Recurrence Artist Guide for Lost Ark

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Artist uses a paint brush, drawing with different types of ink to either deal damage (black ink) or heal (white ink) while also providing buffs and cleanses to their party. Artist comes with two playstyles, Full Bloom and Recurrence.


Recurrence: Gearing, Skills and Playstyle

Artist has a very simple rotation focusing on near 100% uptime on buffs and using damage skills in-between. We prioritize Paint: Sunsketch Icon Paint: Sunsketch initially for increased Critical Rate buffs on yourself and Paint: Sun Well Icon Paint: Sun Well for a large 30% Atk. Power buff. Place down Paint: Ink Well Icon Paint: Ink Well to proc Conviction and start gaining more meter. Then have Paint: Butterfly Dream Icon Paint: Butterfly Dream as our brand / debuff skill that gives +10% damage taken to the targeted enemy but also serves as our Judgment proc. Cycle through main DPS skills like Paint: Crane Wing Icon Paint: Crane Wing, Paint: Pouncing Tiger Icon Paint: Pouncing Tiger & Stroke: One Stroke Icon Stroke: One Stroke then rebuff and start the cycle over. Make sure to not sit on your Harmony Orbs too long, as your two orb skill, Moonfall is still a 10% party-wide damage increase that you can use about once every 40 seconds depending on your meter gain.

Recurrence Opener


For running solo content, its recommended to use the Betrayal Icon Betrayal Instinct set for Chaos Dungeons & a 4/2 mix of Dominion Icon Dominion Fang and Nightmare Icon Nightmare Flower for other content like Thronespire. Stat distribution is still priority Swiftness, but you take Crit on the necklace instead of Spec. Using either Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff or Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation is fine for this build as they both provide more DPS, with Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff providing Critical Rate instead of a fixed damage percentage. There aren't plenty of options to choose from, Recurrence Icon Recurrence's engravings are straightforward.

Engraving Priority Description
Recurrence Icon Recurrence Necessity Taken at Level 3 for maximum damage output.
Grudge Icon Grudge Necessity If you want to build a DPS spec, this must be taken at Level 3 with no exceptions.
Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll Very High The healing penalty isn't really felt all that much so it's essentially a free Atk. Power increase.
Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain Very High Even with 1700 Swiftness, this gives you about 13% damage. Additional synergies can cap your Move Speed and give the full 18% rather easily.
Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon Optional With Critical Rate coming from engraving(s), Crit main stat and some of your skill tripods; you'll be able to comfortably exceed a 60% chance and make this highly effective.
Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline Optional Can be taken for a small Atk. Power increase and another +5% Critical Rate. Diminishing returns when playing with other Crit synergies, but a safe pick all around for any content.


Prioritize your meter building skills and Quick Prep to reduce Sun Well's cooldown. Max all damaging tripods and ones like My Well & My Authority especially as these provide large DPS gains.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Sun Well Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers (Low) Finishing Blow Icon Finishing Blow (High) My Well Icon My Well (High)
Sunsketch Tenacity Icon Tenacity (N/A) Agile Strokes Icon Agile Strokes (N/A) My Authority Icon My Authority (High)
Crane Wing Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers (Low) Critical Blow Icon Critical Blow (High) Crane Wing Formation Icon Crane Wing Formation (High)
Moonsketch Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers (Low) Stardrawer Icon Stardrawer (High) Crimson Moon Icon Crimson Moon (High)
One Stroke Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers (Low) Giant Brush Icon Giant Brush (Low) Enhanced Strike Icon Enhanced Strike (High)
Ink Well Vital Point Hit Icon Vital Point Hit (N/A) Enhanced Strike Icon Enhanced Strike (High) Carp King Emergence Icon Carp King Emergence (High)
Butterfly Dream Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers (Low) Ink Brand Icon Ink Brand (N/A) N/A
Pouncing Tiger Black Ink Icon Black Ink (Low) Piercing Strike Icon Piercing Strike (High) Enhanced Strike Icon Enhanced Strike (High)










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