White Mage Healer Tips for Asphodelos Savage — Endwalker 6.2

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This page will outline White Mage-specific optimization for the Savage difficulty of Pandaemonium: Asphodelos. It assumes, at minimum, a basic understanding of the job and how end game encounters work.


White Mage in Pandæmonium Savage: Asphodelos

Asphodelos is the first raid tier released in the expansion FFXIV: Endwalker and consists of four fights, with the fourth fight having two phases and being split with a checkpoint:

  1. Warder of the Condemned: Erichthonios (P1S)
  2. Mythic Creation: The Hippokampos (P2S)
  3. Mythic Creation: The Phoinix (P3S)
  4. Hemitheos: Hesperos (P4S)

If you are looking for more generalized guides, you should take a look at our Savage guides written by Lyra Rose, linked at the bottom of each section.

Disclaimer: This document contains suggestions. As with all fights, you should coordinate with your co-healer in order to come up with an organized healing plan that minimizes DPS lost to healing.


P1S: Erichthonios

Dear Eric is a fairly straightforward fight that does not have much incoming damage, as is expected of the first raid in a new tier. The only particularly damage intensive portion you would expect to experience during prog is having a party member fail Intemperance.

  • Liturgy of the Bell Icon Liturgy of the Bell is typically used on both Intemperance's near the end of the Intemperant Torment cast bar. If timed correctly it will proc 3 times before expiring, from the initial cast, the Warder's Wrath, and the second towers exploding.
  • Temperance Icon Temperance is pretty flexible for this fight and can be used for pretty much any major raidwide or mechanic where you feel mitigation is lacking. One example can be found below:
    1. 0:32 Warder's Wrath + Aetherial Shackles
    2. 3:08 Shining Cells
    3. 5:19 Fourfold Shackles
    4. 7:22 Warder's Wrath
  • All of the movement in this fight can be handled with slidecasting, just be careful to keep a close eye on your debuffs for Aetherial Shackles sicne the short debuffs are pretty quick.

P2S: Hippokampos

Mr. Hippo has more incoming damage compared to P1S but the healing is still very manageable, especially after the 6.1 changes to White Mage. The hardest hitting mechanic is the Channeling Overflow plus Coherence, and it is recommended that you coordinate party mitigation and healing for this. This fight can easily be healed entirely with oGCD heals and lilies.

  • Liturgy of the Bell Icon Liturgy of the Bell has pretty standard timings for this fight. Using Lilybell during Coherence casts will give a large heal before the next raidwide, while casting it after the cast but before the damage goes out will give more total healing overall.
    1. 1:21 Coherence 1
    2. 5:18 Channeling Overflow + Tainted Flood
    3. 8:33 Coherence 3
  • Sewage Deluge and Channeling Overflow + Coherence can hit quite hard in unprepared parties so be sure to save Temperance Icon Temperance and healing for these if necessary.
  • Temperance Icon Temperance timings can vary a lot for this fight, but one example is:
    1. 0:25 Doubled Impact + Sewage Deluge
    2. 3:45 Sewage Deluge
    3. 5:18 Channeling Overflow + Tainted Flood
    4. 8:30 Sewage Eruptions + Coherence 3
  • Watch your Dia Icon Dia timing during Channeling Flow #1 (2:46 - 3:05). If your DoT expires right as you get stunned, you may miss a tick or two.
  • Pay attention to your group's buff timings. They are likely holding the four-minute buffs until after Kampeos Harma, and you should be holding Presence of Mind Icon Presence of Mind along with them.
  • Save three lilies to dump during Kampeos Harma. It is the only true downtime in this encounter and gives you a free Afflatus Misery Icon Afflatus Misery, plus the healing is fairly useful.

P3S: Phoinix

This fight requires significantly more healing than the prior two, and includes an actual healing check mechanic. Tanks will also take a beating during the second phase of this encounter, so be sure to keep an eye on their health!

Liturgy of the Bell Icon Liturgy of the Bell has two general timing sets for this fight depending on whether or not you need it for Fountains of Flame. Lilybell neatly resolves almost all of the healing required for FoF, but Summon Seraph Icon Summon Seraph is generally better if you happen to be paired with one of those stinky booknerds. As of 6.1, you can also opt to save Lilybell for Life's Agonies.

  1. ~0:05 Scorched Exaltation
  2. ~3:05 Small Adds (optional) or ~3:30 Large Add Dashes
  3. 6:10 Fountains of Fire or ~7:14 - ~7:30 Flames of Asphodelos or ~9:15 Life's Agonies

Mechanic Notes:

