The Omega Protocol Ultimate (TOP) Phase 4 Guide for FFXIV

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This page contains detailed information and strategy about the high-end Duty "The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)", commonly abbreviated as TOP. This section of the guide will cover Phase 4, where players will deal with Final Omega in a short damage check.



This phase has an enrage timer of 0:55 and a DPS check of roughly 71k. Depending on your buff plan preceding this phase, groups may either choose to tackle this with one usage of two minute raid buffs, or a Melee Limit Break 3 and one usage of one minute cooldowns. Due to the short nature of this phase, a Melee Limit Break 3 does an astronomical amount of damage to Omega, contributing around 8,000 DPS to the group. The DPS check, assuming the usage of Limit Break, is then around 63k.

Feel free to follow along with this text guide either using the video below or this Toolbox.


Wave Cannon

This entire phase is centered around one mechanic that repeats three times. Final Omega will start the phase out by hitting all eight players with a Wave Cannon that also gives players a Magic Vulnerability Up debuff. Getting hit by more than one of these will prove fatal. At the same time, two random players will receive line stack markers. As the line stack Wave Cannons hit players, Omega will target the locations where players took their initial spread Wave Cannons with another, but this time dodgeable, Wave Cannon. This pattern of Wave Cannon onslaught will repeat itself three times.

While the Wave Cannons are firing, Omega will also be sending out the same Wave Repeater rings from the Phase 3 transition. These are not in sync with the Wave Cannon spam, and each repetition of the mechanic will need to have slightly different movement to ensure they're dodged. Wave Repeater will cycle through the arena twice.


Mechanic Resolution

There's not too many ways to perform this phase. The first thing to decide is locations where each party member will take their single-target Wave Cannons For this guide, we've gone with, from North to South, Tank → Ranged → Healer → Melee. We've done this for a couple reasons:

  • Melee positioning in the Southern-most placement will ensure they can get 100% positional uptime.
  • Tanks positioning in the Northern-most placement means that they are the farthest from healers, but they're also the role does not suffer from missing AOE healing. Furthermore, if one of them is targeted with the line-stack Wave Cannon, both tanks can go to the head of the boss and take the damage as a two-man stack, abusing their tank privilege. If this happens, light cooldowns are suggested to minimize damage taken.

Other than the tank situation mentioned above, both stacks should be taken directly South of the boss, next to each other, but not overlapping. In a normal situation, each stack should have four players each, but in the case tanks are able to take a stack by themselves, it allows six players into the South stack, greatly reducing the damage taken and the healing required. However, some groups may prefer consistent movement and healing plans over an occasional lucky tank stack, so this is simply an option instead of something that must be done.

In the event both stacks markers are placed on the same side, on non-tank players, one player from the opposite side will need to swap with one of the marked players to ensure a four/four split. Since melee players are already the closest to the stack positions and have free movement, they should always be the priority for flexing groups.


Wave Repeater Movement

All mentions of Wave Repeater below will be in regards to the second ring that comes off Omega. Players should always be just outside Omega's hitbox, as this avoids the second pulse Wave Repeater as well as the risk of being hit by two single-target Wave Cannons, unless they're moving inward to avoid Wave Repeater. You may have to run closer to the boss as a tank to reach the stack position, which is fine to do.

  1. The first Wave Repeater happens at the same time as the second single-target Wave Cannon. Move in to dodge the Wave Repeater as the animation for Wave Cannon goes off.
  2. The second Wave Repeater happens after the third Wave Cannon stack. Wait until you see the Wave Repeater AoE on the ground before moving forward as a group.

Tips and Tricks

  • If necessary, do not be afraid to use Sprint Icon Sprint to ensure you aren't late. There's nowhere else to use it that gives quite as much value within the time frame it's on cooldown.
  • While each instance of damage isn't fatal, they hit once every four seconds or so, which requires solid mitigation and well-timed burst healing. Come up with a strict mitigation and heal plan as a group and adhere to it. Self-healing actions such as Second Wind Icon Second Wind and Bloodbath Icon Bloodbath will get a lot of mileage in this phase.
  • An easy way for the flexer to determine when they're flexing is to simply check whether their side has any line stacks at all - this is much easier than trying to see through Final Omega's model whether the opposite side has both stacks.
  • Due to the short enrage timer, the DPS check in this phase may feel rough because of how much damage variance can affect it. You can slowly take more resources from Phase 3 in an effort to make the Phase 4 check more consistent.
  • Limit Break 3 can be used either at the start or the end of the phase. This is up to where ever the melee is most comfortable using it.
  • If using two minute raid buffs instead of a Limit Break 3, they should be aligned with one minute buffs in this phase, which happens roughly around the second line stacks.

Blue Screen

Blue Screen is the enrage cast. Before this cast finishes Omega needs to be below 20% health. This still does a decent amount of damage, and requires light mitigation to survive. 10% mitigation with shields is enough. If you've gotten Omega below 20%, prepare to enter Phase 5.



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