Artillerist Guide for Lost Ark

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Locked and loaded, Artillerist comes armed to the teeth with all types of explosive. Armed with a heavy launcher, Artillerist also comes with turrets, land mines, and is capable of calling down lasers from space to annihilate the enemy. Artillerist comes with two different playstyles, Firepower and Barrage.


Introduction to Artillerist

Artillerist comes packed with just about anything you could want in a Gunner class. Explosions, a flamethrower, multiple types of missiles. Even the weapon it uses, its a gun that's just as big as the player. The ammunition isn't just for show either, Artillerist can deal some serious damage to it's enemies. This class has some unique gameplay in the form of "delayed skill shots", as a lot of the big damage attacks need to be placed and will then deal damage after a set period of time.

Artillerist is a fairly sturdy class, coming equipped with Energy Field Icon Energy Field which is an on demand shield offering push immunity, as well as Bombardment: Impregnability Icon Bombardment: Impregnability which protects the user upon entering Barrage Mode, a stationary turret capable of dealing immense amounts of damage. Like a few other classes, Artillerist comes with a Defense Reduction debuff that can and should be maintained at 100% uptime.


Artillerist's Playstyle

At it's core, Artillerist is a resource generating class that, thanks to a recent rework, can either be played as a build-and-spend, or simply as a build-and-maintain. The Identity gauge has two resources. The left side is your Firepower Meter, and this provides a damage buff based upon which level you have it at, being either 1, 2 or 3. Firepower Meter builds very fast, and is easy to maintain so long as you have a target to hit. The right side is your Barrage Meter, which allows your character to enter Barrage Mode upon hitting maximum gauge. Accomplishing this and pressing Z, the player will enter a stationary turret and gain access to multiple new skills to unload everything they have into the enemy. Each class Engraving for Artillerist will focus majorly on one side of the Identity gauge.


Firepower Enhancement

The Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement Engraving focuses more on normal skill usage. While there are few reasons to enter Barrage Mode, it's ideal to try and avoid it entirely. Instead, this version of Artillerist banks on damage gained from maintaining Firepower Level 3. As an added bonus, this Engraving increases the amount of time before youre Firepower Meter starts to deplete, and also provides a defensive boost while not in Barrage Mode. This is the more straight-forward build, since all of your burst damage comes from skill cooldowns rather than building of a guage. It's also a bit more mobile, which may be a positive for the player.


Barrage Enhancement

The Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement Engraving revolves entirely around entering Barrage Mode to deal damage with Barrage: Energy Cannon Icon Barrage: Energy Cannon, Barrage: Focus Fire Icon Barrage: Focus Fire, and Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer. This Engraving is very much a burst playstyle, filled with ups and downs and relying on the player to plan out their usage of Barrage Mode intelligently, as once you enter it, your Barrage Meter will be consumed entirely and you won't be able to move. Successful gameplay does ensure incredibly high damage output, as Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement is the higher damaging Engraving of the two. Barrage Mode comes with the added bonus of push-immunity, as well as more access to Bombardment: Impregnability Icon Bombardment: Impregnability compared to the Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement playstyle, meaning the player will be able to power through damage more frequently to maintain uptime.



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