Firepower Enhancement Artillerist Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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Locked and loaded, Artillerist comes armed to the teeth with all types of explosive. Armed with a heavy launcher, Artillerist also comes with turrets, land mines, and is capable of calling down lasers from space to annihilate the enemy. Artillerist comes with two different playstyles, Firepower and Barrage.


Firepower Enhancement: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes

Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement Artillerist focuses on eight Normal skills, mostly ignoring the Barrage Mode skills. This build is almost entirely set in stone, with the only changes being a preference in which counter you take.


Normal Skills

  • Pressurized Heatbomb Icon Pressurized Heatbomb: This is our strongest damaging skill. Take note, it does have a cast. Due to Condense Icon Condense, even after the cast finishes, there's a second attack that happens after the initial. This second attack can be interrupted by push or paralysis. If you've decided to run a low crit build, opt for taking Fatal Barrage Icon Fatal Barrage instead. Same cooldown as Multi-Rocket Launcher Icon Multi-Rocket Launcher, and should be paired together for a smooth rotation.
  • Multi-Rocket Launcher Icon Multi-Rocket Launcher: Provides a large amount of stagger. Be careful when dealing with enemies with smaller hitboxes. The rockets from this fire in a decent sized cone shape, so if the enemy is small, some may miss. For smaller enemies, get closer before using this skill. Same cooldown as Pressurized Heatbomb Icon Pressurized Heatbomb, and should be paired together for a smooth rotation.
  • Homing Barrage Icon Homing Barrage: One of your two delayed skill shots. Care should be taken to ensure this hits the enemy. There's approximately a three second delay before this explodes, use this to your advantage. Same cooldown as Air Raid Icon Air Raid, and should be paired together for a smooth rotation.
  • Air Raid Icon Air Raid: The other delayed skill shot in your arsenal. Same rules apply, take care to ensure this lands on the enemy. Has a three second delay before it deals damage. Run Lightning Barrage Icon Lightning Barrage if you're running a low crit build. Same cooldown as Homing Barrage Icon Homing Barrage, and should be paired together for a smooth rotation.
  • Enhanced Shell Icon Enhanced Shell: Your main filler. Use this to start your rotation and apply Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction, as well as in between each pairing of your longer cooldown actions. If you decide to take Internal Ignition Icon Internal Ignition, this does provide extra stagger damage.
  • Summon Turret Icon Summon Turret: This build utilizes the two stack turret to maximize damage with Laser Turret Icon Laser Turret. As such, it's easier to allow yourself to overcap, and it should be avoided at all costs. If you'd rather apply Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction with your turrets, you're free to do so, but you will lose out on Sub Battery Icon Sub Battery. At max level, this increases your turret summon time to 14.5 seconds, and gains an extra two autos, so it may not be something you want to drop.

Counter Options

These are mostly preference, try them all out and see which one you're the most comfortable with.

  • Napalm Shot Icon Napalm Shot: Slightly more damage than the other two options, but at the cost of a longer cooldown and also a longer casting time, making quick counter reactions harder to do. The plus side to this is the Tripod Target Focus Icon Target Focus, placing a +20% stagger debuff on the target.
  • Swing Icon Swing: Probably the best option for the average player. Provides mobility with Advancing Hit Icon Advancing Hit, a faster animation, and the ability to add Weak Point Enhancement Icon Weak Point Enhancement if needed.
  • Forward Barrage Icon Forward Barrage: Nearly spammable. Extremely short cooldown. Not a lot of upside to this skill other than that. If you decide to use this one, you should eventually ween yourself off it for the other two options.

Defensive Utility

While Energy Field Icon Energy Field on the surface looks like a normal shield to prevent chip damage, this skill serves a greater purpose: Push-immunity. Super armor your way through boss damage and ensure your big damage skills go off uninterrupted. This is just another reason to try and line up skill pairings, as noted above. By doing so, you can super armor two of your longer cooldown skills instead of just one. This build takes Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep to try and maximize the amount of casts we gain under push immunity.


Barrage Skills

This will be very short. While you do have access to all of the Barrage skills with this engraving, the only one you'll use is Barrage: Energy Cannon Icon Barrage: Energy Cannon. Even then, the only time you'll find yourself using Barrage Mode is when you're forced to either from everything else being on cooldown, or in an attempt to gain on-demand push-immunity from an enemies attack. Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer does come with weak-point damage, but there are better options for this in your regular kit. Every time you enter Barrage Mode feel free to press Bombardment: Impregnability Icon Bombardment: Impregnability. The shield from this will last until you decide to leave Barrage Mode. As a side note, spacebar can be used to leave the Barrage turret.



Enhanced Shell Icon Enhanced Shell has an asterisk on one of it's tripods. This can only be taken if you do not take Napalm Shot Icon Napalm Shot. Adjust accordingly.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Enhanced Shell Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction (N/A) Bullet Enhancement Icon Bullet Enhancement (Low) Internal Ignition Icon Internal Ignition* (Low)
Napalm Shot Target Focus Icon Target Focus (N/A) Fierce Heat Icon Fierce Heat (High) Dancing Flame Icon Dancing Flame (High)
Summon Turret Sub Battery Icon Sub Battery (Medium) Enhanced Turret Icon Enhanced Turret (Medium) Laser Turret Icon Laser Turret (High)
Pressurized Heatbomb Condense Icon Condense (High) Serial Barrage Icon Serial Barrage (High) Additional Firepower Icon Additional Firepower (High)
Multi-Rocket Launcher Flame Rocket Icon Flame Rocket (High) Quick Barrage Icon Quick Barrage (High) Access Denied Icon Access Denied (High)
Air Raid Quickfire Icon Quickfire (Medium) Flame Barrage Icon Flame Barrage (High) The Big One Icon The Big One (High)
Homing Barrage Guiding Enhancement Icon Guiding Enhancement (N/A) Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (High) Power Bomb Icon Power Bomb (High)
Energy Field Mind Concentration Icon Mind Concentration (N/A) Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (Medium) Solid Shield Icon Solid Shield (N/A)










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