Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Scrapper Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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Punching their way through enemies, Scrapper uses the Heavy Gauntlet weapon to pulverize their opponents. Scrapper utilizes a dual-energy system as their Identity, split between Stamina and Shock resources. Scrapper comes in two different playstyles, Taijutsu and Shock Training.


Taijutsu: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes

Scrapper's skills are split between Stamina (your yellow skills) and Shock (your green skills) and directly correlate to the type of resource they expend when used. For Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Icon Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu, this build uses mostly Stamina skills since the class Engraving itself reduces the amount of damage your Shock skills are capable of. The build can still take use of certain Shock skills, both to dump excess Shock Meter and also generate Stamina Meter to keep your Identity gauge balanced.


Stamina Skills

These skills are all defined by how quick they are to use and the incredible mobility they provide. This lends Taijutsu it's unique, fast paced playstyle and allows it to stick to the boss in just about any situation.


Short Cooldown Stamina Skills

  • Charging Blow Icon Charging Blow: This skill probably has the most skill expression in the entire build. Charging Blow can be used to stick to the boss, maintain Adrenaline stacks (you don't need a target to do this), or even greed some of your longer cooldown / higher damage skills and used to get out of mechanics at the last second.
  • Fierce Tiger Strike Icon Fierce Tiger Strike: The main purpose of this skill is application of our synergy buff, a flat 6% damage amplification for all party members. With cooldown gems, this buff can be maintained at 100% uptime. Ensure you start your burst windows with this skill. You may opt to use Crushing Smite Icon Crushing Smite if that's a preference, we've suggested Fierce Tiger Strike Icon Fierce Tiger Strike simply because of the bit of mobility it provides.

High-Damage Stamina Skills

These are going to be listed from top damage priority and end with optional skills to take based on preference.

  • Battering Fists Icon Battering Fists: The range on this skill is very short. By using Fierce Tiger Strike Icon Fierce Tiger Strike before this, it will move you slightly closer to the boss and ensure all of your jobs make contact. The tripods here are pretty set in stone.
  • Iron Cannon Blow Icon Iron Cannon Blow: Better range than Battering Fists Icon Battering Fists, so can be used at a slight range and good for positioning yourself into the boss' hitbox before you start your burst. Advance Enhancement Icon Advance Enhancement forces a ton of damage onto the last hit, making it the most important part to ensure makes contact.
  • Dragon Advent Icon Dragon Advent: Not just damage, but also a great gap closer. We've opted for Tenacity Icon Tenacity rather than Conflagration Attack Icon Conflagration Attack simply because the minor potency gain doesn't out-weigh ensuring the attack will land in the first place. Throwing on the Protection Icon Protection is just an added bonus, a Rage Icon Rage or Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm would also work out just fine.
  • Earthquake Chain Icon Earthquake Chain: (Optional) I know it says optional, but in my opinion it really isn't. This skill is great. Quick to send out, does a ton of damage, and as long as you take Blindside Icon Blindside, you'll get super armor as well.
  • Continuous Push Icon Continuous Push: (Optional) This is a personal favorite mainly due to the fact it's a bit of a longer casting skill, meaning our skills have time to come back off of cooldown, and allows you to tank through push damage. Brink of Death Icon Brink of Death is taken since Violent Advance Icon Violent Advance can drop Adrenaline stacks if kept up for the full duration.
  • Instant Hit Icon Instant Hit: (Optional) This one's a bit weird. It does offer an extra counter, but due to how much damage it does and the long cooldown, it's almost never used as a counter. It's also a front positional, so it goes against natural play habits.

Shock Skills

Even though these are limited, the Shock skills really round out the build.

  • Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep: This is non-negotiable. Arguably the best counter in the game, contending with Reaper. Add in Circumstantial Judgment Icon Circumstantial Judgment and you now have extra mobility as well. If you don't care about the mobility, swap this out for Madman Icon Madman.
  • Judgment Icon Judgment: An option for applying our synergy buff, but probably the weakest option. Has the lowest range out of the three options.
  • Death Rattle Icon Death Rattle: A purely damage option. Provides a good way of getting rid of extra Shock Meter, and should be swapped with Continuous Push Icon Continuous Push if there's a preference for it. Be mindful of Death Rattle Icon Death Rattle's forced knockback movement.


Below is a table consisted of recommended tripods for each skill. Tripods should be prioritized based upon first cooldown reduction, then damage output, since we're not reliant upon any of them to generate resources.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Charging Blow Excellent Mobility Icon Excellent Mobility (Low) Ruthless Advance Icon Ruthless Advance (Lv.1) Death Band Icon Death Band (Low)
Fierce Tiger Strike Amplified Damage Icon Amplified Damage (N/A) Pounce Icon Pounce (N/A) N/A
Roundup Sweep Swift Preparation Icon Swift Preparation (Medium) Circumstantial Judgment Icon Circumstantial Judgment (Lv.1) Reinforced Hit Icon Reinforced Hit (Low)
Dragon Advent Moment of Truth Icon Moment of Truth (High) Tenacity Icon Tenacity (N/A) Great Destruction Icon Great Destruction (High)
Earthquake Chain Undying Power Icon Undying Power (High) Blindside Icon Blindside (High) Powerful Earthquake Icon Powerful Earthquake (High)
Battering Fists Capture Opportunity Icon Capture Opportunity (High) Red Explosion Icon Red Explosion (High) Berserk Icon Berserk (High)
Iron Cannon Blow Overflowing Power Icon Overflowing Power (High) Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (High) Enhanced Fist Icon Enhanced Fist (High)
Continuous Push Vital Point Hit Icon Vital Point Hit (Medium) Moment of Truth Icon Moment of Truth (Medium) Brink of Death Icon Brink of Death (Medium)










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