Legion Raid Guide for Vykas Gate 2

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Vykas Gate 2 is the second encounter players face as part of an eight man Legion Raid. Vykas comes in two difficulties, Normal and Hard, which can be accessed upon achieving ilevel 1430 and 1460, respectively.


Vykas Raid Structure

Vykas has three gates, each of them requiring eight players and an item level of 1430 for normal mode, or 1460 for hard mode. This is a weekly cooldown content and the entry count resets every Wednesday.

Vykas Legion Raid

As with all other Legion Raids, your progress is saved after completing a gate, so you can stop the run and re-enter at a later time, continuing from the gate you were left off at.

Assuming you have the item level required, you can also mix and match the difficulty of the gates, as you can choose to do one in hard mode and the other two in normal mode, or vice versa.


Party Setup

As with all other harder difficulty content, having a Bard or a Paladin makes things smoother.

For normal mode, you do not need any support classes as long as the group performs each mechanic perfectly.

For hard mode, a support class in each group is a great addition, especially during Gate 3 where there is a higher chance that a few mechanics, such as the typing test, can have mistakes where a support can carry through use of their Awakening skills.

As for DPS synergies, anything goes. Crit synergies are always great (Gunslinger, Deadeye, Arcanist), but my recommendation is to get at least one class with a Stagger buff such as Scrapper, Artillerist, or Destroyer, as it might prove to be useful during Gate 1 and Gate 3.


Vykas Gate 2 Overview

At Gate 2, we fight Vykas for the first time. Both parties are together for the whole duration of the fight.

The suggested battle items for Vykas Gate 2 are listed below:

Useful battle items are the Swiftness Robe and, on occasion, Time Stop Potions.

Upon completing Gate 2, you will be presented with specific loot depending on whether you have done the fight on normal or hard mode:

  • Normal Mode Gate 2 rewards
    • One Relic Accessory
    • One Relic Stone
    • Two Covetous Fangs (Legendary Material)
    • One Covetous Wing (Relic Material)
    • 600 Gold
  • Hard Mode Gate 2 rewards
    • Two Relic Accessories
    • One Relic Stone
    • Two Covetous Wings (Relic Material)
    • 1,000 Gold

The bonus chests from each difficulty are listed below:

  • Normal Mode gate 2 Bonus Chest (Costs 600 Gold)
    • One Relic Accessories
    • One Relic Stone
    • Two Covetous Fangs (Legendary Material)
    • One Covetous Wing (Relic Material)
    • 480 Guardian Stone Crystals
    • 240 Destruction Stone Crystals
    • 600 Honor Shards
    • Six Great Honor Leapstones
  • Hard Mode Gate 2 Bonus Chest (Costs 900 Gold)
    • Two Relic Accessories
    • One Relic Stone
    • Two Covetous Wings (Relic Material)
    • 720 Guardian Stone Crystals
    • 360 Destruction Stone Crystals
    • 1,200 Honor Shards
    • 10 Great Honor Leapstones

Pre-fight Preparation / Positioning

For this gate, you need two different player position patterns - one for each of the two wipe mechanics.


Covetous Phantom

Covetous Phantom mechanic appears first at ~120 bars, and you need five players in the middle of the room forming a cross shape like so:

Cross Shape

The other three players are positioned at 11 o’clock, 3 o’clock, and 7 o’clock like so:

3 Players Position

Black Ball Interception

This mechanic appears at ~65 bars, and you need two players positioned at each of the three clone spawn points, so 11 o’clock, 4 o’clock and 7 o’clock like so:

Right Balls Mechanic

The remaining two players marked with white dots (in the picture above) are reserves and get assigned to a clone after the mechanic begins. You can determine where each is needed.


Major Vykas Gate 2 Mechanics

The fight starts at 160 bars, and this time all eight players are always together. In the order of appearance, here are the important mechanics:



At 145 bars (fewer if your DPS is higher), Vykas teleports to the middle and becomes a glowing purple ball of light, while each player receives a tether and a telegraph underneath their feet like so:


The goal is to spread evenly across the room, towards the edge so you will not step in the telegraph next to you, and run clockwise until the tether stops chasing you:


Each tether explodes after a few seconds.


This mechanic repeats at 95 bars and 25 bars (fewer if you have higher DPS).


Covetous Phantom

At 119 bars (fewer if your DPS is higher), the boss disappears and three shadow clones appear in the room - one at 11 o’clock, one at 3 o’clock, and one at 7 o’clock.

Shadow Clones

After a moment, each clone takes its final posture, either with both wings folded, both wings spread, or one wing spread.

Both wings spread:

Both Wings Spread

One wing spread:

One Wing Spread

Both wings folded:

Both Wings Folded

At the same time as the clones, five pieces of glowing energy appear in the center of the room in a cross pattern:

Cross Pattern

Each player assigned to a cross position takes their piece of energy. After a player has taken this energy, a red or purple energy appears above their head. The example below shows three red and two purple:

Red and Blue

The goal here is to gather the energy pieces, see which is the predominant color above the head of the five cross players, and then quickly move to the correct clone.

If there are three players with purple energy above their head, then every player needs to move first to the clone with both wings folded, wait for its explosion, then run to the clone with one wing spread, wait for the second explosion, and then lastly run to the clone with both wings folded and wait out the third explosion.

