Blessed Hammer Paladin Build Skills for Diablo 2 Resurrected

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This page shows the recommended skill point progression and priority for the Hammerdin. Note that the following list refers to the total number of skill points, not the character level, to best account for the 12 bonus skill points granted by quests.


Hammerdin Skill Build

This section goes over your ideal skill build. You can see it pictured immediately below in our skill calculator, and then we also provide you with a listed progression.

  1. Skill point 1: to Smite Smite, prerequisite for Charge Charge and Holy Shield Holy Shield
  2. Skill point 2: to Might Might, prerequisite for Blessed Aim Blessed Aim and Concentration Concentration
  3. Skill point 3: to Prayer Prayer, prerequisite for Cleansing Cleansing, Vigor Vigor, Meditation Meditation, and Redemption Redemption
  4. Skill point 4: to Holy Bolt Holy Bolt, prerequisite for Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer
  5. Skill point 5: to Defiance Defiance, prerequisite for Vigor Vigor and Redemption Redemption
  6. Skill point 6: to Blessed Aim Blessed Aim, prerequisite for Concentration Concentration and synergy for Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer, will be maxed out later
  7. Skill point 7: to Charge Charge, mobility and prerequisite for Holy Shield Holy Shield
  8. Skill point 8: to Cleansing Cleansing, prerequisite for Vigor Vigor, Meditation Meditation, and Redemption Redemption
  9. Skill point 9: to Vigor Vigor, mobility, prerequisite for Redemption Redemption, and synergy for Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer, will be maxed out later
  10. Skill point 10: to Concentration Concentration, damage for Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer while active, will be maxed out later
  11. Skill points 11 through 16: to Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer (up to skill level 6), primary skill
  12. Skill point 17: to Holy Shield Holy Shield, will be maxed out later
  13. Skill point 18 (optional): to Meditation Meditation, Mana recovery
  14. Skill points 19 through 24: to Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer (up to skill level 12)
  15. Skill point 25 (optional): to Redemption Redemption, life and Mana recovery
  16. Skill points 26 through 33: to Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer (up to skill level 20)
  17. Skill points 34 through 52: to Vigor Vigor (up to skill level 20)
  18. Skill points 53 through 71: to Blessed Aim Blessed Aim (up to skill level 20)
  19. Skill points 72 through 90: to Concentration Concentration (up to skill level 20)
  20. Skill points 91 through 109: to Holy Shield Holy Shield (up to skill level 20)
  21. Leftover, optional, as well as some of the skill points typically allocated to Holy Shield Holy Shield may also be allocated to one of the elemental resistance auras (Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist Lightning); every other skill point provides a hidden passive +1% bonus to the respective maximum elemental resistance of each aura, even while inactive.

Select Hammerdin Skill Discussion


Blessed Hammer Mechanics

Due to its rarely resisted Magic-type damage, Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer is one of the few skills that can be used on its own throughout the entire game. In the unlikely event of an encounter with Undead-type Magic immune monsters, Holy Bolt Holy Bolt is a serviceable substitute even as a 1-point skill thanks to its powerful 50% synergy with Blessed Hammer. For non-Undead, you will have to rely on Smite, your Mercenary, or party.

Function-wise, Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer is an iconic skill for its rather unique flight trajectory. Upon cast, it creates a projectile directly north of the Paladin, regardless of his current facing direction. Blessed Hammers do not move with the Paladin; the projectiles instead spiral away from the Paladin's location at the time of the cast in a clockwise direction, performing approximately three revolutions before disappearing. Blessed Hammers pierce enemies, allowing individual projectiles to damage multiple foes, but they cannot hit the same enemy twice even if that enemy moves in their path again. Blessed Hammers are destroyed on contact with environment, making them ineffective in tight spaces.

There are two main ways of using Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer. The first and fastest method simply involves moving directly next to an enemy and begin casting immediately, treating Blessed Hammer much like a melee attack. This technique is particularly useful against ranged monsters that do not naturally move towards you and thus require a more aggressive approach. This approach is also favoured in tight areas where Blessed Hammers are likely to be destroyed by nearby walls before hitting monsters.

The second method involves "pre-casting" a number of Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammers to create a figurative minefield of projectiles before luring nearby monsters. While slower, this technique is safer and particularly useful in areas populated with dangerous melee monsters such as the Secret Cow Level.


Why Do Hammerdins Use Concentration as Their Aura?

Due to a hidden bonus, Concentration Concentration bestows half of its listed "Damage: +%" to Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer; skill level 1 Concentration provides Blessed Hammer with a 30% damage increase, half the value listed in the tooltip of the aura. This bonus to Blessed Hammer is exclusive to Concentration; other auras such as Might and Fanaticism do not provide any damage bonus to Blessed Hammer despite having a similar wording.



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