Tempest's Heart Guide for New World

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Tempest's Heart Expedition in New World. This guide will give you proper direction to completing this Expedition quickly and smoothly.


Location, Entrance, and General Information

This Expedition is located in Northern Shattered Mountain. Its in-game recommended level is 60, signaling that this is an endgame Expedition designed for characters who have reached level-60 and have solid gear and a grasp of their role in an Expedition. It can be a great way to increase your expertise to 600. It has a variety of drops, and it can also be used to get Sapphire Gypsum Sapphire Gypsum.


Enemy Type

Tempest's Heart is full of Corrupted enemies. It will be beneficial to equip gear with Corrupted Ward Corrupted Ward and Corrupted Bane Corrupted Bane. You should also make sure that you have Infused Corrupted Coating Infused Corrupted Coating and Major Corrupted Combat Trophy Major Corrupted Combat Trophy to deal additional damage.


Repeatable Quests

"Isabella's Madness" is a repeatable quest found just outside of Tempest's Heart.



This Expedition's layout is rather straight-forward but there are a few events and a puzzle along the way.


Starting Gate

Your first room that you encounter with have a large corrupted monolith and a gate that Isabella will be standing in front of. Once you approach her this will begin spawning Corrupted enemies, including a boss enemy: Uzret. This encounter will be similar to the open-world Corrupted Monolith events. Uzret wields a large Greatsword, dodge his attacks and focus him down. Have somebody clearing all of the pylons that surround the monolith. Once the monolith is cleared all of the remaining enemies will despawn. If there is specific loot you are wanting from Uzret, be sure to focus him down first.


Corrupted Passage

After clearing the Corrupted Monolith the large gate doors will open. Simply progress through the passage and clear any trash along the way. Be mindful of the Corrupted Tentacle enemies as they will deal large amounts of damage. If you wish to skip these enemies you may run past them. To clear this section quickly, run your entire party through the passage and gather the trash enemies just before Ekheke--the first boss. Do one large AoE pull and make sure to line of sight any ranged enemies.





  • Cleave — Ekheke will swing is club horizontally and cleave all players in front of him. This has a long range and is very wide. If you are hit it will deal a large amount of damage and stagger you.
  • Smash — Ekheke will strike downwards and smash all enemies in front of him for a large burst of AoE damage.
  • Roots — Ekheke will jump upwards and cause an earthquake upon landing. This will force roots out of the ground that will deal AoE damage to all players nearby.


This fight can be very simple depending on the abilities Ekheke uses and your groups positioning. To have the easiest time make sure that your tank holds Ekheke on the right side of the room (The right side if you were just walking into the room) against the large stone wall. Have your DPS quickly kill the adds at the start of the fight. Once your tank is positioned properly, the boss will not be able to move and will continue to cycle through his abilities. Simply dodge all incoming abilities and position any ranged away from the group.


First Corrupted Portal and the Cellar

After defeating Ekheke you will go up the stair case right next to where your group should have finished the fight. You do not need to kill any enemies on your way up. Simply go up and walk into the corrupted portal.

In the first portal you will encounter High Maiden Lai. She functions similar to enemies within Dynasty Shipyard. Once you defeat her you will be able to open the chest in the middle of the room. Go to the portal at the end in order to return back to the location where your group defeated Ekheke. Go toward the cellar entrace and whoever grabbed the key will be able to open the door.

In the cellar you will encounter Vroeg--his mechanics are the exact same as any other Corrupted Brute that you may encounter in the open-world, OPR, or an invasion. Once Vroeg is defeated, you will have to talk to the main within the back room of the cellar.


Graveyard and Basilica

After leaving the cellar you will reach a Corrupted Graveyard where you face a few waves of enemies. Once the third wave spawns you will encounter Cutthroat Eduardo. He is easy to kill and has no specific mechanics. Once you have defeated him the gates will open. You will encounter many enemies on your way up to the Basilica, you may kill them if you wish.

When speed-running, it is best to pull all of the enemies to the door of the Basilica and wait for them to open. As soon as you can enter all of the enemies will not be able to follow you and they will drop you as their target. You can then jump down to the platform below and encounter Isabella.


Isabella Fight - One

  • Dash — At times Isabella will quickly dash in the direction she is facing and will damage all players within her path.
  • Orb — Isabella will shoot a large orb in a straight line of the direction she is facing. This will go through all players it hits.
  • Corrupted Sword — Isabella will slash all enemies in front of her. This will deal damage as a frontal AoE cone.

This is an easy fight in which Isabella only needs to get down to 75% health. Before she does any ability there will be a clear voice line, so use that as your queue to dodge.


Basilica Continued

After you finish Isabella the first time you will enter a large Corrupted cathedral. You will encounter High Priestess Ifel here. Simply defeat all enemies within the room so that you can progress to the next sections.


