Karazhan Attunement Guide

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Karazhan is the first raid dungeon requiring an attunement quest in The Burning Crusade. The questline for it is rich in lore and offers just the right balance between being too long and being too short. This page will guide you through all steps of the quest chain.


Requirements for Getting Attuned to Karazhan

In order to complete the Karazhan attunement quest line, the following attunement quests for Black Morass and Arcatraz must be completed. You can find them on the Old Hillsbrad Foothills quests and the Arcatraz quests pages.

Further, the Shadow Labyrinth Key Icon Shadow Labyrinth Key is required. It can be looted from The Talon King's Coffer in Sethekk Halls, after defeating Talon King Ikiss. All quests of the Karazhan attunement require level 68 to be accepted.


Quest Chain for Karazhan

  1. The Archmage Alturus quests:
  2. The Khadgar quests:
  3. The Black Morass quests:

The Archmage Alturus Quests

Outside of Karazhan, Archmage Alturus offers you the Restless Activity and Arcane Disturbances quests. These require you to enter the two caves directly near Karazhan. Their entrances are at the two ruins at the opposite side of the Karazhan gate, at the 48, 78 coordinates.

In the cave on the right, you need to kill ghosts for Ghostly Essence Icon Ghostly Essences and walk down until you see a small lake. Go there and use the Violet Scrying Crystal Icon Violet Scrying Crystal in your inventory to get the Pond Reading.

In the cave on the left, go down and take the right corridor until you get to the well, where you use Violet Scrying Crystal Icon Violet Scrying Crystal again for the Well Reading. Go out and kill more ghosts if you still need Ghostly Essence Icon Ghostly Essences.

When you have completed both tasks, go back to Archmage Alturus and turn both quests in.


The Khadgar Quests

Accepting Contact from Dalaran from Archmage Alturus will send you to Archmage Cedric at 15, 54 in Alterac Mountains. After turning the quest in, he offers Khadgar and wants you to deliver his report to Khadgar in the middle of Shattrath.

After receiving the news from Dalaran, Khadgar offers the Entry Into Karazhan quest. This quest requires a Shadow Labyrinth clear. When you have killed the last boss there, the First Key Fragment Icon First Key Fragment can be looted from the First Fragment Guardian. This NPC is spawned by opening a container left of Murmur. The map below shows the exact position of the fragment container.

Shadow Labyrinth

Return to Khadgar in Shattrath, turn the quest in and accept The Second and Third Fragments.

The Second Key Fragment Icon Second Key Fragment is hidden in Steamvault, in the water next to the first boss, Hydromancer Thespia. The fragment is guarded by the Second Fragment Guardian, which spawns when you loot the container in the water. This fragment can be accessed without killing any boss, as shown in the picture below.


Arcatraz is where the Third Key Fragment Icon Third Key Fragment is hidden. Fight your way to the second floor of Arcatraz where you will find the container to summon the Third Fragment Guardian and loot the last Fragment. It is not required to kill any boss to get there. The image below shows you the exact position:

Arcatraz layout 2

Now you need to turn the quest in at Khadgar.


The Black Morass Quests

Khadgar now offers you the final step of the attunement chain, The Master's Touch, which sends you to Black Morass. There, Medivh needs to be protected from 18 waves of temporal dragons. He must not die, or the quest cannot be completed and Black Morass needs to be run again.

Once Medivh has been successfully defended, turn in The Master's Touch and he will cast his spell on your Restored Apprentice's Key Icon Restored Apprentice's Key. After that, accept Return to Khadgar and you will be sent back to Khadgar in Shattrath. Completing this quest will give you The Master's Key Icon The Master's Key, which is needed to enter Karazhan.



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