TBC Classic Holy Priest Spec, Builds, and Talents

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talent choices and builds for your Holy Priest in TBC Classic.


Talent Builds for Holy Priests

Holy Priest is the go-to spec for healing priests. It has a handful of talents that increase your healing capabilities as well as your Mana regeneration. When focusing on PvE raiding content, Holy is the go-to spec.


Leveling Specs

If you are looking for leveling builds, please refer to our leveling guide for Priests.


Holy Priest Talents and Build

This is the recommended Holy Priest PvE spec. There is not much wiggle room in regards to choosing different talents as this build picks up many improvements to your healing overall, as well as some much-needed Mana generation talents.


Notable Holy Priest Talents

Here we will go over some of the key talents that you will want to have if specializing in Holy.


Discipline Tree

  1. Meditation IconMeditation — This is a large improvement to your Mana regeneration.
  2. Silent Resolve IconSilent Resolve &mdsah; Holy Priests that find themselves having threat issues may wish to put points into this talent. Points from Improved Power Word: Fortitude IconImproved Power Word: Fortitude can be put here instead if you have another Priest with this talent, as well as the point in Absolution IconAbsolution.
  3. Inner Focus IconInner Focus — This can be used for a free spell cast. This spell will not interrupt your Spirit-based Mana regeneration.
  4. Mental Agility IconMental Agility — As Holy, a large portion of your spell casts are instant, giving this talent very high value.

Holy Tree

  1. Holy Nova IconHoly Nova — This gives you the option to deal a bit of AoE damage while also healing your party members that are in range.
  2. Improved Healing IconImproved Healing — This helps with your Mana costs.
  3. Spirit of Redemption IconSpirit of Redemption — This gives you a 5% increase to Spirit. In addition to that, if you ever die you will turn into an Angel form, allowing you to continue healing for up to 15 seconds with no Mana cost and making you immune to damage.
  4. Holy Concentration IconHoly Concentration — This gives you a 6% chance to get a free spell cast. Use these procs on Greater Heal IconGreater Heal whenever possible.
  5. Circle of Healing IconCircle of Healing — This is an amazing AoE healing spell, and one of the best in the game. Be careful to not overuse this spell as it has a high Mana cost in proportion to how quickly you can use it.

Shadow Tree

Holy Priest does not utilize the Shadow tree for their PvE talent build.


Alternative Holy Priest Talents and Builds

Holy Priest has an alternative build that aims to buff their party and raid even further.


Improved Divine Spirit Alternative

This spec goes for Improved Divine Spirit IconImproved Divine Spirit to buff their raid with increased Spirit, Spell Damage and healing. While the increased stats are nice, this spec is typically replaced later on when raid damage is much higher.



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