Vanaspati Quick Dungeon Tips and Guide

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Welcome to our quick guide to Vanaspati, the third dungeon of Endwalker. This guide aims to be a quick primer for players entering the dungeon for the first time so they will know what to expect.


Full Guide for Vanaspati

This guide serves as a quick primer for players experiencing the dungeon for the first time. It is aimed to be digestible quickly and targeted towards a specific role, so you can read it while in queue or loading in! For detailed explanations on boss mechanics, take a look at our main guide for the dungeon.


General Mechanics of Vanaspati

  • Terminus Snatcher
    • Mouth Off spawns mouths on the arena. An open mouth will do an AoE.
    • Dodge these while dodging left/right cleaves - What is Left and What is Right and being inflicted with Temporary Misdirection.
  • Terminus Wrecker
    • Unholy Water spawns water bubbles that stun players that get close.
    • If there is a knockback, do not get knocked back into the water bubble, and if there is a room-wide AoE, get inside the water bubble.
  • Svarbhanu
    • Aetherial Disruption will turn rows of the arena into blue triangles or red circles.
    • The player's screen will glow with a blue triangle or red circle, indicating what rows will explode.
    • Dodge these while dealing with knockbacks and AoEs.
    • When the boss disappears, look north and move to the column without a meteor.

Quick Tips for Tanks

  • Go at the pace of what your party can handle.
  • Terminus Snatcher's Last Gasp, Terminus Wrecker's Total Wreck, and Svarbhanu's Gnashing of Teeth are the tank busters to watch out for.

Quick Tips for Healers

  • Players who do not get in a bubble for Aether Spray take considerable damage, a vuln stack, and an uncleansable DoT followed by a raidwide. Save instant heals to ensure they stay alive.

Quick Tips for DPS

  • Use AoE during trash pulls!
  • Knockback preventions can be used on the knockbacks in the dungeon.


  • 10 Dec. 2021: Guide added.
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