Peacemaker Gunslinger Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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Gunslinger blazes through enemies with three types of weapons; the Pistol, Shotgun, and Sniper. Gunslinger offers a unique playstyle with weapon-swapping and multi-range capability, as well as one of the highest APM rotations in the game. Gunslinger comes with two different playstyles, Peacemaker and Time to Hunt.


Peacemaker: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes


Skill Descriptions

Peacemaker Icon Peacemaker utilizes all three weapons to create a jack-of-all-trades toolkit. A large portion of your damage is contributed by your Rifle and Shotgun skills. Building the class optimally requires quite the investment. Hungry for skill points and running six or seven damage gems alone is a steep requirement, though there are alternatives available.


Synergy and Movement Skills

  • Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker is our main synergy skill with Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure giving +10% Critical Rate for 6 seconds. With a low cooldown, you'll have this basically at 100% uptime.
  • Quick Step Icon Quick Step is a good movement skill that can provide AS/MS through Life Absorption Icon Life Absorption.
  • Somersault Shot Icon Somersault Shot is a simple movement skill, investing skill points to gain tripods is optional.
  • Dexterous Shot Icon Dexterous Shot has dual purpose as a synergy and movement tool. It'll apply Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure for 8 seconds. Great backup to maintain uptime on your synergy while moving.

Damage Skills

  • Focused Shot Icon Focused Shot is your highest damage contributor with an animation lock only cancelable via spacebar. Majority of its damage is backloaded into the final two shots.
  • Target Down Icon Target Down is one of our highest DPS skill and can be cancelled either by moving or switching weapons.
  • Catastrophe Icon Catastrophe brings the highest stagger in our kit and has optional push immunity with Tenacity Icon Tenacity.
  • Perfect Shot Icon Perfect Shot has long range and spikes in damage once your target is under 50%.
  • Sharpshooter Icon Sharpshooter provides excellent damage and stagger ability. Most of the damage is backloaded onto the 7th shot, but you should always aim to hit all shots.
  • Dual Buckshot Icon Dual Buckshot is a well-rounded tool giving good damage, stagger and weak point. You can only cancel this on the first half.
  • Bullet Rain Icon Bullet Rain is a great tool to DPS while moving; it's our strongest Pistol skill available.


Prioritize Rifle & Shotgun skills' tripods first to secure a large increase in DPS. Together they'll provide well over 70% of your total damage! Bullet Rain Icon Bullet Rain is the only Pistol skill we invest skill points in for damage but won't contribute as much as our other weapons.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Focused Shot Quick Aim Icon Quick Aim (N/A) Double Tap Icon Double Tap (High) Final Strike Icon Final Strike (High)
Target Down Quick Aim Icon Quick Aim (N/A) Large Magazine Icon Large Magazine (High) Steady Aim Icon Steady Aim (High)
Perfect Shot Stable Stance Icon Stable Stance (N/A) Breaking Breath Icon Breaking Breath (N/A) Enhanced Shot Icon Enhanced Shot (Medium)
Catastrophe Quick Aim Icon Quick Aim (N/A) Cutthroat Icon Cutthroat (Medium) Eternal Calamity Icon Eternal Calamity (Low)
Bullet Rain In a Tight Spot Icon In a Tight Spot (Low) Rapid Fire Icon Rapid Fire (Medium) Flame Shot Icon Flame Shot (Medium)
Sharpshooter In a Tight Spot Icon In a Tight Spot (Low) Special Bullet Icon Special Bullet (High) Guardian's Breath Icon Guardian's Breath (High)
Dual Buckshot In a Tight Spot Icon In a Tight Spot (Low) Enhanced Fire Icon Enhanced Fire (High) Final Strike Icon Final Strike (High)
Spiral Tracker Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure (N/A) (N/A) (N/A)