Restoration Druid Mists of Pandaria: Remix Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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On this page, you will learn the best Gems to use for your Restoration Druid in Mists of Pandaria: Remix, as well as the best leveling talents and rotation, whether you are leveling in the open world, or through raids and dungeons.

If you were looking for our normal Dragonflight Leveling Guide for Restoration Druid, please check out our Leveling page.


Remix: Mists of Pandaria Guide for Restoration Druid

Welcome to our MoP Remix Guide for Restoration Druid! This page contains everything you need to know about getting the most out of your Restoration Druid in the Patch 10.2.7 special feature, Mists of Pandaria: Remix.

This page is focused only on Restoration Druid in MoP Remix. If you want to know more about MoP Remix in general, such as its rewards, check out our dedicated page below.


Best MoP Remix Leveling Talents for Restoration Druid

Below, you will find our recommended leveling build and talent pickup order for your Restoration Druid in MoP Remix. There are various ways of leveling in MoP Remix, and we offer some builds for the most relevant ways.

Note that this Leveling section is specific to MoP Remix. For our Dragonflight Leveling Guide for Restoration Druid, please check our dedicated Leveling page.


Best MoP Remix Leveling Build for Restoration Druid

Dungeon and Raid Leveling Build Open-World Leveling Build

Dungeon and Raid Leveling Build

This build assumes you are spending a lot of time in Raids and Dungeons


Open-World Leveling Build

This build is intended for speed-leveling and sacrifices healing in order to gain more damage.


Best Gems for Restoration Druid in MoP Remix

Gems are one of the unique ways to augment your character in MoP Remix, offering offensive, defensive, and utility benefits. On this page, we list the best gems for each type. To learn more about Gems in MoP Remix in general, check out our dedicated page below.

  • Meta Gem: Ward of Salvation Icon Ward of Salvation, Tireless Spirit Icon Tireless Spirit, Funeral Pyre Icon Funeral Pyre, or Locus of Power Icon Locus of Power.
  • The best meta gem will come down to whether you prefer buffing your allies, increasing your own stats, or gaining extra utility to make healing easier. It is recommended that you play around with each and find out which one you enjoy using the most.
  • Cogwheel Gem: Blink Icon Blink
  • Blink Icon Blink will be the best Cogwheel Gem. The other choices are not particularly useful for Restoration Druid.
  • Prismatic Gems:

    You will gain a lot of amount of stats as you start unlocking gem slots, and there is no single best stat to stack. You probably want Haste and Crit while you are leveling. You can later swap to Mastery, if you need healing, but that is unlikely to happen.

  • Tinker Gems:
    • Righteous Frenzy Icon Righteous Frenzy
    • Sunstrider's Flourish Icon Sunstrider's Flourish
    • Ankh of Reincarnation Icon Ankh of Reincarnation
    • Brilliance Icon Brilliance
    • Vampiric Aura Icon Vampiric Aura
    • Searing Light Icon Searing Light
    • Freedom Icon Freedom
    • Warmth Icon Warmth
    • Deliverance Icon Deliverance

    These Tinker Gems will mostly provide you with healing increases or buff other players in your group. If you instead want to do more damage you could opt for gems such as Enkindle Icon Enkindle, Windweaver Icon Windweaver, Lightning Rod Icon Lightning Rod and any of the other damaging dealing gems.


Level by Level Rotation

To keep things simple while leveling and learning the spec, use the slider to select your level, and watch as the leveling rotation grows with each level!

Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Level: 10

Leveling Rotation for Restoration Druid

When using our slider, note that some talents may appear sooner than you expect them to in the rotation. This is because we have two recommended builds above, each taking talents at slightly different times, and sometimes entirely different talents.

  1. Adaptive Swarm Icon Adaptive Swarm should be used on cooldown for healing and damage.
  2. Convoke the Spirits Icon Convoke the Spirits is a great spell to damage an enemy and heal your group quickly, if you are specced into it.
  3. Rake Icon Rake a single target DoT that you can only cast from Cat Form.
  4. Moonfire Icon Moonfire is a great damage over time spell that you should use against any enemy you are fighting.
  5. Sunfire Icon Sunfire deals damage to a target, similar to Moonfire. It will also apply a damage over time effect to all enemies within 8 yards once you are specced into Improved Sunfire Icon Improved Sunfire.
  6. Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite deals damage based on the amount of combo points spent. The damage is increased further for each Energy point used beyond 25, up to 25 extra.
  7. Use Rip Icon Rip instead of Ferocious Bite if you expect the enemy to live long enough for the DoT to do all the damage.
  8. Cat Form Icon Cat Form. You move 30% faster in Cat Form. This also unlocks Shred Icon Shred, a single target attack only usable in Cat Form and awards 1 Combo Point.


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