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Disguised Toast Video Shows Warcraft Movie Links to Hearthstone

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YouTuber Disguised Toast has created a video to show characters and items from the Warcraft movie which also appear in Hearthstone.

The video is aimed at people whose only exposure to the Warcraft universe is through Hearthstone, as World of Warcraft players will already know the lore involved. I have listed the thirteen references that Disguised Toast uses, so that you can try to work out where they are in the movie before watching the video.

References: Khadgar, Medivh, Gul'dan, Magni, Thrall, Varian WrynnGrommash HellscreamGorehowlDoomhammerHarvest GolemSummoning StoneArchmage Antonidas, Murloc noise.

As, unfortunately, I am one of those who the video is aimed at (I'm working on sorting that out!), I found it very interesting to tie the lore of Hearthstone to the lore of Warcraft. I would recommend this video to anyone in a similar position who has any interest at all in the lore behind the game they are playing!

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