  • Opener:
    • Delaying Dia Icon Dia two GCD's in the opener aligns it very nicely for the movements in Phase 1 and costs no damage since the phase ends at 2:40 anyways.
  • Darkened Fire:
    • Temperance Icon Temperance and Asylum Icon Asylum should be enough healing and mitigation to get through this mechanic especially since it is the only remotely relevant damage in phase 1.
    • Hold your second Assize and wait until 3-4 Darkfires are vulnerable for some free cleave damage.
    • Afflatus Misery Icon Afflatus Misery can be used on a Darkfire for some free cleave damage on the boss; using it on the boss during the mechanic will not cleave to Darkfires.
  • Add Phase:
    • Damage in this phase does not count towards your parse, so feel free to use as many GCD heals as necessary to keep the tanks and party alive.
    • Many prog parties will still struggle with the damage check on large adds, so holding Assize Icon Assize to hit all four adds on each set can be quite beneficial, especially since it helps the healing there anyways.
    • Try to end add phase with an Afflatus Misery Icon Afflatus Misery ready to cast for free damage on the reopener.
  • Fountains of Fire:
    • Liturgy of the Bell Icon Liturgy of the Bell will nearly full heal the entire party on every tower soak, but you may need an extra Tetragrammaton Icon Tetragrammaton or Afflatus Rapture Icon Afflatus Rapture if you are not fully topped since the towers hit for 99% of max HP.
    • Divine Benison Icon Divine Benison can fully absorb a tower soak, but should be avoided if you are using Lilybell since it will prevent Lilybell from healing.
    • Since the towers are %HP damage, Temperance Icon Temperance will not reduce damage taken by the healers during this mechanic.
  • Firestorms of Asphodelos:
    • The party takes a lot of damage throughout this mechanic, so communicate with co-healer on the best time to use Temperance Icon Temperance.
    • This mechanic has a lot of movement so try to save lilies for it; on prog, you will likely need to throw a Medica II Icon Medica II here to help keep the party healthy while resolving mechanics.
  • Life's Agonies:
    • This mechanic is awful without an AST, and nobody blames you for hating it.
    • At a minimum, you will generally want to use:
      1. Asylum Icon Asylum
      2. Plenary Indulgence Icon Plenary Indulgence
      3. Cure III Icon Cure III
      4. Cure III Icon Cure III
      5. Afflatus Rapture Icon Afflatus Rapture
      6. Your co-heal will also likely need whatever healing they have remaining after FoA.
    • As of 6.1 you can also opt to use Liturgy of the Bell Icon Liturgy of the Bell for this mechanic; drop it after all the cleaves go off and manually pop it before the raidwide hits for a 1000p heal, this should allow you to drop a Cure III Icon Cure III from the above sequence in favor of a rapture.
    • Seriously consider using tank or healer LB3 if either healer has weakness or if you forgot to save some of the aforementioned abilities.

P4S Part One: Hesperos

This fight is another step up from the previous one in terms of overall healing required. That said, most of the healing here is more straightforward than in P3S since it is just a lot of raw raidwide damage instead of more erratic healing mechanics like FoF or Life's Agonies.

Liturgy of the Bell Icon Liturgy of the Bell timing is pretty straightforward on this fight. It has three total use with multiple hits and good healing value on each use:

  1. ~0:12 Opening Decollation
  2. ~3:35 Belone Bursts
  3. ~6:39 Final Raidwides

Temperance Icon Temperance is also used at similar times for maximum mitigation potential. Temp is more flexible than Lilybell, so do not be afraid to adjust these uses to your own group. One example set of usages is below:

  1. ~0:20 Bloodrake
  2. 3:30 Belone Bursts + Periaktoi
  3. 6:15 Pinax 2

Mechanic Notes:

  • You can use Surecast Icon Surecast during the Cape/Sword mechanic during Pinax regardless of what weapon he chooses so that you do not actually need to adjust depending on weapon. If you time this correctly, it will also cover the water knockback if that occurs in the second set.

P4S Part Two: Hesperos

This fight has some very healing intensive mechanics with long periods of low healing required between them. Curtain Call is by far the hardest healing check of the tier, and there are two of them. Be prepared to blow all the stops when you finally reach the end of this fight. This is the most MP intensive fight of the tier due to Curtain Call, so be sure to bring Super-Ethers and some extra Piety gear for prog.

Liturgy of the Bell Icon Liturgy of the Bell has two major timing sets used for this fight. Using it for Act 2 is typically recommended for prog since Act 4 can simply be healed through while Act 2 requires a lot more party movement that makes healing it fairly difficult at first.

  • Option 1:
    1. Opener
    2. Akanthai: Act 4
    3. Akanthai: Curtain Call 2
  • Option 2:
    1. Akanthai: Act 2
    2. Akanthai: Curtain Call 1 or 2

Temperance Icon Temperance can be used for most of the major healing mechanics:

  1. Akanthai: Act 2
  2. Akanthai: Act 4
  3. Akanthai: Curtain Call 1 or 2

Mechanic Notes:

  • Akanthai: Act 2:The party is spread pretty far while executing this mechanic, so lily heals often will not hit the entire party unless they run towards the middle between tower hits. You may need to babysit the odd (probably ranged) DPS that decides to skirt around the edge and miss heals.
  • Heart Stake:Aquaveil Icon Aquaveil will mitigate a lot of the damage from the bleed even if the tank invulns it.
  • Akanthai: Act 4: If you are not using Liturgy of the Bell Icon Liturgy of the Bell here you will almost certainly need to use Medica II Icon Medica II. In either case, you will use a lot of Afflatus Rapture Icon Afflatus Rapture while running around unless you have a really coordinated group.
  • Akanthai: Curtain Call: Not much can prepare you for the amount of damage going out during this mechanic if you have not seen a real healing check before.

Make sure to coordinate mitigation and healing cooldowns with your party so that you are not panic dumping everything during Curtain Call 1 and leaving yourself completely dry for Curtain Call 2. Keep an eye on anyone popping their tether and spot heal them if necessary. The break range can often put them out of healing range and lead to heartbreaking enrage wipes if they die. Unfortunately, you really can not use Cure III Icon Cure III effectively here, so you may need to dip into Medica Icon Medica if people need healing and you already have Medica II Icon Medica II up and no lilies to spare.



  • 20 Apr. 2022: Updated for Patch 6.1
  • 08 Apr. 2022: Guide added.
  • 20 Apr. 2022: Updated guide to 6.1 to account for Lily and Lilybell changes.
  • 10 May 2022: Fixed poor ability order for Life's Agonies (p3s).
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