Scrapper Guide for Lost Ark

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Punching their way through enemies, Scrapper uses the Heavy Gauntlet weapon to pulverize their opponents. Scrapper utilizes a dual-energy system as their Identity, split between Stamina and Shock resources. Scrapper comes in two different playstyles, Taijutsu and Shock Training.


Introduction to Scrapper

One of the most mobile classes in the game, Scrapper also sports the third highest natural defensive stats in Lost Ark. The majority of Scrapper's skills provide either forward or backwards movement, while also coming on relatively short cooldowns. Regardless of boss movement you'll be able to stick to the boss and maintain your uptime. Scrapper is considered by most to be one of the most balanced, and most beginner friendly, classes in the game.

Like a variety of other classes, Scrapper's raid synergy is a flat damage buff. Regardless of the class Engraving you choose, both builds are capable of maintaining 100% uptime on the this raid buff. While Scrapper does have quite high defensive stats, the class doesn't come with any sort of self-sustain or personal shielding, which some players may find unsettling. A major positive, Scrapper has what is arguably the best counter skill in the game with Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep.


Scrapper's Playstyle

Scrapper is in a small list of classes (Machinist, Reaper, Soulfist) that does not utilize a mana bar. Instead, Scrapper uses a unique energy system consisting of Stamina (yellow) and Shock (green). Both of these energy bars interact with each other, so using skills that consume Stamina will restore Shock and vice versa. This energy system also replaces what would otherwise be any other class's Identity gauge.


Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu

Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Icon Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu uses mainly Stamina skills and revolves around faster gameplay compared to it's counterpart. The Taijutsu class Engraving not only boosts the damage of all Stamina skills, but also significantly increases your Stamina regeneration rates. This creates the ability to borderline spam Stamina skills with little to no care about gauge management. Taijutsu Scrapper can be played in two different ways: full Swiftness with a piano-type rotation, focusing more on uptime and greedy gameplay, or a full Crit build that's a bit slower, but your attacks will hit harder and you won't be required to stick to the boss nearly as much.


Shock Training

Shock Training Icon Shock Training is the more structured build, focusing more on slower, more intense hits and requiring more gauge mangement than the alternative Engraving. The Shock Engraving significantly boosts the damage you deal with Shock skills, while also providing the only way to passively recover Shock energy. This allows Scrapper to utilize many more Shock skills in it's build, allowing for a higher damage ceiling compared to Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Icon Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu. Even though both class Engravings benefit from back attacking, Shock Training Icon Shock Training's requirement for getting positionals is a lot higher.



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