Hunger Reaper Guide for Lost Ark

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The highly mobile Reaper sports a dagger as it's weapon, alongside of the ability to vanish on command and even summon clones of itself to defeat enemies. Reaper can cycle through three modes of combat: Normal, Persona, and Chaos.


Hunger Reaper: Skill Builds and Rotation

If you're looking for further information on the Hunger Icon Hunger build for Reaper, the following links will provide that for you.


Hunger Reaper Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High damage floor compared to Lunar Voice Icon Lunar Voice
  • +Plenty of mobility options
  • +Fast skill animations and low cooldowns
  • +Forgiving gameplay loop
X Weaknesses
  • -Low effective HP
  • -Can be stuck sitting on skills due to downtime, missing out on potential damage
  • -Lower burst damage than Lunar Voice Icon Lunar Voice

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build

Taking Spinning Dagger Icon Spinning Dagger over Nightmare Icon Nightmare and replaces Silent Rage Icon Silent Rage with Call of the Knife Icon Call of the Knife for better AOE. For Dance of Fury Icon Dance of Fury and Glowing Brand Icon Glowing Brand, their third tripod option changes for better crowd control and damage.


Raid Skill Build

Prioritize leveling all Swoop skills to maximize damage potential and Dagger skills for your Counter and the Swoop Activation Icon Swoop Activation tripod on Shadow Vortex Icon Shadow Vortex. Distortion Icon Distortion can be leveled to use the second tripod Tailwind Icon Tailwind if you want the extra movement speed.


Hunger's Playstyle

Your goal is to build Chaos Meter quickly and maintain your buffs throughout the encounter. Using your Awakening Skill Lunar Eclipse: Cadenza Icon Lunar Eclipse: Cadenza increases your gauge by one full bar. At the start of a fight, use your Awakening then cycle through Dagger and Shadow skills to enter Chaos Mode as quickly as possible before pressing your Swoop skills.

Hunger Awakening Skill

Once in Chaos Mode, it's a simple priority of refreshing your buff and pressing buttons on cooldown. Shadow skills like Distortion Icon Distortion refresh the buff even on whiff and has a similar cooldown to the buff itself, making it a prime candidate when you cannot target the boss. Allowing the debuff to fall off results in losing the entire bar of Chaos Meter and the goodies that came with it.

Having Swiftness, Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge and the Swoop Activation Icon Swoop Activation tripod helps with the downtime on your Swoop skills. While not necessary, pairing your Swoop skills' usages can help manage some sense of a rotation. Shadow Vortex Icon Shadow Vortex having a low cooldown makes it a good option to proc Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge and is very likely to be off cooldown after using Swoop skills. You can use Glowing Brand Icon Glowing Brand and Silent Rage Icon Silent Rage like pseudo movement skills. Treat them basically as gap closers that deal a lot more damage than Nightmare Icon Nightmare or Distortion Icon Distortion, which are more utility focused. Generally, the priorities and gameplay loop are as follows:

Hunger Rotation Example
  • Build Persona gauge via Awakening at the start of an encounter. Use Nightmare Icon Nightmare and Distortion Icon Distortion to zip through the boss and back again.
  • Use Shadow Storm Icon Shadow Storm to max out Chaos Meter and gain all your buffs!
  • Use your Swoop skills on cooldown, being sure to use Shadow Vortex Icon Shadow Vortex to reduce their cooldown.
  • Keep refreshing your buff via Dagger and Shadow skills.


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