Isabella Fight - Two

The mechanics are the same as the previous Isabella fight. The only difference now is that there are enemies that spawn throughout the fight. Clear any cultists that spawn otherwise they will give Isabella an empower buff. Be sure that your entire team is on the platform before starting the fight because the bridge will disappear once the encounter begins. Also, do not try to exit the room too quickly as you can run off of the platform after you defeat Isabella.


Sea of Corruption

Jump down into the canyon below. You will encounter large Void Destroyers that will be shooting a laser at a random party member. You will need to make your way to the repeater nearby and then shoot each eye until the Destroyer is defeated. You can line of sight the laser, so while you run to the repeater hug tight to the wall of the broken boat on the left side.

After the first destroyer one party member will be able to use their Azoth Staff and create a bubble. Have your party all stand within the bubble and be escorted to the next repeater. All enemies that touch the bubble will be instantly defeated and nobody will be hit by the laser.

After defeating the Destroyers have the players with the bubble speak to Isabella at the City.


The City

If you collected any swords for the bonus chest this is where you will interact with the statues.

You do not need to kill any enemies until you reach High Priest Basir. There are no special mechanics with this fight.

Your group will progress until you reach the room with all of the summoners who are creating a large Corrupted bubble. Defeat all the summoners to gain access to the second corrupted portal.

Do not hit any enemies other than High Priest Basir and any enemies within the summoner room. There regular trash will not engage you unless you strike them first.


Corrupted Portal - Two

Within this portal you will encounter Headman Pang. Once he is defeated walk toward the portal at the end of the room and you will reach the next boss: Neishatun

If you wish, you can simply run to the portal at the end of the room and skip Headman Pang.



  • Tail Swipe — Neishatun will do a quick spin and swipe his tail at all enemies in front of it. This will knockback and deal a large amount of damage. Do not have your back facing the ledge of the platform or you will be knocked off.
  • Charge — Neishatun will lock onto a player and dash at them. Anyone in the line of this path will be hit and it will leave a ground damage effect..
  • Arrow Volley — A player will be marked with a large red icon above their head. Neishatun will draw back his bow and shoot toward the player, hitting anyone in the path.

Glyphs and Runestone

The rest of the fight will remain the same with those mechanics. At 75% health the boss will disappear and large glyphs will form on the ground. You will need to find a safe area and will have some time before they detonate. If you are hit it will deal burst damage and apply a DoT that will persist through the remainder of the fight. This DoT will stack and cannot be removed.

After the first cycle of glyphs Neishatun will reappear. From this point forward Runestones will spawn toward the middle of the room. These must be destroyed, so have all DPS focus damage on the Runestone. If they detonate all party members will be hit and receive the DoT.

Neishatun will disappear one more time and the glyphs will begin detonating. Once he returns the glyphs will continue throughout the rest of the fight


Isabella Final Boss

  • Corrupted Vines — Isabella will call forth large vines from the ground after she stomps. This will deal initial damage and then the vines will move toward specific players. Dodge the vines to prevent incoming damage..
  • Flight — Isabella will mark a player and begin to fly at them. This will happen three times. Right before she reaches you simply dodge to avoid the damage. She will hit any players within her path.
  • Corrupted Sword — Isabella will slash all enemies in front of her. This will deal damage as a frontal AoE cone.
  • Corrupted Burn — A high damage DoT will be applied to a randomly targeted player.
  • Spin — Isabella will do a quick whirlwind with her wings and deal damage to anyone who is struck.
  • Monoliths — Isabella will summon a small monolith on one of the three platforms. This will have an AoE surrounding it and it can be cleansed by any player's Azoth staff. Once the AoE ability ends, send a player to cleanse the monolith. There will also be corruption falling from above that will cause AoE damage on anyone that is hit.


Have your tank and melee DPS on one platform and your ranged DPS on another. As long as the tank holds Isabella and everyone dodges her abilities that will be the majority of the fight. Most abilities will focus melee players, so it will be important to make use of your dodge. Whenever the pylons spawn simply cleanse it, and the continue the fight just as you did at the start. This fight is not mechanically challenging.


Loot Drops

The loot in the Tempest's Heart is designed for endgame players and therefore can be some of the best found in the game. There are different drops depending on whether you are in the Mutated or Regular version of the expedition. This expedition can be a great way to focus on increase Expertise once you are at level 60.



To acquire Heartrunes you must complete an expedition. The final boss will have a high chance to drop the Minor version which can be upgraded into a legendary variant.


Mutated Drops

Some items can only drop on certain difficulty levels of the Mutated version within some expeditions.


Level 1+


Level 8+


Level 9+


Level 10+



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