If there are three players with red energy above their head, then your first stop has to be the clone with both wings spread, and then continue from there, waiting out the explosion underneath each clone.

The clone with only one wing spread is always your second stop, but deciding your first stop based on the color you get is the most important part. Communication is key.

Here is a full example of this mechanic:

In my group, one person from the cross formation calls the color out loud, and based on that, one of the three players assigned to camp the clones directs everyone to the first safe spot, after which, the player who saw the clone with one wing spread directs everyone to that location, etc. This requires each of the three clone campers to know the mechanic based on the color that was called out.

If you feel you are slow, feel free to use a Sprinters Robe or Marching Flag during this mechanic.

If you are new, the clone at 3 o’clock can sometimes be difficult to read due to camera angle. Feel free to assign someone with a bit more experience to that spot.


Rotating Wall

At 80 bars (fewer if you have higher DPS), the boss teleports to the middle and a rotating wall appears in the room:

Rotating Wall

This is accompanied by a second mechanic which randomly creates danger and safe rectangles on the floor while the wall keeps spinning:

Safe Rectangles

The goal here is to step inside the safe spots on the ground, while looking for openings in the wall:

Safe Spots

The wall always spins clockwise.

During hard mode, getting hit by the wall, or the floor, will give you a purple cone telegraph (described below) which requires you to face out of the arena, preferably at the edge of the room, but it will be very hard to get there, so try to practice this mechanic a lot.

  • Black Ball Interception
  • At 65 bars (or fewer if your DPS is higher), Vykas goes to the center of the room and three shadow clones appear. One at 11 o’clock, one at 5 o’clock, and the last one at 7 o'clock (similar to the Covetous Phantom mechanic at 115 bars).

    Wipe Mechanic

    This is the second mechanic where you need preset positions for everyone in the raid.

    The clones proceed to give hints as to what color their balls are going to be, and afterwards, start shooting them towards Vykas.

    This symbolizes a black ball:

    Black Ball

    This symbolizes a red ball:

    Red Ball

    Your task is to intercept the black balls and let the red ones reach Vykas. The problem is that when the clone shoots the balls, they have no color, so you would have to have remembered them previously.

    Here is a video example of this mechanic from start to finish:

    This is basically a memory game where you need to pay attention to the clone you are assigned to and intercept the black ball you are assigned to.

    Each player gets a clone and a number, for example, the clone at 5 o’clock and the player who intercepts the first black ball is called 5-1. The player that intercepts the second black ball on the 5 o’clock clone, is 5-2. Assign the order as you see fit in your group.

    Each clone shoots five balls in total and, at random, one of the clones will only shoot two black balls with the rest being red. That clone only needs the original two players assigned to it.

    The other two clones will shoot three black balls and two red balls. This means three players will need to intercept one black ball per clone. Your reserve players need to be told which clone to camp and they generally intercept the third black ball.

    If you intercept a red ball, you will die. Same outcome if you intercept two black balls. If a black ball reaches Vykas, it is a wipe

    In some cases, if the backup for the third black ball is dead, or simply not at the correct location, a player will have to take two black balls in a row. Here is a video example where I take two black balls with the help of a Time Stop Potion:


    Purple Cone

    Randomly during the fight, two players get a purple cone telegraph that faces towards the same direction as the player.

    Purple Cone

    The goal is to face them towards the outside of the room, at the edge, since they persist on the spot you leave them and regularly shoot in the direction you were facing when placed:

    Cone Shoot

    In case you have left them by mistake somewhere close to the fight, you can either try to reposition the boss or wait them out as they do disappear eventually.

    Under 30HP bars, whenever you get hit by Vykas, you get one stack of a debuff. Upon reaching three stacks, you automatically receive one of these purple cones.



    At random during the fight, worms will spawn from the ground. You need to step away from those spots and kill them.



    When Vykas gathers purple energy, move to her back, as the direction where she is facing at that moment becomes a five-step pulse wave that does substantial damage.

    Pulse After Effect

    Golden Circles

    When Vykas places her hands as such:

    Vykas Hand

    This symbolizes the start of the mechanic. If you find it hard to notice this, pay attention to the symbol above her head. This one indicates a mechanic is beginning, after which you can be ready to react to whichever it might be.


    This is a dangerous mechanic as the golden circles stun you, while the red telegraph that gets formed under your feet upon touching each golden circle knocks you up and does damage. It is fairly easy to be permanently disabled during this time.

    Golden Circle Stun

    Purple Mark

    At random, a player gets marked with a glowing purple circle above their head and a beam of purple light like so:

    Beam Light

    Vykas will then cast a large purple circle that chases the marked player like so:

    Marked Player

    If a marked player touches the larger purple circle, a very large explosion area is created around the marked player, with a small safe zone near the marked one.

    Generally speaking, the marked player runs to the edge of the room while everyone else goes the other direction, ensuring the large AoE will not catch anyone.

    You can not escape the explosion, but if you find yourself close to the marked player, feel free to run with them and stand in the safe zone near them once they stop.

    Keep in mind that during this time, everyone else in the raid gets a target symbol above their head, which means you will leave dangerous telegraphs behind you. It is important to be on the move or cast defensive abilities while the target symbol is present.

    Target Symbol

    This happens quite fast, and the most important task is on the player that gets marked with purple ,as they need to notice this or be told. If no one notices this, you can also tell that a mechanic is starting by the symbol above Vykas’s head



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