Full Bloom Artist Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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Artist uses a paint brush, drawing with different types of ink to either deal damage (black ink) or heal (white ink) while also providing buffs and cleanses to their party. Artist comes with two playstyles, Full Bloom and Recurrence.


Full Bloom: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes


Skill Descriptions

Nearly every skill within Artist's toolkit can be used depending on the scenario.


Primary Skills

These skills make up the foundation of builds. Consisting of buffs, shields, meter generation and stagger abilities. Within these set of skills are optional tripod choices that increase their flexibility.


Secondary Skills

The following skills are popular choices to round out the remaining slots in your build.



Prioritize your meter building skills and Quick Prep to reduce Paint: Sun Well Icon Paint: Sun Well's cooldown. Increase tripod levels for your shielding abilities for something a little extra. To both save cost and headache, you can put damage tripods at a very low priority and come back to them later or passively raise them through daily farming.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Sun Well Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (High) MP Recovery Icon MP Recovery (N/A) Blast Icon Blast (N/A)
Sunsketch Tenacity Icon Tenacity (N/A) Agile Strokes Icon Agile Strokes (N/A) Hard Hitter Icon Hard Hitter (N/A)
Drawing Orchids Agile Strokes Icon Agile Strokes (N/A) Ink Brand Icon Ink Brand (N/A) Walk the Flowery Path Icon Walk the Flowery Path (N/A)
Door of Illusion Mind Enhancement Icon Mind Enhancement (Medium) Purify Icon Purify (N/A) Space Stack Icon Space Stack (N/A)
Sprinkle Wide-Angle Attack Icon Wide-Angle Attack (N/A) Drawing a Line Icon Drawing a Line (Low) Ink Shield Icon Ink Shield (Medium)
Hopper Energy Enhancement Icon Energy Enhancement (High) Yellow Ink Icon Yellow Ink (Medium) Ink Enhancement Icon Ink Enhancement (N/A)
Upward Stroke Energy Enhancement Icon Energy Enhancement (Medium) Tenacity Icon Tenacity (N/A) Enhanced Strike Icon Enhanced Strike (Low)
Pouncing Tiger Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (Medium) Stagger Enhancement Icon Stagger Enhancement (Low) N/A








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