Communication Overflow Summoner Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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Summoner unleashes powerful arcane arts and summons primal beings to force her enemies into submission. Equipped with a magical rod, Summoner is capable of calling upon multiple Ancient Summons, all serving a different purpose to ensure she's ready for any situation.


Communication Overflow: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes

Summoner's skills can be divided into its normal spells, pet summmons and Ancient Elementals. Her spells can provide buffs, Identity gauge, counters and more. Her pets also turn into actives called Command Skills after being summoned, performing extra attacks along with their basic attacks.


Summoner Spells

  • Ancient Spear Icon Ancient Spear contributes a large part of your damage outside of Ancients. It's important to cancel the jump animation with another skill. If you do not, you aren't able to use Elemental Wings Icon Elemental Wings (Spacebar) while doing that animation and could mean taking unnecessary damage.
  • Sticky Moss Swamp Icon Sticky Moss Swamp is one of your three self buffs and your party Synergy skill. Providing Attack Power for you and reduced Defense on enemies.
  • Earth Collapse Icon Earth Collapse is a strong filler skill that deals good damage and serves as an animation cancel tool. This also does Weak Point and decent stagger.
  • Steed Charge Icon Steed Charge has good stagger ability and generates a moderate amount of Identity.
  • Water Elemental Icon Water Elemental serves as your counter and builds a solid amount of meter. Through MP Recovery Icon MP Recovery, it'll also increase how fast you recover Mana when summoned.
  • Winged Spirit Icon Winged Spirit is an optional skill dealing okay damage. It's mainly used when taking the Charming set but even then can be opted out for another skill if you don't like the holding property.

Summoner's Pets

  • Pauru Icon Pauru is mainly used for the Attack Power buff for 5.0 seconds that applies when Pauru leaves. Deciding to take this does mean you'll have to play around and optimize the buff window on top of your existing buffs.
  • Elcid Icon Elcid provides an Attack Power buff same as Sticky Moss Swamp Icon Sticky Moss Swamp but they do not stack.
  • Shurdi Icon Shurdi is a Critical Rate buff for the duration of the summon (20.0 ~ 28.0s). This is often used before your rotation starts.
  • Maririn Icon Maririn is everyone's favorite red panda, dealing a good amount of damage.

Ancient Elementals technically count as pets but they do not have tripods like the rest of her skills. Master Summoner Icon Master Summoner typically wants to prioritize Akir inside buffs since it's the highest damage, however other Ancients all have their uses. Three out of five grant Weak Point, those being Osh Icon Osh, Alimaji Icon Alimaji & Phoenix Icon Phoenix. Osh Icon Osh being the fastest and lowest cost of the three, it's great to throw out first when met with a destruction check. Alimaji Icon Alimaji does increased 50% increased damage if the boss is staggered, making its damage comparable to Akir Icon Akir. Phoenix Icon Phoenix is a good skill for AoE, you'll be using this a lot in Chaos Dungeon. Jahia & Ligheas Icon Jahia & Ligheas gives the highest amount of stagger and good damage. On top of this it also grants a shield for you upon use. All this comes with the caveat of a long animation, so be mindful of appropriate times to use this.



Below is a table consisted of recommended tripods for each skill. Red and Yellow priority skills should be leveled first. Eventually, you would want 18 full level tripods.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Ancient Spear Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (High) Explosive Spear Icon Explosive Spear (Medium)
Ancient Strength Icon Ancient Strength (Medium)
Earth Collapse Flame Collapse Icon Flame Collapse (Low) Shake Icon Shake (Low) Great Earthquake Icon Great Earthquake (Low)
Elcid Magick Amplification Icon Magick Amplification (High)
Deadly Poison Seed Icon Deadly Poison Seed (Medium) Elite Summoning Icon Elite Summoning (Medium)
Maririn Atk. Power Enhancement Icon Atk. Power Enhancement (Medium) Charge Command Icon Charge Command (Medium) Communication Icon Communication (High)
Pauru Weak Hit Point Detection (Medium) Atk. Power Enhancement Icon Atk. Power Enhancement (Medium)
Blue Flame Pauru Icon Blue Flame Pauru (Medium)
Shurdi Shining Growth Icon Shining Growth (High)
Smart Shurdi Icon Smart Shurdi (N/A) Thrilling Light Icon Thrilling Light (Medium)
Steed Charge Stormlike Gallop Icon Stormlike Gallop (Low) Stormlike Gallop Icon Stormlike Gallop (Low) Destruction Charger Icon Destruction Charger (Low)
Sticky Moss
Ready Attack Icon Ready Attack (High)
Corrosion Diffusion Icon Corrosion Diffusion (N/A) (N/A)
Water Elemental MP Recovery Icon MP Recovery (N/A) Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Low) Water Cannon Icon Water Cannon (Low)
Winged Spirit Magick Enhancement Icon Magick Enhancement (Low) Thunder Spirit Icon Thunder Spirit (Low) Communication Icon Communication (N/A)

Skill Runes



Since Communication Overflow Icon Communication Overflow can utilize Judgment Icon Judgment / Conviction Icon Conviction to help with MP and cooldowns we'll put those runes on Sticky Moss Swamp Icon Sticky Moss Swamp & Water Elemental Icon Water Elemental. These skills are used as a pair within your rotation, before Ancient Spear Icon Ancient Spear and Water Elemental Icon Water Elemental has several hits making it good for procs. Both Steed Charge Icon Steed Charge and Winged Spirit Icon Winged Spirit can take Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm. Because Shurdi Icon Shurdi is a persisting DoT around you, Bleed Icon Bleed is a great option as it'll refreshing constantly. Ancient Spear Icon Ancient Spear wants Galewind Icon Galewind for a well desired faster cast time. To further help with your MP economy, taking Focus Icon Focus on Elcid Icon Elcid is a good option. Last but not least, we take Wealth Icon Wealth on Earth Collapse Icon Earth Collapse for additional Identity gauge gain.


Epic & Rare

Keeping in mind that most skills do not share duplicate runes (i.e multiple Galewind Icon Galewind and the like), a majority of them are able to take Legendary runes. That said, two of your skills are able to stick with lower rarity runes. Maririn Icon Maririn takes Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge, but can take Wealth Icon Wealth if you do not run Earth Collapse Icon Earth Collapse. Pauru Icon Pauru can be given any rune really, but we opt for Rage Icon Rage here. If you do have the Legendary version, use that instead.









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