TBC Classic Holy Priest Spell Summary

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On this page, we present you with all spells and procs that you need to understand as a Holy Priest in TBC Classic.



Here we will discuss the basics of a Holy Priest's abilities, as well as what changes are present from WoW Classic and all of the different uses certain abilities have.


TBC Classic New and Updated Spells

TBC Classic has brought with it a number of new abilities for Holy/healing Priests. In addition, a number of abilities were also improved. These new and altered abilities are as follows:

  • Fear Ward IconFear Ward is now available to all races.
  • Improved Divine Spirit IconImproved Divine Spirit makes Divine Spirit IconDivine Spirit give 10% of Spirit as additional Spell Damage & bonus healing to anyone buffed.
  • Circle of Healing IconCircle of Healing — Found at the bottom of the Holy Tree, this ability heals a friendly target and all nearby party members. It is an instant-cast, crazy-strong AoE healing spell.
  • Shadowfiend IconShadowfiend — This new ability gives all Priests an additional means of Mana restoration
  • Prayer of Mending IconPrayer of Mending — This is a strong spell; throw it out and forget about it. This ability holds great value if you can get multiple procs from this.
  • Mass Dispel IconMass Dispel — This is an AoE version of Dispel Magic IconDispel Magic. It attempts to remove 1 Magic debuff from up to 10 friendly targets and 1 Magic buff from up to 10 enemy targets. It can also remove spells that previously could not be dispelled, such as Ice Block IconIce Block and Divine Shield IconDivine Shield.

Core Abilities

These are the main abilities that you will be using frequently and should be very familiar with.

  • Dispel Magic IconDispel Magic — Use this to remove important buffs or debuffs.
  • Power Word: Shield IconPower Word: Shield — You can use this in an emergency to give someone a buffer of HP if they would die before you can finish a cast.
  • Binding Heal IconBinding Heal — Use this to heal yourself and a target at the same time for a moderate amount.
  • Flash Heal IconFlash Heal — This is an emergency, quick heal. Try not to use this too much as it will quickly burn through all your Mana.
  • Renew IconRenew — This is a very strong heal-over-time. Try to keep this up on tanks and anyone else who will take high damage.
  • Greater Heal IconGreater Heal — This is your big heal. You will often pre-cast this and cancel the cast if the heal will be wasted.
  • Abolish Disease IconAbolish Disease — This will remove a disease from a target, and continues to remove a disease every 5 seconds for 20 seconds.
  • Circle of Healing IconCircle of Healing — This is your main AoE healing ability. With enough gear to sustain the high Mana cost, you can push out some very high healing numbers. Always be mindful of the who you are choosing as the main target, as it will only heal allies that are near the initial target; you must be aware of players positioning.
  • Prayer of Healing IconPrayer of Healing — You can use this to pre-heal incoming party damage. Other than that Circle of Healing IconCircle of Healing will be better the majority of the time.
  • Prayer of Mending IconPrayer of Mending — Put this up on the tank before the pull, or if there is heavy AoE damage going out.


Holy Priests have no cooldowns specific to their spec, only their general class ones.

  • Fear Ward IconFear Ward — This can be used on a friendly target to prevent one fear effect. Its effect lasts for 3 minutes with a 3-minute cooldown.
  • Shadowfiend IconShadowfiend — This summons a temporary pet that follows your attack orders. Every time it lands a melee attack, it returns Mana back to you based on the damage dealt. Use this when you are low on Mana and have a target nearby.
  • Inner Focus IconInner Focus — This reduces the Mana cost of your next spell by 100% and increases its Critical Strike chance by 25%. Use this to stay inside the 5-second rule if possible. It is great for ressing as well.

Defensive Abilities

  • Psychic Scream IconPsychic Scream — This ability fears up to 5 nearby enemies. Use this if you have aggro and will die otherwise.
  • Fade IconFade — This ability temporarily reduces your threat by a small amount. It is useful if you pull threat early on in a fight.

Crowd Control Abilities

  • Shackle Undead IconShackle Undead — This lets you crowd control an Undead mob for 50 seconds.

Utility Abilities

  • Mind Soothe IconMind Soothe — This allows you to reduce the range at which Humanoids pull, allowing you to possibly skip certain trash mobs.


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