amplification for all party members. Stagger their usage between Shock skills to maintain your resources and also keep your synergy buff up while also maintaining uptime on the boss and upkeep of Adrenaline stacks.


Below is a table consisted of recommended tripods for each skill. Tripods should be prioritzed based upon first cooldown reduction, then damage output, since we're not reliant upon any of them to generate resources.
Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Charging Blow Focus Icon Focus (Low) Ruthless Advance Icon Ruthless Advance (Level 1) Death Band Icon Death Band (Low)
Fierce Tiger Strike Amplified Damage Icon Amplified Damage (N/A) Focus Icon Focus (Low) N/A
Crushing Smite Amplified Damage Icon Amplified Damage (N/A) Focus Icon Focus (Low) N/A
Roundup Sweep Swift Preparation Icon Swift Preparation (Medium) Madman Icon Madman (Medium) Reinforced Hit Icon Reinforced Hit (Medium)
Death Rattle Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (High) Single Hit Icon Single Hit (High) Shock Explosion Icon Shock Explosion (High)
Supernova Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (High) Piercing Strike Icon Piercing Strike (High) Spinless Hit Icon Spinless Hit (High)
Chain Destruction Fist Endless Rage Icon Endless Rage (High) Tenacity Icon Tenacity (N/A) Shaking Ground Icon Shaking Ground (High)
Potent Rising Fist Refine Skill Icon Refine Skill (High) Objective Hit Icon Objective Hit (High) Dragon's Fury Icon Dragon's Fury (High)










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