Holy Paladin Healing Mythic+ Tips — Dragonflight 10.0.2

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In this guide, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Holy Paladin in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.0.2.


Holy Paladin in Mythic+

Holy Paladin is one of the better healing specializations for Mythic+. It has excellent throughput for almost any healing situation in dungeons, many defensive tools, multiple cooldowns for emergencies, and good damage for a healer. Holy Paladin weaknesses in Mythic+ include low mobility, lack of a standard interrupt, and limited options for crowd control.

If you are unfamiliar with Mythic+ and its associated general mechanics, you can read more about it on our Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 page below.


Holy Paladin Mythic+ Rotation

5-man healing is very similar to single-target healing, with the exception that you will sometimes find uses for Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn, and that if you have the Beacon of Virtue Icon Beacon of Virtue talent, you should use it when multiple party members are taking damage.

You can read our Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities page for more details.

While Holy Paladin has a lot of strong single-target heals through Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock and Word of Glory Icon Word of Glory, the class can struggle when facing very hard hitting party wide damage. Thankfully with Beacon of Faith Icon Beacon of Faith, you are able to ignore two of your party members (generally the tank and one other) to focus on the three players without a beacon. Knowing that your healing is being transferred to the beacon targets can make target selection much easier and allow you to stay calm during stressful moments. If you find yourself really struggling, do not be afraid to swap to Beacon of Virtue Icon Beacon of Virtue which can make healing these periods of damage much easier. The downside of this talent is that you will have less consistent tank healing.

One common mistake that players make that can make healing much more difficult is the overuse of Shield of the Righteous Icon Shield of the Righteous. When you are unfamiliar with how much damage your party will be taking, you should aim to sit on high holy power as much as possible so that incase unexpected damage occurs, you already have built up Holy Power ready to quickly heal it. This does not mean you cannot ever deal damage with Shield of the Righteous Icon Shield of the Righteous, but you should not spend 3 Holy Power on it the second you get that Holy Power. Try to save up until you get 4 or 5 and then spend Holy Power before building it up again.


Mythic+ Talents for Holy Paladin

Remember that you can easily import the talent tree below into the game with either of the two "Copy Export String" buttons:

Please note that our talents here are specifically focused on Mythic+. If you are interested in more generic talents or for other forms of content, please refer back to our page dedicated to talents.

The class tree for Holy Paladin provides many strong abilities that can help to increase utility, damage, and even throughput. Quite possibly the most vital talent is Rebuke Icon Rebuke which allows you to have an interrupt again. This can make difficult packs and mobs much more manageable as you will be able to assist with interrupting enemies. The rest of the talents selected aim to increase damage through the right side of the class tree, all the way down to Zealot's Paragon Icon Zealot's Paragon, which gives you a flat damage increase as well as larger Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath uptime.

It is important to note that this build does select Of Dusk and Dawn Icon Of Dusk and Dawn which can be quite frustrating to play around. Whenever you reach 5 Holy Power, you gain a 15 second buff that increases your damage and healing. You also gain a buff when you reach 0 Holy Power, but this only reduces damage taken and is much less important overall. In general, you will want to try to follow a strict rotation of generating up to 5 Holy Power, spending 3 Holy Power, which would then leave you at 2 Holy Power. From there, casting any generating spell next will put you back at 3, allowing you to then spend once again and reach 0. Completing a full cycle of Of Dusk and Dawn Icon Of Dusk and Dawn and allowing you to gain both buffs. You will want to do this at least once every 15 seconds to maintain the full buff uptime.

The spec tree for Holy Paladin takes the standard end nodes, but makes some interesting choices in the earlier levels of the tree. While you often will not be casting, Divine Favor Icon Divine Favor and Moment of Compassion Icon Moment of Compassion are taken in order to give you a really powerful cast whenever you use Divine Favor. While you will not do this often, it is another minor cooldown that can be used in tough situations to make things a bit more manageable.

Blessing of Summer Icon Blessing of Summer is another extremely important ability to consider. This talent is the old Night Fae covenant ability, and while it was never really popular in Shadowlands, it being only a 1-point talent makes it incredibly good. That being said, its value will come down to your usage. Some classes will benefit from the buffs more than others and you also need to use it as often as possible to cycle through the four buffs and get back to Summer as quickly as you can as it provides the largest DPS increase.

Staying on the topic of covenant abilities coming into Dragonflight, Divine Toll Icon Divine Toll has returned as a talent choice. One of the largest issues with Holy Paladin in mythic+ comes from a lack of strong healing outside of Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath. Divine Toll fixes a lot of these problems as its short cooldown allows for very large burst healing, and it can also be used offensively to deal more damage in times of low healing required.


Best Trinkets for Holy Paladins in Mythic+

As this is the Mythic+ section, we will be listing trinkets with strong single target healing effects or strong stat increases below.

If you are interested in reading more about gearing your Holy Paladin, you can check out our page linked below.


Season 1 Mythic+ Affix

In Season 1, the affix Thundering Icon Thundering, provides a 30% damage and healing increase for 15 seconds. However, in your 5 man party, there will be 3 positive charges and 2 negative charges. Depending on the charge you have, you will need to clear the buff before the end of the 15 second or you will get stunned and take a significant amount of damage, likely killing you. It is also important to note that once you clear with another person, you will lose your healing/damage buff. Meaning that in most cases you will want to wait until the very end of the buff duration before clearing to maximize the buff uptime.


Holy Paladin Utility

Due to the nature of dungeon content, healers will be expected to do damage and heal at the same time, as well as use your other utility to help your party perform well. Below is a list of abilities you should look for ways to use in Mythic+ at all times.

  • Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection will remove bleeds and other physical damage over time effects such as Grievous Icon Grievous as well as preventing all physical damage to the target for 10 seconds. It is often used on melee DPS players who might pull threat from your tank.
  • Blessing of Freedom Icon Blessing of Freedom will remove or prevent the application of movement-impairing effects, including many that cannot be dispelled with Cleanse Icon Cleanse.
  • Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice will stun many mobs and can often be used to interrupt spell casting of targets that are not stun-immune.
  • Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura is very strong defensive ability for yourself and your group. Use of Aura Mastery Icon Aura Mastery with it can prevent large amounts of damage and save party members from very large damage spikes, especially those who lack defensive abilities. Try to stand within range of the tank when possible for maximum benefit.
  • Repentance Icon Repentance is a crowd-control ability, but will only work against certain specific types of enemies. Using it will not place you in combat.
  • Blinding Light Icon Blinding Light is an Area of Effect disorient to enemies within 10 yards. The effect breaks when non-Holy damage is done to the target(s). It can also be used to interrupt spell casting of one or more enemies.


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  • 24 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight pre-patch.
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