Doom Lord Kazzak Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Doom Lord Kazzak is a massive demon that can be found in Hellfire Peninsula to the North of Thrallmar in an area called Throne of Kil'jaeden, coordinates (63,16). Below you will find a full breakdown of Doom Lord Kazzak's abilities, loot, and suggested tactics.


Doom Lord Kazzak Abilities

  • Capture Soul IconCapture Soul causes Doom Lord Kazzak to heal for 10% of his max health when he kills a player.
  • Shadow Bolt Volley IconShadow Bolt Volley will periodically deal moderate Shadow damage to all players in range.
  • Mark of Kazzak IconMark of Kazzak will drain 5% of a player's Mana every second. When there is no Mana left to drain, they explode, dealing 5,000 damage and knocking back all nearby allies. This cannot be decursed.
  • Twisted Reflection IconTwisted Reflection debuffs multiple targets, healing Kazzak for high amounts whenever he deals damage to debuffed players.
  • Thunderclap IconThunderclap deals moderate Nature damage to all nearby enemies, reducing attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 60%,
  • Void Bolt IconVoid Bolt deals heavy Shadow damage to Kazzak's current target.
  • Cleave IconCleave is a standard frontal cleave attack.
  • Enrage IconEnrage will occur after one minute, increasing Kazzak's damage done by 30%. He will also send out 6 waves of Shadow Bolt Volley IconShadow Bolt Volley. This Enrage will end after the 6th volley.

Strategy for Doom Lord Kazzak

The boss himself is fairly standard with no special strategy. You will want to keep the tank dispelled of Thunderclap IconThunderclap to help with their threat generation. Make sure to not be in front of the boss to avoid the Cleave IconCleave.

Anyone with the ability to dispel magical debuffs needs to be on their toes and ready to remove Twisted Reflection IconTwisted Reflection instantly. This will heal the boss drastically if not removed almost right away when it gets paired with Shadow Bolt Volley IconShadow Bolt Volley.

It is important for everyone with Mana to pay attention to whether or not they are the target of Mark of Kazzak IconMark of Kazzak. This ability will quickly drain their Mana and cause them to eventually explode for heavy AoE damage, knocking back everyone nearby. If you get this debuff, you must run as far away from the raid as possible. You are essentially out of the fight for the remainder of the encounter.

After one minute, Doom Lord Kazzak will Enrage IconEnrage, gaining increased damage done. He will then proceed to send out six waves of Shadow Bolt Volley IconShadow Bolt Volley back-to-back, essentially killing everyone near him. Most groups will never find themselves in this situation as the boss is fairly easy and has low health.

While most groups should not have a problem with this, there is a strategy you can use to avoid wiping to the Enrage if you find yourself hitting it for whatever reason. When the Enrage IconEnrage is coming soon, have the entire raid run far away from Kazzak except for the Holy Paladins. Right before he enrages, have the Paladins Divine Shield IconDivine Shield and spam heal the tank. The tank should use any cooldowns available to stay alive during this. After the six Shadow Bolt Volley IconShadow Bolt Volleys go off, the Enrage will end and you will have one more minute to DPS.


Group Composition for Doom Lord Kazzak

You will want to make sure you have enough Priests in the raid for Mass Dispel IconMass Dispel to remove all of the Twisted Reflection IconTwisted Reflection instantly to prevent the boss from healing massively. Shamans are also very strong for their Bloodlust IconBloodlust / Heroism IconHeroism to help beat the Enrage IconEnrage timer.

Doom Lord Kazzak is a single-tank fight. All three tank specializations are viable options for tanking this boss, although Protection Paladins and Feral Druid Tanks may find it easier to gain initial threat in this short fight. A Protection Warrior has the added benefit of being able to survive through the Enrage IconEnrage should your group run into it.

Depending on how many people are in your raid group, you will want anywhere from 5-8 healers. The Shadow Bolt Volley IconShadow Bolt Volley makes for high raid-wide damage and the damage the tank takes is not minor either.


Doom Lord Kazzak Loot

With the release of Phase 4, all of Doom Lord Kazzak's loot is now Bind on Equip, allowing you to buy and sell the gear from other players. You can use this to help gear up alts or make some extra gold from the boss drops below.

Item Item Type Slot
Ripfiend Shoulderplates Icon Ripfiend Shoulderplates Plate Shoulder
Ancient Spellcloak of the Highborne Icon Ancient Spellcloak of the Highborne Cloak Back
Topaz-Studded Battlegrips Icon Topaz-Studded Battlegrips Plate Hands
Leggings of the Seventh Circle Icon Leggings of the Seventh Circle Cloth Legs
Scaled Greaves of the Marksman Icon Scaled Greaves of the Marksman Mail Legs
Gold-Leaf Wildboots Icon Gold-Leaf Wildboots Leather Feet
Ring of Flowing Light Icon Ring of Flowing Light Accessory Finger
Ring of Reciprocity Icon Ring of Reciprocity Accessory Finger
Hope Ender Icon Hope Ender One-Handed Sword Weapon
Exodar Life-Staff Icon Exodar Life-Staff Staff Weapon


  • 25 Mar. 2022: Added Phase 4 change to make loot BoE.
  • 09 Jul. 2021: Removed Berserk ability, as it was not added in Classic TBC.
  • 11 Jun. 2021: Guide added.
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